CRE Position on EPA Science Plan Takes Its Toll

The  following statement was just made in the Scientific American:

Nor does the preamble to the rule describe precisely how the proposal builds on previous efforts to promote transparency such as the Information Quality Act and EPA’s Information Quality Guidelines.

Compare the above with this earlier statement by CRE:

CRE is not supportive of the EPA science initiative at this time because it creates a new regulatory regime without first exploiting to the fullest the existing regulatory regime which consists of the Data Access Act and the Data Quality Act.

CRE has paid its dues on this topic in that initiated action on the topics of data access and data quality some two decades  ago. Consequently it is understandable that the CRE position will be read by many whether or not the readers agree with it.

Fortunately CRE is not regulated by federal regulators and as a nationally acclaimed regulatory watchdog  is free to express its  opinions.  Although CRE always speaks in its own name and never in the name of its sponsors we are appreciative of the continued  encouragement we receive from our sponsors to, on occasion, take positions which sometime might not be acceptable to all.



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