Hats off to the Fed

December 31, 2023


Everything is not broken in Washington.

Notwithstanding there is no bipartisan agreement on issues such as abortion, China, climate change, deficit spending, immigration and two foreign wars, the Federal government, acting through the Federal Reserve Board,  has addressed inflation in an equitable and  forceful manner. Hopefully, the American citizenry need not await the outcome of the forthcoming election for the the federal government to address the aforementioned issues of national significance.

Capitol (Federal) Focus Jazz Band

Just back from playing the Nashville live music scene including Rudy’s Jazz Room, the National Museum of African-American Music, and the Music City Jazz Jam, the Capital Focus Jazz Band brings youthful energy to Traditional Jazz favorites.

The concert will include the music of Jelly Roll Morton, early Duke Ellington, Clarence Williams, Eubie Blake, Lu Watters, Fats Waller and much more, including some familiar favorites and a brass band second line.