Focus on OIRA

Subsequent to July 18, 2019 coverage of these topics have been transferred to this page.
Bruce Levinson, Editor
July 18  Reining In Government by Dear Colleague Letter: An Update

July 17  Facebook’s Crypto Woes Deepen as Mnuchin Joins Parade of Critics

July 16  SEC Finalizes Most Expensive Regulation of Trump Era

July 15  Correcting a Persistent Myth About the Law that Created the Internet

July 11  Regulatory delay across administrations

July 10  How FDA is Regulating E-Cigarettes

July 9  Before And After OIRA Review Versions Provided For Proposed GILTI Regs

July 8  What Does Risk-Based Regulation Mean?

July 5  Guidance Documents of the Week

June 27  User Data as Public Resource: Implications for Social Media Regulation

June 26  The Trump administration is quietly helping people get kidneys

June 25  Management of the Administrative State

June 24  Judge Says US Has No Duty to Correct Bogus ‘Information’

June 21  Key Trump proposal to lower drug prices takes step forward

June 20  DigitalGov and 18F launch practical guide to the Paperwork Reduction Act

June 19  Trump order targets advisory committees

June 18  Facebook’s digital currency could trigger new D.C. battles

June 17  Giving Regulatory Cooperation a Reality Check

June 14  Federal Government Violated The Law In Marijuana Scheduling Evaluation, Group Says

June 13  What’s a Major Rule? White House OMB Seeks to Clarify

June 12  From Cherry Blossoms To Climate: EPA As Peace Corps For Environment?

June 11  OMB Reviewing OIG Proposed Rule Amending Federal Anti-kickback and Beneficiary Inducement Policies to Promote Value-Based Care 

June 10  The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Myths and Realities

June 7  Accessing Agency Procedure

June 6  Two of the Most Contentious Regulatory Initiatives in Recent History

June 5  OMB Memo Outlines All FDA Guidance’s Will Be Reviewed by the White House Prior to Publication

June 4  Hurdles in Building Public-Private Partnerships

June 3  Public Engagement in Rulemaking

May 29  OMB begins review of FMCSA proposal on hours-of-service rules for agricultural commodities

May 28  Improving

May 24  DOL to revisit fiduciary rule by December

May 23  Trump administration readies draft plan to speed environmental permitting

May 22  White House updates rule-busting agenda

May 21  Hours of service proposal for ag haulers sent to White House

May 20  Strengthening Accountability for Aviation Safety

May 16  The Four Major Regulatory Procedural Accomplishments of the Trump Administration

May 15  What If The Administrative State Cannot Be Reformed?

May 14  Jim Tozzi and “Regulation of Social Media”

May 13  Regulation of the Social Media?

May 9  H4-EAD rule may take more time to get published

May 8  President Trump Should Rediscover Regulatory Reform

May 7  China’s Central Government Seeks to Rein in Regulatory Documents

May 6  Regulatory Budget Stagnates

May 3  Is GAO Becoming the New Office of Technology Assessment? Will it Voluntarily Comply with the Data Quality Act?

May 2  OMB Expands FERC Actions Subject to Prepublication Review

May 1  Which of Trump’s Regulatory Reforms Are Likely to Last?

April 30  #Eakinomics: How Much Power Does OIRA Have?

April 29  Measuring the Effectiveness of the 340B Program

April 26  Restoring liberty: Paul Ray ’08 revises government regulations

April 25  Soft Law for Hard Problems: The Governance of Emerging Technologies in an Uncertain Future 

April 24  OMB Improves Implementation of the Data Quality Act

April 23  Checking in on Regulatory Budgets

April 22  OMB, OIRA look to address AI transparency, consistency

April 19  OMB Leveraging the CRA to Add to Its Oversight of Independent Regulatory Agencies

April 18  Extraterritoriality in the Public and Private Enforcement of U.S. Regulatory Law

April 17  U.S. ban on Chinese telecom equipment moves forward

April 16  Trump’s New Regulations Chief to Oversee Major Rule Rollbacks

April 15  White House Tightens Central Review of New Agency Rulemaking

April 12  Improving Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Role of Congress and Courts

April 11  Improving Regulatory Impact Analysis: The Role of Congress and Courts

April 10  Economists at the Federal Communications Commission study economists!

April 9  Seventh Annual Executive Branch Review Conference: Regulatory Reform “Report Card” 

April 8  An Attention-Getting History of the “Hard Look” Review by the DC Circuit Historical Society

April 5  Ill-Considered Tax Credit Regulation May Put the Squeeze on Charities, Taxpayers

April 4  OIRA and Regulation of the Social Media

April 3  Presidential Memorandum on Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods

April 2  Spring 2019 Projects (ACUS Update)

April 1  Do the Results of the EU Better Regulation Program Match Its Ambitions?

March 29  Chao reports hours of service reform rulemaking heading to OMB

March 28  Will Trump’s deregulation agenda survive?

March 27  White House Announces Acting Regulatory Chief

March 26  Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court? Estonia Thinks So

March 25  The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Myths and Realities

March 22  One-In, X-Out: Regulatory offsetting in selected OECD countries

March 21  Real Estate, Bank Lobbies Get Tax Victory From White House Review

March 20  A Guide to Those Conducting Research on Executive Branch Operations in the Administrative State

March 19  Deregulation, Reagan-Style

March 13  Regulatory Reforms and Counter-Reformations

March 12  Benefit-Cost Analyses and the Regulatory Budget

March 11  A Brief History of Regulation and Deregulation

March 8  Benefit-Cost Analyses and the Regulatory Budget

March 7  OIRA Influences Tax Policy?

March 6  Regulations Coming Soon for Lab-Grown Meat

March 5  Who will be Trump’s next regs czar? Here are 4 contenders

March 4  President Trump Launches AI Strategy For Federal Government

March 1  White House Reviewing DOL Proposal on Franchise Liability

February 28  The Many Ways to Gauge Results of Trump’s Deregulatory Push

February 27  A free-market agenda Maxine Waters can support

February 26  USCIS moves EB-5 Modernization Rule to OMB

February 25  Why less regulation isn’t necessarily better

February 22  House Small Business Subcommittee Seeks Agency Adherence to Data Quality Act Transparency Requirements

February 21  Significant Interest, Variety of Issues Raised During IRS OZ Hearing

February 20  Panel to review potential OSHA emergency response standard

February 19  Is OIRA a Manifestation of the Principles Enunciated by Professor Jerry Mashaw?

February 15  A Comment on Administrative Law from the Inside Out—Essays on Themes in the Work of Jerry L. Mashaw

February 14  Advocacy groups say proposed rule on teen workers violates Information Quality Act

February 13  White House Emphasizes Data Quality, Consensus Standards, OIRA Review in Regulating Artificial Intelligence

February 12  New Recommendations and Two (!) Separate Statements (ACUS Update)

February 11  Federal Agencies to Establish Regulatory Guidelines for AI Development

February 8  Spring 2019 Data Call for the Update of the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions

February 7  Testing the Effects of Auer Deference

February 6  Administrative Procedure Act Limitations: Process and Oversight Shortcomings

February 5  One-In, X-Out: Regulatory offsetting in selected OECD countries

February 4  OIRA Reinvigorated

February 1  Recent Government Shutdown Likely to Delay Publication of FMCSA’s Hours of Service Proposal

January 31  Administrative Procedure Act Limitations: Cost Measurement and Disclosure

January 30  American Coatings Association Submits Comments to OIRA on Canada and U.S. Regulatory Cooperation

January 29  D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: The Use of Philosophers by the D.C. Circuit

January 28  With shutdown over, agency regulatory process soon to regain momentum

January 25  The Coming Digitization of the Regulatory Environment

January 24  Regulatory Bundling

January 23  BIS Contemplating Export Controls for Certain Emerging Technologies

January 22  A Comment on: Administrative Law from the Inside Out—Essays on Themes in the Work of Jerry L. Mashaw

January 18  USCIS Sends H-1B Lottery Reform Rule to OMB for Review

January 17  New VA community care program regs stall at OMB over cost

January 16  USCIS Sends H-1B Lottery Reform Rule to OMB for Review

January 15  A long shutdown hinders Trump’s deregulatory efforts

January 14  New overtime rule headed for the White House 

January 11  The Impact of Public Citizen on Federal Regulatory Policy

January 10  What does $33 billion in regulatory cost savings really mean?

January 9  The Courts’ Take On Obama-Era Regs: You Are Erased

January 8  2018: The Year in Regulation

January 7  Make Benefit-Cost Analysis Meaningful

January 4  Warm up the messaging | The TCJA Tax Cuts and Jobs Act angle

January 3  OIRA Oversight of the Regulatory Process is an Essential Government Function

January 2  Reining in regulatory dark matter


December 31  Final and Additional Proposed Regulations Under §199A Sent to OIRA for Review

December 28  Incorporating Prospective and Retrospective Review into a Regulatory Budget

December 27  Financial Stability Oversight Council Calls for Regulatory Reform

December 26  Introduction of business rules slows sharply under Trump

December 17  Tax Law’s Export Deduction Rules Closer to Release

December 14  Roundup Of White House And Federal Agency Efforts To Streamline Guidance Documents

December 13  OMB: The Quarterback of Evidence-Based Policy in the Federal Government

December 12  Managing the Monster

December 11  A $42 Billion Error

December 10  Building Capacity for Economic Analysis at Independent Agencies

December 7  NRC Rules Would Benefit from OIRA Review

December 6  Expanding the Scope of OIRA Review

December 4  George H.W. Bush’s Bureaucratic Legacy

December 3  70th Plenary Agenda: Comments Due Dec. 7 (ACUS Update)

November 30  HHS Entries in OIRA’s Latest Regulatory Reform Report

November 29  Indonesia Institutes Centralized Regulatory Review to Overcome Regulatory Obesity

November 28  Neomi Rao Was Right About Dwarf Tossing, Dignity, and Consent

November 27  The CRA Spring Gun May Soon Fire its First Shot

November 26  ONC rule still at OMB

November 20  Time for a regulatory budget

November 19  AEI Events Podcast: Assessing the administrative state with Neomi Rao

November 16  Re-Imagining OIRA: A Call for Papers on the Future of Regulatory Budgets, Cost-Benefit Analysis, and White House Regulatory Oversight

November 15  Regulating the Regulators

November 14  Trump nominates regs chief for D.C. Circuit

November 13  Whose science? A new era in regulatory “science wars”

November 9  Trump admin looks to overhaul Paperwork Reduction Act

November 8  Lessons in bipartisan deregulation from 30,000 feet 

November 7  OIRA extends comment period on US-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council Request for Information

November 6  Move aside sports betting, let’s wager on FAR rules

November 5 The Annual ABA Section on Administrative Law Regulatory Summit

November 2  OMB reviews final rule to set 2019 RVOs under the RFS

November 1  OIRA Seeks Comment on How to Reduce Regulatory Differences between the U.S. and Canada

October 31  Responsiveness and durability: An analysis of the Accountability and State Plans rule

October 30  Improving the Efficiency of the Paperwork Reduction Act

October 29  Joint Statement on Good Regulatory Practices between OMB/OIRA and the Ministry of Finance of the State of Israel

October 26  How to improve Trump’s regulatory budget

October 25  Some Thoughts from Jim Tozzi on the 50th Anniversary of Centralized Regulatory Review

October 9  International Tax Guidance Likely by Thanksgiving

October 5  Trump Deregulatory Effort May Just Be Getting Started

October 4  USMCA Lauds the Irreplaceable Role of Centralized Regulatory Review

October 3  Exploring the Regulatory World

October 2  25 Years of E.O. 12866

October 1  The 50th Anniversary of Centralized Regulatory Review

September 28  In/Site: OIRA Administrator Neomi Rao

September 27  Emerging technology rule forthcoming from BIS

September 26  On The Origin Of Species Of Federal Rules, Regulations And Guidance Documents

September 25  Lessons in Regulatory Oversight

September 24  After a Slow Start, Trump’s Civil Service Reformers Connect With Experts

September 21  Smooth sailing so far at OMB on Taxes

September 20  ONC Sends Information Blocking Proposed Rule to OMB

September 18  Book Review: The Cost-Benefit Revolution, by Cass Sunstein

September 17  Using Blockchain to Improve Regulatory Analysis and Reform

September 14 ‘Opportunity Zone’ Tax Regs Move Ahead, Get Budget Office Review

September 13  When US presidents push for regulatory reform, liberal agency rules may be first in the firing line

September 12  The Iconic Executive Order 12291: A Library of Selected Works

September 7  How has Trump’s deregulatory order worked in practice?

