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–  Supreme Court Delivers VICTORY for the ADMINISTRATIVE STATE With Surprise 7–2 Ruling

 – In the ongoing budget negotiations, what is the Biden Administration doing to obtain a personnel  increase for OIRA?

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What is the Difference between New Orleans Jazz and Traditional Jazz

Musically, traditional jazz musicians play in more of a swing-style.  The New Orleanian preference is not for an ensemble sound therefore it is  deemphasized in favor of solos. Traditional jazz  also differs from its southern origin by being faster paced, resembling the hustle-bustle of city life.

Traditional  jazz  is also characterized by its use of syncopation. New Orleans jazz, on the other hand,  is characterized by its use of collective improvisation.

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Tozzi Publication as a Member of an EPA Advisory Board: Carbon Capture and Storage

From the 2009 Report of the EPA  Environmental Finance Advisory Board    Reproduced from this page



► SRF Investment Options:  Chaired by George Butcher, Butcher Mark Financial Advisors LLC, New York, NY

► Innovative Financing Tools:  Co-Chaired by Michael Curley, The International Center for Environmental Finance, Towson, MD and Langdon Marsh, National Policy Consensus Center, Portland State University, Portland, OR

► Financial Assurance Mechanisms:  Chaired by Mary Francoeur, Assured Guaranty Corporation, New York, NY Commercial Insurance :  Co-Chair, Justin Wilson, Waller Lansden, Nashville, TN Cost Estimation :  Co-Chair, Kelly Downard, Louisville Metro City Council, Louisville, KY