Supreme Court: Ketchup is a Vegetable

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During the early years of the Reagan Administration ketchup might have had to be removed from the school lunch program as a result of reductions in the School Lunch Program. The Department of Agriculture, with the support of OMB, had to find a solution that would wade through the maze of regulations dealing with food nutrition, the school lunch program and food safety and find a way that ketchup could continue to be provided to students notwithstanding reductions in the resources allotted to the school lunch program.

Executive Order 12866 Regulatory Review: Public Comment– Strengthening Transparency and Validity in Regulatory Science

 RIN: 2080-AAI4


Governing Statutes

Data Access Act

Data Quality Act



▪ In total the aforementioned statutes require that the underlying data in government sponsored studies must be made available to the public and that they be “reproducible” as defined below.

▪ Although the statues give OMB the discretion to fine tune the requirements set forth therein so as to minimize their burden as it did  with the Data Quality Act, the statutes do not provide OMB with the discretion to unduly limit the scope of a statute as was the case with the regulations issued by OMB regarding the implementation of the Data Access Act.

A Regulatory Budget Is the Linchpin for the Creation of a National Constituency for OIRA

See Notice and Comment



Legal Actions Regarding Justiciability of the Data Quality Act Are Augmented Continuallly

It is likely that NGO’s not industry plaintiffs will establish the justiciability of the Data Quality Act.

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NGOs’ Increasing Use of the Data Quality Act, by Jim Tozzi

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Trump Officials Twisted Data About Terrorists, Lawsuit Claims

Terrorism Report Trump Touted ‘Misleadingly Inflates’ Muslim Threat to U.S., Lawsuit Alleges

See NGO Increasingly Greater Use of Data Quality Act

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The swamp is rarely drained, for the simple reason that it takes rare and extraordinary governance. It requires leaders who are willing to offend institutions and top advisers.  Source.