September 6  Improving Regulatory Transparency Through Retrospective Analysis

September 5  USDA Sends Final GMO Disclosure Rule to White House For Review

September 4  Retrospective Regulatory Review in the States: Arkansas

August 31  Lab-Grown Meat and Traditional Meat Producers Turn to Government to Solve Industry Disputes

August 30 Proposed GILTI regulations pending OIRA review; IRS draft forms for GILTI reporting

August 29  Trump plan seeks new emissions technologies to boost coal

August 28  Crossing the Regulatory Divide to Enhance Societal Well-Being

August 27  The Trump administration might be deregulating more than you know (or could know)

August 23  OIRA Sends a Smoke Signal on Independent Agencies

August 22  When Interagency Conflict Is a Good Thing

August 21  Walden, Hatch request stringent OMB review of proposed drug rebate rule

August 20  Three Federal Agency Proposals Exemplify Revived Commitment To Quantifying Costs And Benefits

August 17  GAO Questions Figures on Burdens Agencies Impose

August 16  Two Months To Go: Regulatory Budget Progress

August 15  Drug Pricing Policy: HHS Introduces Step Therapy In Medicare Advantage

August 14  White House Finishes Review Of Medicare Deregulatory Rule On Provider Requirements

August 13  Top Republicans concerned over impact of potential Trump drug rule

August 10  NIST pushes on next version of Risk Management Framework

August 9  Medicaid Managed Care Proposal Under White House Review

August 8  Former Thomas clerks are a presence in Trump administration

August 7  The Iconic Executive Order 12291

August 6  Canada to review auto emissions regulations as U.S. moves to water them down

August 3  OMB Seeks Comment on Proposal to Create a Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center

August 2  The Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act of 2018

August 1  Federal Data Strategy: Team 

July 31  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Tax Regulations: A Case Study

July 30  Is There Any Role Left for Federal Regulation of Sports Wagering?

July 27  National Association Of Specialty Pharmacy Comments On The HHS Drug Pricing Blueprint

July 26  Section 199A Proposed Regulations at OMB for Review 

July 25  Eli Lilly CEO denounces plan to consider drug imports

July 24  OIG Moving Ahead on Changes to Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Protection for Drug Rebates to Plans, PBMs

July 23  Engage research institutions on research regulatory reform

July 20  In a blow to PBMs, Trump administration mulling overhaul to drug rebate safe harbor protections

July 19  Passenger vessel operators seek regulatory relief

July 18  Overview of the Application of Machine-Learning in Administrative Law

July 17  Updating the Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook

July 16  Trump tightens control over regulatory judges

July 13  FDA tries to take the reins on regulating cultured meat

July 12  Recommendations, Recommitted Actions, and Revised Rules (ACUS Update)

July 11  Regulatory lobbying has increased under the Trump administration, but….

July 10  PPBS: The Torch That Lead To Centralized Regulatory Review

July 9  Alaska sovereignty bolstered by new administration

July 6  White House Kicks Off NEPA Reform

July 5  Ex-Labor Official Now Second-in-Charge at Regulatory Agency

July 3  Trump Administration Considering Regulation as a Tool to Compel Good Cyber Behavior

July 2  Update on the CRE Position on the EPA Silent Science Initiative

June 29  Trade associations call on Office of Management and Budget for cost-benefit analysis in federal departments

June 28  Icons of the Administrative State

June 22  OIRA Data Call for the Fall 2018 Regulatory Plan & Unified Agenda, and FY 2019 Regulatory Cost Allowances

June 21  The Nation’s Precarious Fiscal Future

June 20  Sound off on federal maritime regs

June 19  Neomi Rao, OIRA Administrator: The Administrative State {video}

June 18  Commercial Drone Alliance Meets With White House Office on Drones Over People, Security 

June 15   EPA, Corps will send WOTUS proposal to OMB

June 14  White House Meets Stakeholders on Small Business Health Rule

June 13  CRE’s Emphasis on Data Access and Data Quality is Rooted in the Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments of 1995

June 12  Support for EPA’s ANPRM on Benefit-Cost Analysis

June 11  DHS Still Awaiting Final Clearance on Rule to Rescind H-4 Work Authorization

June 8 Quantum Law Conference: An interdisciplinary exploration of quantum theory, law, regulation and ethics

June 7  EPA’s openness plan sets off alarm

June 6  California and Carmakers ‘in Agreement’ on Emissions Standards

June 5  Transparency in Regulatory Science: A History Lesson

June 4  Canada and United States sign Memorandum of Understanding for regulatory cooperation

June 1  EPA Submits Draft In Step To Roll Back Obama Fuel Rules

May 31  The Contribution of Political Scientists to the Evolution of Centralized Regulatory Review

May 30  69th ACUS Plenary Agenda: Paperwork Reduction Act Efficiencies 

May 29  White House Opens Public Comment Period Seeking To Harmonize Shipping Regulations

May 25  Trump Orders Overhaul of Commercial Space Licensing

May 24  Supersonic flight in America is getting closer to becoming a reality

May 23  Trump Admin. Plans to Keep Cutting Burdensome Regulations

May 22  White House Seeks Input on U.S. Shipping Regulations

May 21  OMB To Give Agencies New Guidelines for Guidance Docs

May 18  US EPA Eyes Proposal On Costs And Benefits Of Rules

May 17  CRE Position on EPA Science Plan Takes Its Toll

May 16  Glogower Reviews Wallace’s Centralized Review of Tax Regulations

May 15  Anticipated timing for Treasury regulations on several TCJA international provisions

May 14  The Data Access Act, the Data Quality Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act: Three Cornerstones of Evidence-Based Rulemaking

May 11  FDA’s Unified Agenda Practices Call Into Question Document’s Usefulness

May 10  Advancing Responsible Regulatory Reform: The Deregulatory Agenda

May 9  DHS Moves One Step Closer to Rescinding International Entrepreneur Rule

May 8  Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Age of Partisan Volatility

May 7  Tozzi backs bolstering existing data laws over EPA ‘secret science’ rule

May 4  The US Data Access Act is No Match to its Counterpart in the UK

May 3  First federal reg czar opposes EPA ‘secret science’ plan

May 2  Net Neutrality: The Complicated Reason the FCC Hasn’t Repealed It Yet

May 1  Headless Agency Adjudication at the Patent Office

April 30  OMB Stresses Agency Compliance with Management Agenda

April 27  Supreme Court: Ketchup is a Vegetable

April 26  States advance talks with federal officials on harmonizing regulations

April 25  U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC) 2018 RCC Stakeholder Event: June 4-5, 2018

April 24  EPA Proposes to Match the UK’s “Gold Standard” Science Transparency Standards

April 23  New Developments in Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis

April 20  Administrator Rao to Speak at the ANSI’s joint Conformity Assessment Policy Committee (CAPC) and National Policy Committee (NPC) meeting

April 19  Mulvaney on Durable Medical Equipment Interim Final Rule: We hear you

April 18  White House Budget Office Takes On Bigger Role In Writing Tax Regulations

April 17  GOP maneuver could roll back decades of regulation

April 16  OIRA Working with EPA on Information Quality Best Practices

April 13  Trump’s Budget Director Wins Push to Review IRS Tax Regulations

April 12  Gov’t starts making WH visitor logs public

April 11  Changes on the Horizon for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Regulations On Take of Threatened Species

April 10  Senate Hearing: Reviewing the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

April 9  President Trump’s Administration Is Improving Inefficient Permitting Reviews

April 6  NOAA speeds up remote sensing license reviews amid broader regulatory changes

April 5  A Regulatory Budget Is the Linchpin for the Creation of a National Constituency for OIRA

April 4  New York, Connecticut, Delaware, et al Cite Data Quality Act in Complaint Against the Bureau of the Census

April 3  Critics fear EPA changes will give big industry more sway over science

April 2  The Data Quality Act

March 30  OMB Review of IRS Regulations

March 29  US EPA poised to weaken 2022-25 fuel economy targets

March 28  Net Neutrality Rollback Takes Next Step to Implementation

March 27  A Tribute to Allan Schmid

March 26  One forgotten agency can curb alarming growth of regulation

March 23  Trump officials overrule regulatory czar in releasing tip pooling rule

March 22  Groups sue over decision to end Obama-era pay data collection rule

March 21  Facebook Faces Growing Pressure Over Data and Privacy Inquiries

March 20  FDA to Evaluate Minimally or Non-Addictive Cigarette Product Standard

March 19  China Implements More Participatory Rulemaking Under Communist Party

March 16  OIRA Seeks to Hire Policy Analyst

March 15  The Curious Bipartisan Push for Evidence-Based Policymaking

March 14  Opportunities to Improve the Effectiveness and Transparency of Regulatory and Guidance Practices

March 13  OMB Should Work with Agencies to Improve Congressional Review Act Compliance during and at the End of Presidents’ Terms

March 9  Fixing NAFTA’s institutional deficit

March 8  Understanding and Addressing Controversies About Agency Guidance

March 7  Using Plain Language to Draft Regulations

March 6  Five Recommendations for Improving Administrative Government

March 5  NGOs’ Increasing Use of the Data Quality Act

March 2  The Unexpected Consequences of Private Regulatory Standards

March 1  The Birth of a Regulation in Real Time

February 28  Regulatory Flexibility Act and Retrospective Review Policies & Analyses of Six Financial Regulators Need Improvement

February 27  Court tosses challenge to Trump’s two-for-one regulatory order

February 26  The Increasingly Greater Use of the Data Quality Act by NGOs

February 23  Centralizing Congressional Oversight

February 22  Genesis and development of the evaluation of regulatory impact

February 21  Infrastructure could benefit from Trump’s regulatory reforms

February 20  Regulatory reform to be a topic of next National Space Council meeting

February 16  Regulatory Scorecard: A Federalist Society Conversation w/ Neomi Rao

February 15  Harassment guidance for employers awaits approval from White House

February 14  Developing a cross-sector, “national constituency” in support of OIRA

February 13  Trump proposes funding hike for regulatory shop

February 12  Nafta’s Red Tape Fight Hits a Snag

February 9  Trump’s Regulatory Czar Defends Tip Pool Rule’s Transparency

February 8  Shining the Light on Regulatory Dark Matter

February 7  Resurrecting a Relic of the Past: The Harvard Law Review on the Congressional Review Act

February 6  The ATF Received Overwhelmingly Anti-Regulatory Comments on Bump Stocks

February 5  End of Regulatory Guidance?

February 2  OIRA Seeks Policy Analyst

February 1  Overseas Observation on EB-5 Reform

January 31  EPA & Army Corps Send WOTUS Rule to OIRA

January 30  GAO Criticizes the Regulatory Flexibility Act Analyses of Financial Regulators

January 29  How many procurement regulations were finalized in 2017?

January 26  A Conversation with OIRA Administrator Neomi Rao

January 25  CMS cancels plans to expedite Medicare coverage on devices

January 23  Trump administration plans review of Stark Law regulations

January 22  Will OIRA Review Independent Agency Regulations?

January 19  Old and New: Rational Government 

January 18  CRE Petitions DHS to Reform the EB-5 Program

January 17  Planned shift on gun exports kicks up storm

January 16  Data Sharing in the Federal Statistical System

January 12  Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Website is Now Up

January 11  January 26th: A conversation with OIRA Administrator Neomi Rao

January 10 New proposal could delay implementation of the Common Rule

January 9  Forcing Regulators to Put Society First

January 8  FCC Releases Net Neutrality Rollback Order

January 5  USCIS to undertake “a thorough review of employment-based visa programs.”

January 4  How Long Does It Take to Do a Good Regulatory Impact Analysis?

January 3  OIRA’s Lineage and Enforcement Responsibilities

January 2  Regulation Beyond Structure and Process


December 29  This year was easy; next year deregulating gets tough

December 28  Korean Ministry of Government Legislation Visits OIRA

December 27  Beyond Structure and Process: They Early Institutionalization of  Regulatory Review

December 26  Updated regulatory agenda shows fewer changes to OSHA, unveils ‘3-for-1’ deregulation plan

December 22  White House Review of Independent Agency Rulemaking

December 21  OIRA: “We’re small but mighty”

December 20  Say hello to nonaddictive cigarettes?

December 19  Lack of USDA Organic Labeling for Aquaculture Harming US Competitiveness?

December 18  ACUS Adopts Five Recommendations

December 15  Executive Order Requirements for Informal Rulemakings

December 14  Introduction to the Fall 2017 Regulatory Plan

December 13  Millions of People Post Comments on Federal Regulations. Many Are Fake.

December 12  FDA Network Takes a New Approach to Produce Safety

December 11  Of “Workarounds” and Bureaucrats

December 8  GAO: Federal Reserve at Risk of Regulatory Capture

December 7  The DHS Form that Wouldn’t Die

December 6  The Three Game-changing Documents of the Administrative State

December 5  Regulatory Experimentation Project on the Agenda for the 68th Plenary

December 4  Why Government Professionals Matter

December  1  Optimal Ossification

November 30  White House Set to Update Growing List of Deregulation Targets

November 29  Slow-Rolling, Fast-Tracking, and the Pace of Bureaucratic Decisions in Rulemaking

November 28  A Busy 68th Plenary! (ACUS Update)

November 27  Scrutinizing Deference to Administrative Agencies

November 24  Federal Regulations: Key Considerations for Agency Design and Enforcement Decisions

November 22  Trump administration starts push to officially rescind ‘startup visa’ rule

November 21  The Fragile State of the Term “Guidance”

November 20  A Bookshelf Chronicling a Half Century of Work on Centralized Regulatory Review

November 17  Pay Survey’s Rollback Draws Fire Against White House

November 16  OMB & OIRA Sued for Rejecting an Information Collection Request 

November 15  STEM to STEMM: It Will Take Musicians to Save the Internet

November 14  Wielding obscure federal data quality law, group challenges Trump Treasury tax cut claims

November 13  Joint Statement Between the Office of Management and Budget and the Ministry of Finance of the State of Israel

November 10  Administration Acts On Executive Order: Proposed Short-Term Plan Rule Hits OMB

November 9  Governors, state CIOs push for streamlined federal cyber regulations

November 8  Supplement Industry Has ‘Rare Opportunity’ to Seek Regulatory Reform

November 7  Trump’s agriculture department reverses course on biotech rules

November 6  EPA’s new science advisers add more industry experts, conservatives to the mix

November 3  BLM Takes Step To Undo Gas Venting And Flaring Rule 

November 2  New Dietary Ingredient Guidance: The Waiting Game

November 1  Gov’t won’t pursue talking car mandate

October 31  APPAM Panel Paper: Presidentially Directed Policy Change

October 30  Distrust of Obama Administration Behind Drive to Deregulate

October  27  Don’t Assume Career Feds Are Resisting Trump’s Deregulatory Push

October 26  White House reviewing proposal to kill Obama rule on workers’ tips

October 25  United States should dramatically retool animal research rules, groups say

October 24  Trump’s ‘energy independence’ order: Where do things stand?

October 23  Regulatory Reform Should Be About Strengthening Legislative Responsibility

October 20  ACUS 68th Plenary Preview: Plain Language in Regulatory Drafting

October 19  Improving Regulatory Analysis at Independent Agencies

October 18  A Federal Attempt to Streamline the Permitting Process

October 17  The United States is going back to space!

October 16  New Regulatory Task Forces Meet Same Old Obstacles

October 13  Analytic tools crucial in improving regulatory practices: US adviser

October 12  HHS seeks Common Rule delay as informatics researchers await final rule

October 11  Trump Begins Repeal of Obama Power Plant Emission Cuts

October 10  Internal Administrative Law

October 6  Trump, take your smart regulation cuts to NAFTA negotiations

October 5  Designing Safety Regulations for High-Hazard Industries

October 4  Where Trump’s Regulatory Rollback Is Having Impact

October 3  Jim Tozzi on creating OIRA, playing jazz for drunk tourists

October 2  The federal agency that few Americans have heard of and which we all need to know

September 29  Trump begins to alter American life

September 28  The Value of Public Participation in Rulemaking

September 27  Trump speech to refocus on rolling back regulations

September 26  A Case for Streamlining Regulatory Impact Classification

September 25  One Month Out: A One-In, Two-Out Program Status Report

September 20  Trump administration prepares to ease export rules for U.S. guns

September 19  The Regulators: Our Invisible Government (1982 PBS documentary now on C-SPAN)

September 18  Opponents sharpen knives over impending U.S. payday loan rule

September 15  White House Regulatory Office Fully Staffed

September 14  What Is Trump’s Regulatory Office Doing? Who Knows

September 13  SEC Staff Continues to Work on Potential Amendments to the “Loan Provision” Concerning Auditor Independence

September 12  OIRA Directs Agencies To Put Forth Regulatory Cost Caps, Expects Cuts

September 11  The Unparalleled Reach of the Paperwork Reduction Act

September 8  The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine: A National Treasure

September 7  Is NIH Red Tape Threatening Medical Research?

September 6  OMB Issues Data Call, Guidance on Regulatory Agendas

September 5  Neomi Rao, Director, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs: Washington’s new regulatory czar

September 1  Genealogies of cost–benefit analysis in transatlantic regulatory cooperation

August 31  All eyes on new durable medical equipment bid-related rule

August 30  New EEO-1 Report Suspended Indefinitely

August 29  OMB approves proposal for 18-month delay of DOL fiduciary rule’s second phase

August 28  716 regulations under review by DoD

August 25  FDA Watchers: Gottlieb May Fly Under Trump Deregulatory Radar With Product-Specific Moves

August 24  Regulatory activity dips to new lows in Trump administration

August 23  New Trump Order Aims To Speed Review of Infrastructure Project

August 22  DOL Moving Regulatory Initiatives to OMB

August 21  The Evolution of Benefit-Cost Analysis into Federal Rulemaking

August 18  NHTSA Sends Automated Vehicle Guidance to OMB

August 17  Final Mortality Table Regulations Sent for OMB Review Signals Potential Effective Date Delay

August 16  The Origin of Regulatory Cost-Benefit Analysis

August 15  CMS proposes cancelling cardiac, orthopedic bundled payment models

August 14  Judge Questions ‘Shadow’ Process in Challenge to Regulatory Order

August 11  Food trade associations press OMB on GMO labeling timetable

August 10  The Future of the Fiduciary Rule is in OIRA’s Hands 

August 9  DOL’s Regulatory Agenda for 2017 Remains Packed

August 8  Executive Branch Regulatory Review Policies Set the Analytic Gold Standard for Independent Financial Agencies to Follow

August 7  Social Entrepreneurs and the Management of the Regulatory State

August 4  Acting EEOC Chair Addresses Status of EEO-1 Reporting Changes, Other Issues

August 3  Baseload Regulation in a Post-Clean Power Plan World

August 2  Social Security Numbers: OMB Actions Needed

August 1  Trump cutting hundreds of planned regulations

July 31  Presidential Regulatory Authority: Two Views

July 28  FDA Announces Plans for Radical Overhaul of US Tobacco Control Policies, Possible de facto Bans on Nicotine and Menthol

July 27  An Empirical Analysis of the Establishment of Independent Agencies

July 26  Administration Reduces Federal Regulations

July 25  Mulvaney is Right to Call for More Money for OMB

July 24   FDA To Cease Work On Certain Tobacco, Advertising, Food Safety Rules

July 21  Trump administration reveals first regulatory agenda

July 20  Trump administration to reveal which Obama-era rules it’s planning to repeal

July 19  Top White House post for Neomi Rao

July 18  Where is the Regulatory Agenda?

July 17  The Case for the Administrative State

July 7  More Visas for Seasonal Workers in Pipeline, DHS Says

July 6  Working Smart and Hard? Agency Effort, Judicial Review, and Policy Precision

July 5  Three Cheers for the Congressional Review Act

July 3  Reformer Neomi Rao Sails Through Senate Confirmation to Become the Government’s Top Regulatory Analyst

June 30  Waters of the US: Regulatory Overreach is Detrimental To The Credibility Of All Environmental Programs

June 29  The Rejuvenation of

June 28  DOL Sends Overtime Request for Information to White House for Review

June 27  Trump’s Comprehensive Plan For Reorganizing The Executive Branch About To Get Underway

June 26  The Administrative State Has Run Amok

June 23  OMB’s Mulvaney: Agency’s budget increase will help with reorganization responsibilities

June 22  Regulatory Analysis Requirements Reduce Political Influence

June 21  OIRA works quietly on updating social cost of carbon

June 20  ACUS Adopts Recommendations That Improve Government Transparency, Reduce Administrative Costs & Litigation, and Streamline Processes

June 19  New EPA Rule Not Compliant With Trump Regulatory Order

June 16  Trump’s Clean Power Plan replacement now at OMB

June 15  Sticky Regulations

June 14  OIRA Hall of Fame Reviews By Political Scientists, Historians and Sociologists

June 13  In Praise of the ‘Deep State’

June 12  White House Thinking on Regulatory Budget Still Developing

June 9  Trump’s proposed climate rule reconsideration nears public release

June 8  Entrepreneur Work Rule in Limbo Amid New Trump Review

June 7  Hatch Introduces Former Staffer for Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator

June 6  Blockchain Technology Regulations: Harnessing Potential Means Enabling, not Restricting

June 5  Amid Rancor, Evidence-Based Policy Panel Leaders Optimistic

June 2  Obama Regulation Could Leave Millions of Retirees Without Investment Guidance

June 1  How one small Wisconsin town is standing up to an Obama-era FDA rule

May 31  Waters of the United States Rule Update

May 30  EPA, Energy Among Few Agencies Complying With Regulatory Order

May 26  An Administration Takes Sides

May 25  DOL Takes Significant Step Forward in Rescinding Persuader Rule

May 24  President Trump signs measure ending safe harbor for state-run private-sector plans

May 23  Restraining The Regulatory State

May 22  Valuing Bureaucracy: The Case for Professional Government

May 19  The Views of a Political Scientist on the Institutionalization of OIRA

May 18  Requiring Formal Rulemaking Is a Thinly Veiled Attempt to Halt Regulation

May 17  Environmental NGOs Walking Timidly Up to the DQA Confessional

May 16  The Views of a Political Scientist on the Institutionalization of OIRA

May 15  The Office of the Federal Register: Key to Rejuvenating

May 12  Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

May 11  Patience is still a virtue in the regulatory process

May 10  White House faces rough road to deregulation as its favorite tool, the Congressional Review Act, expires

May 9  The Regulatory Accountability Act, Or: How Progressives Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cost-Benefit Analysis

May 8  OIRA Memorandum For Regulatory Reform Officers and Regulatory Policy Officers at Executive Departments and Agencies

May 5  EPA Sends WOTUS Repeal Proposal to White House 

May 4  GAO: OMB Should Address Data Quality Challenges Ahead of Federal Spending Report Deadline

May 3  The Nation’s Fiscal Health: Action is Needed to Address the Federal Government’s Fiscal Future

May 2  Business Community Requests Rejection of Revised EEO-1 Report Requiring Disclosure of Pay Data 

May 1  Trump Issues Executive Order Aimed at Expanding Development of Offshore Oil & Gas Resources

April 28  Camarillo manufacturer responds to White House call for ideas

April 27  Administrative Procedure Act Reform and McNollgast

April 26  As deadline nears, few agencies have the regulatory czars Trump requested

April 25  Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Financial Services Executive Orders

April 24  Trump to sign executive orders on drilling, cybersecurity and a rural America task force

April 21  Trump’s OIRA-Nominee Has Questioned Foundations Of Administrative State

April 20  Trump administration receives 168 comments on ways to cut regulations

April 19  Interview with Steven Mnuchin: Transcript

April 18  D.C. Circuit Review – Reviewed: Notice & Comment Blogger to OIRA Administrator

April 17  White House orders spring cleaning at federal agencies

April 14  Two Different Views on the Preferred Background for an OIRA Administrator

April 13  Comprehensive Plan for Reforming the Federal Government and Reducing the Federal Civilian Workforce

April 12  Regulatory Reform in the 114th and 115th Congresses

April 11  My Latest: Sticky Regulations (A Benefit of Ossification?)

April 10  Neomi Rao to be the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

April 7  A Conversation with Marcus Peacock

April 6  Memorandum: Implementing Executive Order 13771, Titled “Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs”

April 5  FDA Pleases No One With Final Guidance On Naming of Biologicals and Biosimilars

April 4  Regulatory Review & Policy Change

April 3  Evaluating the Paperwork Reduction Act: Are Burdens Being Reduced?

March 31  AAM To OMB: Quality Metrics Guide Violates Laws, Against Program’s Purpose

March 30  Census Bureau: LGBT omission the result of ‘no federal data need’

March 29  DOL Submits Fiduciary Delay Final Rule to OMB

March 28  The Role of Federal Judges in the Modern Administrative State

March 27  Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

March 24  Trade Associations Ask OMB to Review EEO-1 Pay Data Report

March 23  Judicial Review of Regulatory Impact Analysis

March 22  The Country of Law. And the Possible Revolution

March 21  Mayor Implores OMB to Reconsider FDA Regs

March 20  The CBO-CBA Analogy, or What Wonks Could Learn from Each Other

March 17  Mick Mulvaney: “Big League” DC Influence

March 16  The Structure of Regulatory Revolutions

March 15  Presidential Executive Order on a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch

March 14  What you need to know about Trump’s web of energy orders and repeals 

March 13  EPA attacks harken back to Reagan era

March 10  A Macroeconomic Study of Federal and State Automotive Regulations

March 9  Trump’s safe and sane ‘regulatory reform’ idea

March 8  Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Judicial Role

March 7  Agencies to highlight rules for repeal in Trump’s first reg agenda

March 6  Memorandum: Spring 2017 Data Call for the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions

March 3  The Economist: “beef up . . . OIRA”

March 2  OMB Labels Fiduciary Regulations ‘Economically Significant’

March 1  Symposium Issue: A Future Without the Administrative State?

February 28  Trump issues executive orders on HBCUs, environmental regulations

February 27  In sweeping move, Trump puts regulation monitors in U.S. agencies

February 24  For fisheries regulations, a Trump edict signals uncertainty

February 23  Lessons from the godfather of regulatory budgeting

February 22  Skeletal government needs meat on its bones

February 21  Historic OIRA Directive: Agencies, Use Domestic Regulatory Relief to Gain International Regulatory Relief

February 17  Awaiting new Labor secretary, staff takes on larger role in fiduciary rule’s fate

February 16  Conference on Hill 3/2: The Time for Regulatory Reform in Congress

February 15  Agency ends review of Trump’s ACA mystery order

February 14  DEA Removes Marijuana Misinformation from Website After Months of Public, Legal Pressure

February 13  OIRA’s Presidential Mandate to Implement a Regulatory Budget

February 10  Trump Administration Withdraws Omnibus Guidance, Delays Final Rule on 340B Drug Pricing and CMPs

February 9  Pursuing Regulatory Excellence: Brexit, Trump, and Beyond

February 8  President Trump Signs Executive Order Introducing Significant Changes into the Federal Regulatory Process

February 7  White House Guide Tees Up Battles Between EPA, Agencies On Rule Costs

February 6  Environmental Groups to Utilize the Data Quality Act to Prevent Changes in the EPA Data Base for Climate Change

February 3  Trump to order regulatory rollback Friday for finance industry starting with Dodd-Frank

February 2  Free-Market Groups Urge Congress To Expand CRA’s Reach To Older Rules

February 1  Trump’s ‘interesting’ order could be ‘showpiece’ — analysts

January 31  President Trump Signs Executive Order: Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs

January 30  Historical Materials: Rules Not Submitted to the GAO and Congress under the Congressional Review Act

January 27  US Mine Safety Health Administration’s Newly-Issued Workplace Examination Rule Withdrawn Pending OMB Review and Approval

January 26  Trump’s OMB Pick Shares Vision on Social Security, Regulation

January 25  Trump’s White House regulations website is down

January 24 Trump tells business leaders he wants to cut regulations by 75% or ‘maybe more’

January 23 Trump to Sign Executive Order on Plan to Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada

January 22 Trump Administration Imposes a Regulatory Freeze

January 21 Trump Signs Executive Order: Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Affordable Care Act

January 20 Agencies rush to publish rules before Trump takes office

January 19 President Trump’s Regulatory Vision

January 18 Mine Inspection Rule Inches Forward Despite Industry Opposition

January 17 Department of Education Rules: The Arts Don’t Pay Enough, Teaching Them is Prohibited

January 13 Improving Regulatory Analysis at Independent Agencies

January 12 Retired Vicar Wins UK Data Quality Act Case Against Friends of the Earth

January 11 This Could Be the Moment for Rolling Back Regulators’ ‘Soft Despotism’

January 10 White House Takes Final Steps to Revamp “The Common Rule” Medical Research Rule

January 9 Improving the Process of Making Rules at Independent Agencies

January 4 Government regulation doesn’t have to stay stuck in the 20th century

January 3 Building A Nationwide Constituency for OIRA


December 30 Market-Driven Consortia Standards: The Road to Reigning in Illicit Tobacco

December 29 USCIS Requests OMB for Review of Proposed Rule-Making for the EB-5 Program

December 28 Five regulations that could come in Obama’s final days

December 27 EPA may need to rein in employees texting

December 23 White House Creates App to Track Regulations

December 22 No Regulatory Mess for Next Administration: Shelanski

December 21 NSPS coalition meets with OMB

December 20 Conclusion: Symposium on the ABA AdLaw Section’s 2016 Report to the President-Elect

December 19 House conservatives want Trump to undo regulations on climate, FDA, Uber

December 16 Mandating Talking Cars: Costliest and Most Beneficial?

December 15 Regulatory Review for Independent Agencies

December 14 Breaking the tech policy logjam wrought in Congress

December 13 30-hour minimum training stripped from entry-level driver rule by OMB

December 12 One Cabinet Post Trump Needs To Get Right

December 9 Where’s the Paperwork on Paperwork Reduction? OMB Asked

December 8 If Trump wants to dismantle Obama’s EPA rules, here are all the obstacles he’ll face

December 7 Obama Regulatory Chief Rejects Midnight Regulation

December 6 A Trump SWAT Team for Regulation

December 5 Jim Tozzi’s Role in Stopping the DEA from Classifying Drug in Schedule 1 Status

December 2 New U.S. Research Policy Board would aim to slash regulatory paperwork

December 1 Businesses to Push to Retain U.S.-Canada Regulatory Council

November 30 A Syllabus on OIRA, by Jim Tozzi

November 29 United States and Canada Announce the 2016 Annual Work Plans

November 28 OIRA Options for the Trump Administration

November 25 A Historical Note on Centralized Regulatory Review for the Trump Administration: Nixon, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton

November 23 Unraveling Obama-Era Regulations on Day One with the Congressional Review Act

November 22 Obama Administration Still Wants to Release New Common Rule

November 21 The Congressional Review Act and Chevron Deference

November 18 White House Fall Reg Agenda

November 17 Leon Billings, Environmental Entrepreneur

November 16 Recommendations from Former OIRA Administrators to the Incoming Administration

November 14 A Disciplined Regulatory Initiative: Announcing that the Data Quality Act is Judicially Reviewable

November 10 OIRA Reiterates: The Data Quality Act “applies to all information disseminated from Federal websites”

November 9 The next ‘regulatory czar’

November 8 Improving the Administrative Process: A Report to the President-Elect

November 7 Oversight of the US executive: The Congressional experience and its lessons for the EU

November 4 Analyzing the Effectiveness of State Regulatory Review

November 3 A (Long) Path to Reforming Our Administrative State

November 2 Divergent Views Expressed at FDA’s Third-Party Service Workshop

November 1 Update on DHS Proposed Rules Affecting Employment-based Visa Programs

October 31 Red Tape on the Upswing

October 28 Obama administration releases “Housing Development Toolkit”

October 27 The Checks & Balances of the Regulatory State

October 26 The Administration’s Report on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

October 25 RFS rule heads to White House OMB for review

October 24 How Private Food Safety Standards Restrict Access to Markets (and the Desirability of Doing So)

October 21 Announcing a New Privacy Office within OIRA

October 20 White House Reviewing Tire Proposal from NHTSA

October 19 Fall 2016 Projects (ACUS Update)

October 18 Can’t Repay Your Loan? Sue Your College!

October 17 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: September

October 14 How Should “Administrative Law” Be Taught Today? The Federalist Society Podcast

October 13 EPA Submits Final TSCA Rule on Nanomaterials to OMB for Review

October 11 More regs: What to expect, when, why

October 7 A New President Needs a New Red Tape Agenda

October 6 How Should “Administrative Law” Be Taught Today?

October 5 Energy efficient doesn’t mean cost efficient

September 29 51 U.S. House Members Urge OMB To Delay “Hasty” Ban On Natural Herbal Supplement Kratom

September 27 Changes to Chemical Law Causing Heartburn; Long Road Ahead

September 26 Former Agency Officials Bring Benefits to Regulatory Debate

September 23 Dynamic Analysis, Welfare, and Implications for Tax Reform

September 22 Administration’s Last “Regulatory Review” Adds $22 Billion in Costs

September 21 White House considers changes to presidential records rule

September 20 Sen. Warner requests update on Data Act financial transparency tools

September 19 EPA, FDA, and USDA Release Updates to Coordinated Framework on Biotechnology

September 16 White House Launches EPA Vapor Intrusion Rule Review

September 15 Auer Deference Inside the Regulatory State: Some Preliminary Findings

September 14 Mitch Daniels: Washington’s Wake-Up Call

September 13 CRE Information Request to DEA

September 12 Obama Announces Nominee for Chairman at ACUS

September 8 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: August

September 7 Global Summit on Regulatory Science Will Focus on Nanotechnology Standards and Applications

September 6 OMB’s Resource Management Offices and Agency Policy Control

September 2 Retrospective Review, by the numbers

September 1 Rewards and Risks of a Federal Regulatory Budget

August 30 Cost-Benefit Analysis Prevents Errors in Environmental Regulatory Decisions

August 29 Midnight Regulations Illustrate Larger Problems with the Regulatory Process

August 26 Focus on Regulation, Not Just Legislation

August 24 Rule to boost EHR oversight gets White House review

August 23 ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services Embraces Interdisciplinary Studies, Teaching of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

August 22 Bipartisan Agreement on More Regulatory Policy and Economics in Law School Curriculum?

August 19 Beyond Administrative Law

August 18 Is the FCC Sacrificing America’s Minority Content Creators Along with Cybersecurity and Privacy?

August 17 An Open Letter to the American Association of Law Schools re: Curricula

August 16 If There’s No Such Thing as Medical Marijuana, How Do We Have Medical Marijuana?

August 15 Once Skeptical of Executive Power, Obama Has Come to Embrace It

August 12 Regulators’ Budget Report: OIRA Shrinks as Responsibilities Grow

August 11 Money laundering rule on prepaid cards stalled after industry pushback

August 10 Review: Pasachoff’s The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control, by Jim Tozzi

August 9 Is the FCC Undermining the Rule of Law?

August 8 Time to Step Up Transition Activities, Agencies Told

August 5 The Global Antitrust Economics Conference

August 4 EPA Urged To Craft DQA Procedures For Human Data In Pesticide Reviews

August 3 Transportation, Energy Projects to Get Climate Reviews

August 2 CFPB Issues Long-Awaited Proposals for Regulation of the Debt Collection Industry

August 1 Scientific Stewardship in the Open Data and Big Data Era

July 29 DOL’s rule on state retirement plans arrives at OMB

July 28 ABA and CBA seek revisions to generic clearance process

July 27 Managing Federal Information as a Strategic Resource

July 26 White House Heeds NAHB Call for Thorough Review of EPA Stormwater Proposal

July 25 The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control

July 22 Science Use in Regulatory Impact Analysis

July 21 The EPA’s Fuel Efficiency Testing May Not Work. Like, at All

July 20 The next GMO-labeling battleground: USDA

July 19 More Evidence OIRA Needs to Coordinate Federal Cyber Security Regulation

July 15 A Meaningful and Durable Dialogue Between the Intelligence and Regulatory States has Begun

July 13 Finality and the Virtues of Jurisdictional Declarations

July 12 Regulatory official grilled on consequences of ‘midnight’ rules

July 11 Testimony on Regulatory Budgeting before the House Budget Committee

July 8 Assessing the Obama Years: OIRA and Regulatory Impacts on Jobs, Wages and Economic Recovery

July 7 OIRA Emphasizes Importance of Information (Data) Quality in Report to Congress

July 6 Regulatory Reform Subcommittee to Hold Oversight Hearing on Implementation of Regulations

July 5 Maybe the IRS Is Complying with the Congressional Review Act After All

July 1 White House Creation of a New Program to Accelerate Cancer Product Regulatory Review

June 30 Regulatory Capture, Ancient and Modern

June 29 Out, out red tape: Congress weighs bills to reduce regulatory burden on academic science

June 28 The Declaration of War against Offshore Drilling in the US

June 27 The Report of the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) on the Oversight of Federal Databases

June 24 An Updated Look at OMB Circular A-119; Voluntary Consensus Standards

June 23 FDA Withdraws Biosimilars Information Collection Request from OIRA

June 22 The Regulatory State Out of Control: Europe’s robots to become ‘electronic persons’ under draft plan

June 21 Combatting External and Internal Regulatory Capture

June 17 The Regulatory Budget Debate

June 16 Fighting Regulatory Capture in the 21st Century

June 15 Speaker Ryan to call for major regulatory reforms

June 14 RISC & OIRA: HOW TO Guide for Agency Users of the Information Collection Request (ICR) Module

June 13 “Chevron Bias” and the Administrative State: ABA AdLaw Section Event on 6/15

June 10 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: May Rush

June 9 Public Comments Split on Federal Rules for Autonomous Vehicles

June 8 Revisiting the Appropriate Use of Agency Regulatory Guidance

June 7 Congress Enacts Infrastructure Reform, but Implementation Lags

June 6 The Regulatory State’s Seven Game Changers

June 3 The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control

June 2 Why the historic deal to expand US chemical regulation matters

June 1 White House scrapped FDA plan to restrict flavored e-cigarettes

May 31 AGs Tell EPA to Halt Aid to States Planning Clean Power Plan Compliance

May 27 ABA challenges CFPB use of generic clearance for overdraft research

May 26 The Case for a Regulatory Budget

May 25 Leashing Leviathan: The Case for a Congressional Regulatory Budget

May 24 Regulating for Results

May 23 EPA Looks to Propose Pollinator Rule Before Obama Term Ends

May 20 Zika and Pregnancy-Specific Vaccines: Toward Easing the Difficulty

May 19 Regulatory Agenda Published for Obama’s Last Year

May 18 The Checkered History of Regulatory Reform Since the APA

May 17 White House, backers launch $521M Microbiome Initiative

May 16 Cost-Benefit Analysis and Arbitrariness Review

May 13 Plaintiffs’ Bar Plans Outreach on Overtime Changes

May 12 How to Get Off to a Strong Start: A Guide for the Next President

May 11 What Will the Regulatory Landscape Look Like in 2021?

May 10 We Need to Get Back to Work

May 9 A Conversation with OIRA Administrator Shelanski on International Regulatory Cooperation with Canada

May 6 Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence

May 5 Analysis of the Regulatory Plan and Unified Agenda of Federal Regulations

May 4 White House Weighs Overtime Rule Changes

May 3 DOJ Restarts ADA Title II Web Accessibility Rulemaking

May 2 Strategic Rulemaking Disclosure

April 29 The Fiscal Ship

April 28 US-EU Regulatory Cooperation: Lessons and Opportunities

April 27 Small UAS [Drone] Rule At OIRA For Final Review

April 26 A Paradigm Shift in the Cost-Benefit State

April 25 The federal workforce is not too big

April 22 The U.S. Department of Commerce Requests Public Comment on Fostering the Advancement of the Internet of Things

April 21 Is The FCC Inviting The World’s Cyber Criminals Into America’s Living Rooms?

April 20 Here’s How To Fix All That Federal Regulation

April 19 Feds Using Blog Posts, Informal Docs To Skirt Regulatory Process

April 18 DOT Further Delays Speed Limiter, Drug/Alcohol Clearinghouse Rules

April 14 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: Surge in Significant Rules

April 13 Why U.S. Economic Leadership Matters

April 12 APHIS Seeks Anti-Soring Rule Change

April 11 David vs. Godzilla, OIRA and the Federal Agencies

April 8 Obama Readies Flurry Of Regulations

April 7 Won’t Cut Federal Spending? Then Cap The Cost Of Regulation

April 6 U.S. & Canadian Businesses: Removing Wood Pallet Exemption Would Undermine Trade and Commercial Opportunities

April 5 Advocacy Economists participate in the annual Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Conference

April 4 Unleashing an Economic Resurgence through Regulatory Reform

April 1 Putting Regulators on a Budget

March 31 OMB receives EPA final draft formaldehyde regulation

March 30 Support for a Regulatory Budget

March 29 New Regulation Could Actually Reduce Access to Investment Advice

March 28 A Blueprint for Regulatory Equilibrium

March 24 Report: Agencies skirt rule reporting requirements

March 23 Notre-Dame-des-Landes: les limites du referendum [France]

March 22 When do policymakers listen to policy analysis, and when do they ignore it?

March 21 Rulemaking’s Puzzles

March 18 EPA Wasn’t Available To Defend Its Own Weird Regulations On Race Cars

March 17 Agencies Convene Second Meeting On Modernizing Regulatory System For Biotechnology Products

March 16 DOL, OMB May Blunt Fiduciary Rule, Delay It Until Late May

March 15 Senator pushes budget for regulations

March 14 Here’s Why a New Regulation Could Mean Trouble

March 11 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: Part 2

March 10 OIRA on Agenda at ABA Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice Institute

March 9 Making All Levels of Government More Efficient and Effective Through Retrospective Review

March 8 A Website Dedicated to the Implementation of a Regulatory Budget

March 7 Arkansas AG Rutledge Speaks Against Government Overreach

March 4 EEOC Proposes To Collect New Data On Pay

March 3 A Proposal to Create a Peruvian OIRA

March 2 Moving Forward to Improve Regulation

March 1 Implementation of the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act

February 25 Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Structure of the Administrative State

February 24 3 Big Holes in DOL Fiduciary Proposal, ICI Says

February 23 Evidence and Evaluation

February 22 COOL repeal rule-making now under review

February 18 OMB Reviewing EPA Rebuttal To GAO Criticisms Of CWA Rule Campaign

February 17 OMB’s Revised Guidance to Federal Agencies on Standards and Conformity Assessment

February 16 In Memoriam: Justice Antonin Scalia, Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States, 1972–1974

February 12 Agency Final Rules Submitted After 5/16/16, May Be Subject To Disapproval In 2017 Under The CRA

February 11 ACUS Committee Fixer of Regulatory Problems

February 10 Charting Midnight Regulation Before Dawn: Part 1

February 9 Should Agencies Report Benefits to Americans from Mandated GHG Reductions?

February 8 Sleep Apnea Proposed Rulemaking Clears White House

February 5 Moving to a Stronger Economy Through Regulatory Budgeting

February 4 Four Markers for Restoring America’s Leadership In the Management of the Regulatory State

February 3 Fiduciary Rule Sent To OMB For Review

February 2 OIRA Wish for 2016: An Orderly Regulatory Process

February 1 OIRA: The Most Important Government Office You’ve Never Heard Of

January 29 Revision of OMB Circular No. A-119, Voluntary Consensus Standards

January 28 White House Calls On Federal Agencies To Avoid “Midnight Regulations”

January 27 Three Reasons Why OIRA Needs A Strong Institutional Base

January 26 Regulatory Deossification Revisited

January 25 The Case for Greater Executive Discretion

January 21 House passes bills to rein in activist influence on regulations

January 20 The Year in Regulation: EPA, Health Care Rules Drive Burdens

January 19 The Federal Data Crisis: Unreliable Federal Databases are Destroying Opportunities for Small Businesses

January 15 At Last: The Coming of the Regulatory Budget

January 14 EPA Ploughs Ahead With $9.6 Billion Mercury Rule

January 13 The last-minute rush to regulate

January 12 Midnight Regulations and the Decrease of OIRA Staff

January 11 The Roadmap to a Regulatory Budget

January 8 The Coming of the Regulatory Budget

January 7 Will White House review of biotech regulation lead to expanded or streamlined rules?

January 6 Deliberative Democracy In the Trenches

January 5 Obama pushing thousands of new regulations in Year 8

January 4 Regulatory Watchdogs Call for Oversight Reform


December 31 Law Provides New Regulatory Framework for Space Commerce

December 30 Benefits of the TPP

December 29 Wave of regulation looms in 2016

December 28 OSHA final rule on silica goes to OMB for review

December 24 Engaging the International Community on Cybersecurity Standards

December 23 OSHA rule yanked back

December 22 Canada Implements a Regulatory Budget, Early Lessons Learned

December 21 Reconciling Agency Expertise With Presidential Power

December 18 Silica rule to OMB by Christmas

December 17 Sleep apnea ‘pre-rule’ advances to OMB, could be published by year’s end

December 16 Improving Regulatory Impact Analysis at the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency

December 15 The Congressional Review Act Revisited

December 14 Carrier scoring Safety Fitness Determination rule ready for publication following OMB clearance

December 11 Technical flaws in EPA methane rule analysis

December 10 ACUS, the DQA and Federal Information Dissemination in the Internet Era

December 9 Regulators’ Math

December 08 Taking the Time Needed to Get Regulations Right

December 07 Midnight Rules: A Comparison of Regulatory Output Across Administrations

December 04 Panel urges overhaul of government to ease regulatory environment in Md.

December 03 Repost from RegBlog. When Politicians Are Not Experts, Agencies Step In

December 02 EPA Rejects Industry Call For White House Review Of Region 9 TCE Guide

December 01 Senator Lieberman Addresses Syms

November 30 Diverse Parties Say Federal Biotech Rules Confusing

November 27 Obama plans aggressive regs push in final year

November 25 Identifying Regulations Affecting International Trade and Investment

November 24 OMB Says DOL May Publish Final Rule on White Collar Exemptions in July 2016

November 23 White House unveils regulatory agenda

November 20 A Historical Account of the Politics of Centralized Regulatory Review

November 19 OIRA@2050

November 18 WLF Comments to the FDA: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplemental Facts Label

November 17 A Program to Develop a Nationwide Constituency for OIRA

November 16 OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook 2015

November 10 Regulations need retrospective review

November 9 CFPB Announces Plan to Allow Class Action Suits

November 6 OSHA rule requiring employers to post injury, illness info online may be coming soon

November 5 Presidential Influence over Agency Rulemaking Through Regulatory Review

November 4 NAFCU letter to CFPB on Bureau’s overdraft survey

November 3 Finding the Middle Ground in Regulatory Reform

November 2 US biotech regulation public comments

October 30 The Senate on Regulation: Establishing a Regulatory Budget

October 29 OMB Overhauls EPA Climate Rules To Limit Legal Risks

October 28 Presidential Actions in Support of a Regulatory Budget

October 27 A Framework for Regulatory Excellence

October 26 Modernizing the Regulatory System For Biotechnology Products Memorandum

October 23 OMB Reports Higher Costs and Lower Benefits in 2015 Draft Report

October 22 Modernizing Federal Information Policy

October 21 Time to Apply OMB Regulatory Review to Independent Agencies

October 20 The Insightful Views of a Student on Benefit/Cost Analysis

October 19 Increasing Agency Use of Declaratory Orders

October 16 A Sound Science Agenda For the Incoming Administration

October 15 Controlling the Cumulative Costs of Regulation: Exploring Potential Solutions

October 14 Electronic Injury Record Keeping Close?

October 13 Professor Pierce on a Regulatory Budget

October 10 Who Are You Calling Irrational?

October 9 Correcting Federal Databases: A Procedural Guide

October 8 A Communication with the Council on Foreign Relations

October 7 Ag groups oppose OSHA anhydrous facility changes

October 6 OMB reviewing new final rule on ACO waivers

October 5 Obama administration releases infrastructure permitting Guidance

October 2 The FDA’s Sweet Proposal on Food Labels

October 1 Bankers: “We urge the Bureau to re-submit its information collection request with the draft survey instrument.”

September 30 Inconsistent, Duplicative Regulations Undercut Productivity of U.S. Research Enterprise

September 29 White House Summit on Offshore Wind

September 28 Restoring OIRA’s Entrepreneurial Roots

September 25 Jeb Bush Wants to Get Tough on Regulations

September 24 OIRA Issues Science-Based Communications Quality Instructions for Information Collections

September 22 The Ninth Circuit’s Harkonen IQA Opinion – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

September 21 Questions and Reference Documents for Student Submissions

September 18 Don’t Publish Stage 3 Meaningful Use Rule, Urge AMA and Others

September 17 Controlling the Cumulative Cost of Regulations

September 16 The Insightful Views of a Student on Benefit/Cost Analysis

September 11 Restoring Civil Servants to their Proper Role

September 10 USDA Drafts Proposed SNAP Photo Requirements Regulations

September 9 9th Circuit Declines to Decide DQA Reviewability

September 8 Save the Bureaucrats

September 4 Truck Speed Limiter Rule Delayed for ‘Extended’ Review by White House

September 3 Hoover Archives Used To Uncover The Early Influence Of The White House On Regulation Policy

September 2 White House reviews EPA’s ozone pollution rule

September 1 Retrospective Review of Regulations

August 31 Controlling the Cumulative Cost of Regulations

August 28 OIRA and the Control of the Cumulative Cost of Regulation

August 27 The Role of Stakeholder Relationships in Regulatory Excellence

August 26 Federal Workforce: Additional Analysis and Sharing of Promising Practices Could Improve Employee Engagement and Performance

August 25 CMS’s Clinical Quality Measures a Top Healthcare Priority

August 24 The Regulatory State: A Modest Reform Proposal

August 21 Average Manufacturer Price (AMP) Final Rule at OMB

August 20 OIRA-Centric Teaching Modules

August 19 On Pressing McNollgast to the Limits: The Problem Of Regulatory Costs

August 18 Retrospective Review: July 2015 Lookback Reports

August 17 Professor Alan Schwartz Review of McNollgast Article

August 14 A Critique of Centralized Regulatory Review

August 13 The Presence of the Public Policy Community

August 12 Templates for the OIRA Teaching Module

August 11 OIRA: The Cockpit of the Regulatory State

August 10 Promotion of OIRA Teaching Modules

August 6 A Case When Ignorance of the Federal Administrative Process is a Detriment

August 5 EPA Posts Information on GM/Synbio Algae Project

August 4 Major pipeline safety rulemakings coming in 2015

August 3 National Highway Tunnel Inventory Coming Soon

July 31 FMCSA Sends ELD Rules to OMB

July 30 Is CMS’s Hospital Quality Star Rating System Non-Compliant?

July 29 Influence and the Administrative Process: Lobbying the U.S. President’s Office of Management and Budget

July 28 The Need for an OIRA Module for Use by Schools of Public Policy and Law

July 27 Professor Radin on OIRA

July 24 The State of the Art of Regulatory Reform in the US: The OMB 2014 Report

July 23 Current Opportunities for Public Comment on Federal Data Collections and Other Statistical Issues

July 22 Rule to require electronic logging devices expected to proceed this month

July 21 New Regulation Seeks to Combat Housing Segregation

July 20 Republicans fret ‘midnight regulations’ from Obama

July 17 Why the Disdain of Centralized Regulatory Review by Academicians?

July 16 An Elephant Without Legs: GOP subpoenas Obama regulatory officials on water rule

July 15 University of California Dissertation on OIRA Support of the Presidency

July 14 White House races to put new anti-oil-and-gas proposals in place

July 13 GMOs in the Hotseat: White House to Overhaul Regulatory Framework on Biotechnology

July 10 OMB Pushes Interagency Collaboration to Modernize Statistics

July 9 CRE: CMS’ Five-Star Quality Rating System is a Violation of Medicare and APA Rulemaking Requirements

July 8 Sunstein: Justice Scalia is right about cost-benefit analysis

July 7 OMB: Climate Change Now Part of Building Budget Requests

July 6 Estimating the Benefits from Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions

July 2 DOL Proposes Massive Expansion in Overtime Pay

July 1 CMS Proposed 2016 Medicare Payment Rules in the Pipeline

June 30 High court blocks power plant regulations without cost estimates

June 29 Regulatory Working Group Guidelines, “Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation”

June 26 Meetings between coal industry and White House draw attention

June 25 Will anti-money laundering regulations be extended to investment advisers?

June 24 EPA Advances Revised Landfill Methane NSPS Proposal For OMB Review

June 23 The OIRA Model for Institutionalizing CBA of Financial Regulation

June 22 Standards Alliance Brings Together ANSI Members and 15 Countries in Southern Africa for Exchange on Good Regulatory Practice

June 19 Prepared Remarks of OMB Director Shaun Donovan, Williams Institute Spring Reception

June 18 OMB Receives New DOD Counterfeit Parts NPRM

June 17 Water Rights and the Data Quality Act

June 16 Draft OMB policy streamlines privacy and security

June 15 The Failed Reign of Mandated Disclosure

June 12 An unhealthy approach to corporate wellness programs

June 11 Obama Administration Readies Big Push on Climate Change

June 10 Where Is the OIRA Oversight of FDA Guidance Documents?

June 9 Civil Justice Playbook: OMB – Between a Rock (Science) and a Hard Place (Policy)

June 8 ACUS Recommends Publishing Previously Undisclosed ‘Pending’ Rules

June 5 A more efficient path to online accessibility

June 4 Encouraging signs on new rules for nonprofit political activity

June 3 OMB Extends Review of the Common Rule

June 2 Regulatory Warfare

June 1 Moving Forward our Regulatory Partnerships with Canada

May 29 13 new cities to see locality pay increase in January

May 28 EPA revises its regulatory agenda, a flurry of activity expected in the next few months

May 27 Crash treatment in CSA ‘not fair,’ says FMCSA’s safety head

May 26 PPR Launches Major Study of Business Regulation and Economic Inequality

May 22 A Regulatory Antidote for CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage)

May 21 Regulatory Guidance Processes: Selected Departments Could Strengthen Internal Control and Dissemination Practices

May 20 EPA Sends Waste Export-Import Rule For OMB Review

May 19 Proposed Rule for Heavy-Truck Speed Limiter Sent to OMB

May 18 We Shouldn’t Dismiss “Sue and Settle” – or Other Regulatory Problems

May 15 Obama Management Chief: Senior Execs Must Set Tone for Better Performance

May 14 Next Step in CFPB Debt Collection Rulemaking?

May 13 When Behavioral Science Meets Public Policy

May 12 Long-awaited 340B guidance under review by OMB

May 11 The Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in the U.S. Regulatory System

May 08 Groups Aim To Sway Outcome Of Multi-Year RFS As OMB Begins Review

May 07 Is OSHA Burying Its Head in the Sand with Proposed Silica Rule?

May 06 DOL “Springs” its part 541 proposal for review

May 05 FERC Issues Target Date for Oregon LNG Project

May 04 Learning More from the Data the Federal Government Already Collects

May 01 Retrospective Review Workshop

April 30 White House Reboots Draft Guidance on Evaluating Climate Change Impacts

April 29 Counting Benefits at the High Court

April 28 Western coalition files data quality suit against feds on greater sage-grouse

April 27 Undoing the suppression of substance use data

April 24 U.S. Information Quality Act Filing Reveals Patent Assertion Entity Propaganda

April 23 BIA Takes Heat From Connecticut Lawmakers, Others On Indian Recognition

April 22 Advisory Committee Urges Americans to Adopt a Sustainable Diet

April 21 Judicial Review of Agency Benefit-Cost Analysis

April 20 EU, US trade talks seek to advance regulatory pillar

April 17 E-log mandate rule still slated for Sept. publication, speed limiter mandate delayed

April 16 DOL Releases Fiduciary Plan

April 15 Blacklisting Exec Order to Impose Substantial Costs on Contractors

April 14 Confronting the Problem of Stealth Regulation

April 13 340B CMP Proposed Rule Sent to OMB

April 10 DOJ eyes music regulation update

April 9 PBGC Proposes Electronic Filing for Multiemployer Plan Notices

April 8 Clean Water rule advances to OMB for review

April 7 Applying the Data Quality Act to Intellectual Property Protection

April 6 CDC’s plan to beat superbugs

April 3 Truck Makers Seek Complete-Vehicle GHG Rule

April 2 Estimating the True Cost of FCC Regulation

April 1 US EPA looking at bans/restrictions on three chemicals

March 31 CFPB Moves Closer to Convening Small Business Review Panel for Payday Lending Rulemaking

March 30 Lawmakers’ website to collect complaints about federal regs

March 27 RCRA regulation of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals

March 26 The Difficulty of Planning Regulation: Insights from the US

March 25 An Overview and Comparison of U.S. and EU Procedures

March 24 White House reviewing controversial mining rule

March 23 EEOC Sends OMB Notice About Wellness Program Rules

March 20 ARSA: Still Nothing Generic About Generic Clearance

March 19 Accelerating Progress and Institutionalizing Retrospective Review

March 18 EPA Withdraws Proposal To Clarify Reporting Of Metal Mining Toxic Releases

March 17 EPA’s McCarthy pledges to make Wotus rule ‘reasonable’

March 16 Governor Gina M. Raimondo’s Exemplary Regulatory Review Executive Order on Creating Opportunity

March 13 CRE Option for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Coal Fired Plants

March 12 Groups Begin To Outline Options For EPA To Drop CCS From NSPS Plan

March 11 DOJ Notifies the Ninth Circuit that OMB is the Court of Last Resort on DQA Issues

March 10 The Regulatory Reform Debate Needs a Wider Lens

March 09 Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) for Disconnected Youth: Notice Inviting Applications Frequently Asked Questions

March 06 Exploring Regleprudence at OIRA

March 04 Senators want federal agency investigated amid guardrail concerns

March 03 Human Subjects Research Protections Proposed Rule Finally Moves Forward for White House Review

March 02 House of Lords Releases Its Report on the Arctic

Feb. 27 Regulatory Accountability Act of 2015 and the Bumpers Amendment

Feb. 26 What’s next on the road to Net Neutrality?

Feb. 25 Can the Dodd-Frank Act be reformed to strengthen the financial system and the overall economy? We think so

Feb. 24 Obama Backs Tougher Rules for Brokers As Fiduciary Rule Re-Proposal Heads to OMB

Feb. 23 The Problem with Words: Plain Language and Public Participation in Rulemaking

Feb. 20 Foxx Sees Innovation Out-Running Regulation

Feb. 19 Carbon capture and the Information Quality Act

Feb. 18 Evaluating Regulations after the Fact

Feb. 13 Judicial Review of the Data Quality Act

Feb. 12 Letter to FEMA on Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form

Feb. 11 President Obama Is Focused on Making Rule Review Permanent

Feb. 10 OMB May Accelerate WQS Rule Review Ahead Of CWA Jurisdiction Policy

Feb. 09 White House Issues Report on Big Data and Differential Pricing

Feb. 06 New Rules for Tank Cars Sent to White House for Review

Feb. 05 The First Watchdog in Chief, John R. McCarl

Feb. 04 Incorporating Private Standards into Public Regulations

Feb. 03 FCC to Propose Strong ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules

Feb. 02 President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

Jan. 30 Fiduciary rule to OMB?

