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Here is a gem published some 15 years ago which contains the views of  many of the key managers of centralized regulatory review.

Notable comments include:

DON ARBUCKLE. I’m going to talk from here if you don’t mind. There is no podium that I’ve ever met that has designed for the 95th percentile male. Curtis and Neil both have indicated that the focus of this seminar is on recent regulatory developments. ‘‘Recent’’ is of course—all is relative. There are some of you out in the audience who have been associated with this field of endeavor for many, many years. Mr.Tozzi  for example, one of those who was here at the creation, has been involved in this since Gondwanaland broke up and the Atlantic was formed. But others of you have been here for a lesser period of time. [1255]

A Political Scientist as the Administrator of OIRA: The Modernization of Centralized Regulatory Review

The Modernization of OIRA: A Political Scientist to Head OIRA —  Historically a profession long on holistic research

I was instrumental in the establishment of the regulatory review office, OIRA, in the White House Office of Management and Budget. OIRA is often referred to as the most important office that you “never heard of”. The position as the Administrator of the office is vacant. I am writing to encourage you and your colleagues  to examine the aforementioned position and pursuant to the President’s directive to modernize OIRA that you encourage those who wish to serve in the position and who also have a background in political/social science to take the necessary steps to be considered as  a candidate.

Public Comments on Bringing New Disciplines to Manage the Administrative State

                    The Multidisciplinary Management of the Administrative State



Dr.Venkateshwarlu N                 Jim Tozzi

Tatiana Neroni, J.D.

Upstanding Person

Richard Brooks

William Resh

James Broughel

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 Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law

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 Centralized  Regulatory Review was in existence 22 years before the signing of  Executive Order 12866

                                   Game  Plan

 Subsequent to the aforementioned Procedures post, the President issued Executive Order: Modernizing Regulatory Review  which states that OMB working with the agencies should: