EPA Should Establish a Prototype Regulatory Budget

In response to the Sensible Regulation initiative, I am writing to inform you of a recommendation we have made to the White House office in charge of regulatory oversight of federal agencies, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).  Although I was instrumental in establishing  the  office, I am no longer employed by the organization. Most recently I was an active participant in the establishment of  A Forum for Venting Key Submissions to OIRA

We have proposed a mechanism for controlling the total cost of regulations, a regulatory budget, and it is described in detail in a post on the website of the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE)  at https://www.thecre.com/forum8/?p=8371

Federal Agencies


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University of Chicago

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University of Chicago

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Benefit–Cost Analysis and Distributional Weights

University of Chicago

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by MD Adler · 2016 · Cited by 103 — Benefitcost analysis (BCA) evaluates policy choices by summing unweighted monetary equivalents, and is insensitive to distributional considerations.

Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper Inclusive Growth and Prosperity Initiative

Carnegie Mellon University

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This conference seeks proposals that analyze the causes, consequences, and policy implications of barriers to mobility across the income and wealth distribution …
Impact from Innovation

Carnegie Mellon University

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form of a cost-benefit analysis, develops a “counterfactual” that overall impact amounts are netted against impact levels that might have occurred anyway

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Cost Benefit Analysis

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Major Projects, In the context of … of objectives (unemployment, economic growth, reduce regional income inequality).
30 pages