Jan. 29 F.A.I.R. Trade Group Submits Comments to ATF on Proposed Collection Activities

Jan. 28 EPA Seeks Input on Federal Plan for Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants

Jan. 27 Obama calls for regs on drones

Jan. 26 FSIS Releases Establishment-Specific Data Release Strategic Plan

Jan. 23 White House aide calls for stricter broker rules on 401(k)s

Jan. 22 New wireless infrastructure rules to take effect in phases

Jan. 21 Bracing for battle over fiduciary rule

Jan. 20 FDA submits notice for collection of information regarding direct-to-consumer advertisements

Jan. 16 U.S. oil train safety proposal due in May

Jan. 15 2015 Oil and Gas Regulatory Outlook

Jan. 14 EPA Delays Rule to Limit Carbon Emissions from New Power Plants

Jan. 13 Your Feedback During the Public Comment Period Really Does Matter

Jan. 12 Ag leader: U.S. regulation threatens farmers, ranchers

Jan. 09 Proposed EHR regulations for Stage 3 could relax rules

Jan. 08 NGOs sue US EPA over regulation of nanosilver

Jan. 07 United States-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue

Jan. 06 Meat safety labels delayed to 2018

Jan. 05 Time, Money and Teacher Prep

Jan. 02 Net neutrality to dominate D.C.’s tech agenda


Dec. 31 Oil and Gas Regulatory Push Coming from Obama Administration

Dec. 30 Grist Gets Very Confused on EPA’s Coal Ash Rule

Dec. 29 Industry Proposes A ‘Micro Drone’ Rule As Regulatory Deadline Looms

Dec. 26 Satisfaction Is Not the Same as Policy Success

Dec. 22 EPA’s Coal Ash Rule Demonstrates Worthiness of White House Regulatory Review

Dec. 19 EPA on Reviewing Vehicle-Emission Standards

Dec. 18 First coal ash regulations in the offing

Dec. 17 Dialysis Facility Compare Star Ratings Draw First Challenge To CMS Quality Measures Under Data Quality Act

Dec. 16 The Legal Olympian

Dec. 15 The cornerstone of regulatory reform

Dec. 12 Why OIRA Should Coordinate Federal Cyber Security Regulation

Dec. 11 Final rule trims truck inspection paperwork requirement

Dec. 10 FAA Is Closer To Issuing New Rules Governing Drones, Says Former White House Official

Dec. 09 Standards Alliance Workshop in Lima Focuses on Regulatory Decision-Making in the U.S. and Peru

Dec. 08 Why We Need to Measure Regulation

Dec. 05 The backstory of Obama’s new climate regulations

Dec. 04 OMB Reinforces its Policy Implementing the Data Quality Act

Dec. 03 The Administrative State and the Optimal Abuse of Power

Dec. 02 Fall 2014 Unified Agenda – DHS

Dec. 01 Drones Face Critical Moment As White House Prepares To Act

Nov. 28 DOL Fiduciary Redraft Still Coming in January: OMB

Nov. 26 Why the June 2015 FDA Deadline Isn’t Really a Deadline

Nov. 25 Major energy rule timelines pushed back

Nov. 24 Rules for use of drones needed, Schumer says

Nov. 21 FDA Decides to Delay UDI Labeling Rule for Some Orthopedic Implants

Nov. 20 The 340B Mega-Reg Is Dead

Nov. 19 DOJ Continues Enforcement of Accessibility Requirements for Websites and Mobile Apps – But Its Rulemaking Still Awaits

Nov. 18 OSHA’s confined spaces in construction rule under review by OMB

Nov. 17 Paperwork Reduction(?) Act

Nov. 14 GAO Comptroller General Gene Dodaro: “If the data quality is not good, you’re limited in your abilities to use it”

Nov. 13 State Farm ‘with Teeth’: Heightened Judicial Review in the Absence of Executive Oversight

Nov. 12 Book Review: Valuing Life: Humanizing the Regulatory State

Nov. 10 Regulating through the Back Door at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Nov. 07 The [PA] Independent Regulatory Review Commission

Nov. 06 Supreme Court Regulatory Cases to Watch

Nov. 05 US Telecom Association Tells FCC it Needs Additional Special Access Data to Conduct a Lawful Market Analysis

Nov. 04 Department of Energy Rules Take Longest For White House to Review

Oct. 31 Small UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] NPRM Takes Another Step Forward

Oct. 30 Using a ‘foreign language shield’ to improve investment decision making

Oct. 29 New Zealand: Out of control – our red tape tangle

Oct. 28 Labor Department Completes LGBT Anti-Discrimination Rule

Oct. 27 GAO: Selected Agencies Need to Improve Customer Service

Oct. 24 EVENT: Enhancing the Transatlantic Trade & Innovation Partnership: Reducing Regulatory Barriers

Oct. 23 EPA sets energy booby traps for the US economy

Oct. 22 Why the government needs a regulator of regulators

Oct. 21 If U.S.-Canada Cooperation Is Good Idea, Why Aren’t More Federal Agencies Doing It?

Oct. 20 Nearly All New Nanoengineered Chemicals Are Regulated by EPA Due to Potential Risks

Oct. 17 Financial Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Comment

Oct. 16 Comments For ACUS Urge Process For Continuous Reg Review

Oct. 15 DOL Makes It Official: New FLSA Regulations Delayed Until 2015

Oct. 14 Small business agency taking aim at waterways rule has outsized impact on federal regulations

Oct. 10 Advocates Want OMB To Finalize Catfish Inspection Rule

Oct. 09 Regulatory Policy and the Brazilian Presidential Election

Oct. 08 EPA Submits Proposed Rule on Nanoscale Materials to OMB for Review

Oct. 07 Cutting the red tape on the U.S. border

Oct. 06 Office of Advocacy on “Waters of the United States” RegFlex Compliance: “The Proposed Rule Has Been Certified in Error”

Oct. 03 OIRA Quality Control Is Missing for Most Regulations

Oct. 02 Three Years Later, the Next Shoe Drops: OMB Approves Revised OFCCP Scheduling Letter

Oct. 01 Legal marijuana adjusts to life as a heavily regulated industry

Sept. 30 OMB approval eliminates regulatory hurdle to Wi-Fi use at 5150-5250 MHz

Sept. 29 SES Entrepreneurship Needed to Improve Agency Performance

Sept. 24 Faculty Book Talk: Cass Sunstein’s Valuing Life: Humanizing the Regulatory State

Sept. 23 Introducing the Virtual Symposium on “More That You Wanted to Know

Sept. 22 WH hears regs to crack down on for-profit colleges

Sept. 19 New study finds federal regulation costs over $2 trillion per year and disproportionately affects small businesses

Sept. 18 ‘Non-PPACA’ benefits regs head for impact review

Sept. 17 OMB Announces Agency-Level Regulatory Partnerships with Canada

Sept. 16 Hundreds of Recent Final Rules Are Technically Unlawful

Sept. 15 GAO: “Federal agencies and OIRA could do more to improve the transparency of the rulemaking process.”

Sept. 12 Serbia has 160 inapplicable [regulatory] strategies – minister

Sept. 11 FDA Avoiding OMB-Mandated Economic Review of Lab-Developed Test Regulation?

Sept. 10 Review underway on OSHA beryllium rule

Sept. 9 OMB Clears OIG Proposed Rule on Anti-Kickback Safe Harbors, CMPs for Beneficiary Inducements & Gainsharing

Sept. 8 Stealth Regulation — Agency Circumvention of OIRA and the APA?

Sept. 5 Regulatory Studies Center Comment on OMB’s Report on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulation

Sept. 4 Mercatus Center Comment on OMB’s Report on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations

Sept. 3 Moving Forward on International Regulatory Cooperation

Sept. 2 White House reviews federal-land fracking rules

August 29 UK Regulatory Policy Committee opinions: Departmental performance January to June 2014

August 28 Discussion: Alternative Regulatory Actions for Climate Change

August 27 The Legacy of the Council on Wage and Price Stability

August 26 Obama hits the gas on regs

August 25 Interior’s Draft Arctic Drilling Rules Begin Interagency Review

August 22 The OIRA Model for Institutionalizing CBA of Financial Regulation

August 21 Next Steps in the Tobacco Deeming Regulation Process

August 20 National Academy of Sciences on OMB Cost-Benefit Analayis (1990)

August 19 OMB OK’s Special Access Data Collection

August 18 Regulatory measurement can lead to actionable knowledge

August 15 Phthalates Panel Recommends Additional CPSC Restrictions

August 14 Reforming Regulatory Analysis, Review, and Oversight: A Guide for the Perplexed

August 13 Behavioral economics: come semplificare la vita agli italiani

August 12 GAO faults cost analyses for EPA regulations

August 11 White House Delays Proposal To Reclassify ‘Factoryless Goods Producers’

August 8 “Hand-Me-Down” Menu Regulations Just Don’t Fit Convenience Stores

August 7 Cigars Face Uncertain Future

August 6 CUNA urges NCUA to reduce credit unions regulatory burden

August 5 Adoption of Electronic Signatures will Greatly Improve Government Productivity

August 4 OMB Still Reviewing PHMSA Oil Spill ANPRM

August 1 Study: Hundreds of rules passed by Obama administration are technically illegal

July 31 FERC says it’s working with EPA on Clean Power Plan

July 30 Study: Hundreds of rules passed by Obama administration are technically illegal

July 29 2015 Regulators’ Budget: Economic Forms of Regulation on the Rise

July 28 Study: Obama to issue $34B in regulations after the midterm elections

July 25 Recommendations to DOE on Reducing Regulatory Burden

July 24 A Broadcaster’s Guide To Washington Issues

July 23 Regulation by Stealth: Time to Re-Examine Federal Agencies

July 22 FinCEN closer to finalizing customer due diligence proposal

July 21 James MacRae

July 18 Red Tapeworm 2014: When Regulations Get Delayed

July 17 Laboratory Heads Urge OMB Not to Release FDA Guidance on the Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Tests

July 16 “the precautionary principle is internally unworkable”

July 15 NATO Show 2014: State of the (Nicotine) Industry

July 14 US Chicken Council Welcomes Modernisation of Poultry Inspection

July 11 Senate Confirms Donovan as Next White House Budget Director

July 10 Sunstein: It is possible for government to be too open

July 09 Industry trade groups urge OMB not to approve CFPB arbitration telephone survey

July 08 Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

July 07 Could Feds Kill DoL Fiduciary Regulation?

July 03 Retrospective Review Comment on SEC’s Proposed Reporting Requirements for Swap Dealers, Participants, and Broker Dealers

July 02 Lawmakers ask White House to Review FDA Rule for Generic Label Changes

July 01 OMB’s 2014 Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations

June 27 Agencies Don’t Treat All Comments Equally. Nor Should They.

June 26 Allow the Wonks to Have a Say on OMB Review of Regulations

June 25 Regulatory Review for the States

June 24 Is the White House Dictating Nutrition Labeling Reform?

June 23 “a benefit/cost analysis should be done of the teaching of Administrative Law”

June 20 New Senator Seeks Regulatory Reforms

June 19 OMB Begins Review of Medicare Home Health Reimbursement Proposal

June 18 National Housing Trust Fund Final Rule Now at OMB

June 17 Getting More Bang for the Regulatory Buck

June 16 Proposed rule would raise minimum wage for federal contract workers

June 13 AHA Urges Public Health EHR Readiness Registry

June 12 Some Progress Made on OSHA’s PELs Update: AIHA’s Trippler

June 11 US Chamber’s Testimony Highlights OMB’s Good Guidance Practices Bulletin

June 10 ABA Leads Industry in Dialogue with OMB on PHO GRAS Tentative Determination

June 9 Was The Following Recommendation More Than a Nudge?

June 6 Stealth Regulation: Addressing Agency Evasion of OIRA and the Administrative Procedure Act

June 5 OMB to Review Home Health Agency Conditions of Participation

June 4 Some Surprises in DOL’s Just Issued Spring 2014 Regulatory Agenda

June 3 DHS Submits CFATS ANPRM to OMB

June 2 Can Moneyball Make States Better Regulators?

May 30 UK Regulatory Policy Recommendations for Scrutinising Impact Assessments

May 29 OMB could recommend SEC to propose fresh Dodd-Frank disclosure rules

May 28 White House releases sweeping regulatory agenda

May 27 New OMB Director Promises Fast Action on EPA Regulations

May 23 Unbridled Regulation Sets Stage For Another 2008

May 22 OECD Support for Centralized Regulatory Review

May 21 Who needs a security clearance?

May 20 EPA races to finish Obama rules

May 19 Debating the Independent Retrospective Review of Regulations

May 16 Regulatory and Quasi-Regulatory Activity without OMB and Benefit-Cost Review

May 15 Why I don’t tell reporters everything I know: Cass Sunstein

May 14 FTC Seeks OMB Permission for Patent Assertion Entity Study

May 13 GAO to OIRA: Link Retrospective Review to Agency GPRMA Goals

May 12 While Regulatory Spending and Output Increase, Economic Analysis of Regulations Is Often Incomplete

May 09 Reducing Costs and Burdens: Further Progress in Regulatory Lookback Effort

May 08 OFCCP Sends Proposed Comp Data Collection Tool to OMB

May 07 Here’s Why DATA Act Implementation May Be Successful

May 06 The Federal Rulemaking Process: Setting an Example for the World

May 05 National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Testimony: Senate & House Joint Economic Committee

May 02 First step to cutting red tape: better analysis

May 01 Oil Industry And Railroads Shipping Shale Boom Riches Are Separated By Just An Eighth Of An Inch

Apr. 30 The Futility of Cost Benefit Analysis in Financial Disclosure Regulation

Apr. 29 The Final DATA Act: Here’s What It Means, Here’s What It’ll Do

Apr. 28 Profile on Sally Katzen: Former Head of OIRA

Apr. 25 U.S. regulators to propose enhanced tank car standards

Apr. 24 OMB reviewing significant AML proposed rule

Apr. 23 Section 508 Refresh Timing – A brief update

Apr. 22 Driver coercion mitigation rule projected to be published this month

Apr. 21 Pending OMB Review, OSHA Could Restart Effort to Update Chemical Exposure Limits

Apr. 18 Popular Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Videos

Apr. 17 Retrospective Review: Do Agencies’ Proposals Measure Up?

Apr. 16 Analyzing the Job Impacts of Regulation

Apr. 15 OIRA Makes Much-Needed Improvements to Online Meetings Database

Apr. 14 340B Developments: New Hospital Registration Guidance and Proposed Rules Under Review at OMB

Apr. 11 (UK) HM Treasury Guidance on Appraisal of Government Programs

Apr. 10 GAO Spotlights MSHA’s Data Selection Decision

Apr. 09 EPA chief says power plant rule will be tough, enforceable

Apr. 08 Measuring the Impact of Public Comments

Apr. 07 Centralized Review of Regulations: Cornerstone of the Regulatory State

Apr. 04 CUNA pens OMB: Risk Based Capital plan casts wide net of burden

Apr. 03 An Update on FDA ‘Deeming’ Regulations

Apr. 02 U.S. EPA carbon rule for existing power plants sent to White House

Apr. 01 Obama’s Regulatory Chief: Businesses Will Always Criticize Us

Mar. 31 Electronic logging device rule proposal published, comment period ends May 27

Mar. 28 Public Citizen to Host Symposium With Howard Shelanski, Head White House Regulatory Official

Mar. 27 Reeder recognized for role in launching Fed 100

Mar. 26 Draft Water Rule Harmful to Co-ops

Mar. 25 Effort to keep seamless DMF access continues

Mar. 24 Garbage in, garbage out? Some micro sources of macro errors

Mar. 21 Behavioural economics and public policy

Mar. 20 OMB green lights FDA eye-tracking studies on labels

Mar. 19 OMB Begins Review of Long-Delayed Revisions to Hazardous Waste Exemptions

Mar. 18 Business Roundtable: Statement for the Record on Improving the Regulatory Framework

Mar. 17 Week in Regulation

Mar. 14 Surprise rollback: 500 regulations on chopping block, savings could top $12b

Mar. 13 OIRA reducing number of extended reviews of rules, Shelanski says

Mar. 12 GAO on Regulatory Review: Processes Could Be Enhanced

Mar. 11 Nudging, Paternalism, and Human Agency

Mar. 10 Obama’s former regulatory czar explains how to avoid bad rules

Mar. 7 Reg Stats

Mar. 6 White House under pressure on ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rule

Mar. 5 Produce Movement Rule Heads to OMB

Mar. 4 Can Protected Data Be Shared to Improve Services?

Mar. 3 OMB Regulatory Studies Fall Fellowship

Feb. 28 Guidance for Providing and Using Administrative Data for Statistical Purposes: Reporting Requirement

Feb. 27 Improving Regulation Requires Closer Scrutiny of Benefits

Feb. 26 Increased disclosure? Or an obstacle for EPA?

Feb. 25 Internalizing Cost-Benefit Analysis

Feb. 24 CRE Response to the Berkeley Law and UCLA Law Sponsored Legal Planet Post on OIRA Expertise

Feb. 21 E-cig industry on tenterhooks ahead of U.S. regulation

Feb. 20 OIRA chief’s buttoned-down image belies eccentric roots

Feb. 19 Wonks in embattled regulatory office are mysterious — but ‘not nefarious’

Feb. 18 FMCSA to issue long-sought rule on CDL drug/alcohol clearinghouse

Feb. 17 Reg ulatory Reform: What’s New in 2014?

Feb. 14 Study: Consequences of Regulatory Accumulation and a Proposed Solution

Feb. 13 Regulations and Copyright Law

Feb. 12 Get Ready for Annual Strategic Reviews

Feb. 11 OMB Seeking Comments: Revised Circular A-119 Voluntary Consensus Standards

Feb. 10 The Impact of the Volcker Rule on Job Creators

Feb. 7 ARA, other groups opposing expansion of Clean Water Act

Feb. 6 Cost-Benefit Analysis and Agency Independence

Feb. 5 Applications Open for OMB Regulatory Studies Fellowship

Feb. 4 Statistics on OIRA Regulatory Review

Feb. 3 Sunstein: What, exactly, are these ‘executive orders’?

Jan. 31 Changing the way we eat

Jan. 30 Feds to list truck drivers who fail drug, alcohol tests

Jan. 29 FDA updating nutrition labels for the first time in 20 years

Jan. 28 Behavioral Science in the Regulatory State

Jan. 27 Regulatory Studies Center and Trachtenberg School Noshing with Notables: Alexander Hunt

Jan. 24 What good is #opendata when it’s wrong?

Jan. 23 EPA Defending CCS Requirements

Jan. 22 Three Years of Regulatory Reform: Did the President’s Executive Orders Work?

Jan. 21 John Coates on cost-benefit analysis of financial regulation

Jan. 20 Shelanski Considering Changes in Agency Rulemaking Processes in Year Ahead

Jan. 17 ACUS: Retrospective Review of Agency Rules — RFP

Jan. 16 Does Regulation Kill Jobs?

Jan. 15 Industry Coalition Urges OMB to Approve Rule Enhancing Safe Air Transport of Lithium Batteries

Jan. 14 Postcard from Europe: The Precautionary Principle in Action

Jan. 13 CSS Calls for OIRA Reforms to Enable Public Protections Agenda

Jan. 10 The Growing Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation

Jan. 09 A Regulatory Flurry: The Year in Regulation, 2013

Jan. 08 Trucking: Safety fitness rule, and e-log, driver database rule

Jan. 07 Leslie Taito, director of Chafee’s Office of Regulatory Reform

Jan. 06 Economists Need to Learn History

Jan. 03 Ending with a Bang

Jan. 02 Regulatory Year in Review: 2013


Dec. 31 The process behind FMCSA’s regulatory agenda

Dec. 30 White House Regulatory Office Releases Final Rule Covering Electrical Power Safety

Dec. 24 Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Dec. 23 The Unified Agenda and the SEC: Shifting SEC Priorities

Dec 18 Center for Effective Government Report on 2013 Federal Rulemaking

Dec. 16 Moving Toward the Evaluation State

Dec. 13 FCC Commissioner Clyburn on the Paperwork Reduction Act

Dec. 12 OSHA announces 2014 regulatory priorities

Dec. 11 “the single greatest threat facing cigar rights.”

Dec. 10 Britain’s Ministry of Nudges

Dec. 09 OSHA Soliciting Input on Possible Changes To Process Safety Standards, Other Rules

Dec. 06 Extensions Would Allow More Killing of Our National Bird

Dec. 05 Flood of Regulations Coming from Obama Administration

Dec. 04 Labor Agencies Regulatory Agendas

Dec. 03 The Anti-Capture Justification for Regulatory Review

Dec. 01 ACA: 2015 Notice Of Benefit And Payment Parameters Proposed Rule

Nov. 29 Better Coordination Could Reduce the Burden of Federal Regulations for Manufacturers

Nov. 27 OSHA’s Silica Proposal: Two Views

Nov. 26 Feds reveal data behind ‘social cost of carbon’

Nov. 25 Entrepreneurship in Action

Nov. 22 EPA permitting seen as high hurdle for carbon capture project

Nov. 21 The Unmeasured Impacts of Economic Intervention

Nov. 20 MAPI: Regulations Hinder U.S. Manufacturing

Nov. 19 Legislators Oppose EPA’s Clean Water Act Rulemaking

Nov. 18 “The total number of federal regulatory restrictions is now more than one million.”

Nov. 15 White House reviewing anti-terror food rules

Nov. 14 ACUS Examines Time it Takes the White House to Review Rules

Nov. 13 Advocates excited about new pesticide rules at OMB

Nov. 12 What is the fuss about OIRA transparency?

Nov. 11 Greens cheer EPA wetlands proposal

Nov. 8 Burwell Embraces Mission Impossible Rescuing U.S. Budget

Nov. 7 Proper and Desirable Intervention by the President in Agency Rulemaking

Nov. 6 Fuel-From-Soy Makers Mount Last-Ditch Lobby Push on EPA

Nov. 5 Refining Estimates of the Social Cost of Carbon

Nov. 4 Update on Retirement Income Projections

Nov. 1 European Parliament Divided over Proposed E-Cigarette Regulation

Oct. 31 Regulatory Stars Aligning for E-Cigs?

Oct. 30 Why PRA Review is Important

Oct. 29 Indian Supreme Court Demands Regulation of Clinical Trials

Oct. 28 FDA: No Surprises Planned for E-Cigarette Regs

Oct. 25 The Continuing Debate Over Regulatory Incorporation

Oct. 24 Unmanned Aircraft Finding Their Way Into Airspace System

Oct. 23 The Ozone Treaty That Banned Your Asthma Inhaler

Oct. 22 White House FSMA/Foreign Supplier Verification Program Rules Redline

Oct. 21 Understanding the Social Cost of Carbon

Oct. 18 Oil lobby threatens lawsuit against the EPA

Oct. 17 E-Cigarette Marketing Seen Threatened by FDA Scrutiny

Oct. 16 U.S. SEC chief concerned investors face “information overload”

Oct. 15 Shutdown Impact; Fuel, Physicians and Furloughs

Oct. 14 The shutdown is a meaningless exercise, but we can learn from it

Oct. 11 The Powerful Synergy Between OMB and The FTC

Oct. 10 CPR Scholars weigh in on the 20th anniversary of OIRA’s 12866

Oct. 9 White House’s Social Cost of Carbon Estimates Questioned

Oct. 8 New legislation would not help OIRA do its job, Shelanski says

Oct. 7 OIRA Chief Shelanski tells House Panel that Retrospective Review of Regulations is Informed by Executive Orders

Oct. 4 When Nudge Comes to Shove

Oct. 3 EPA Study Could Be Used To Expand Reach of Law Over Waters

Oct. 2 Will EPA rewrite Midwest runoff regs?

Oct. 1 48 Ways a Government Shutdown Will Screw You Over

Sept. 30 FCC Releases Prison Phone Call Rules, Company Vows To File Lawsuit

Sept. 27 Hold the Phone: FDA to Regulate Smartphone Health Apps?

Sept. 26 Government shutdown would likely roil FDA’s drug-approval process

Sept. 25 Business group cries foul over EPA water rule

Sept. 24 The Socratic Method: Cass Sunstein

Sept. 23 TSCA and the Proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Sept. 20 Executive Branch Review of Federal Regulations — Still Highly Incomplete

Sept. 19 EPA, Corps Send Proposed Rule to OMB To Clarify Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

Sept. 18 Lawmakers, hospitals press OMB on unique identifier rule

Sept. 17 The Federal CIO Council Gets Reorganized

Sept. 16 Costs, Benefits, and the Non-Political Nature of OIRA Review

Sept. 13 “OMB is the reviewer that keeps us honest,”

Sept. 12 OIRA and the Public

Sept. 11 HHS Sends Plan To Amend HIPAA To Bolster Gun Database to OMB

Sept. 10 EPA Quietly Withdraws Two Proposed Chemical Safety Rules

Sept. 9 “doubling OIRA’s…budget sounds like a bargain”

Sept. 5 Retrospective Review of Risk-Based Regulations

Sept. 4 GAO: New USDA poultry inspection procedures are based on bad data

Sept. 3 What’s government doing for you today?

Aug. 30 NRECA to OMB: Fuel Diversity is Key

Aug. 29 A Microeconomic Look at Regulatory Overkill

Aug. 28 Social Media in Rulemaking

Aug. 27 Recommendations for Improving Informal Rulemaking

Aug. 26 OSHA Proposes Lower PEL for Crystalline Silica

Aug. 23 Public Comment on FDA’s Human Consumption Standards NPRM

Aug. 22 FDA Orders Environmental Impact Statement on FSMA’s Produce Rule

Aug 21 Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Tool for Good Governance in Financial Regulation

Aug. 20 Regulation nation: Obama expands the regulatory state

Aug. 19 How food suppliers are pushing back on safety regs

Aug. 16 Have your say on the Draft Deregulation Bill (U.K.)

Aug. 15 A Framework for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Digital Privacy Debates

Aug. 14 Cass Sunstein and the power of ‘nudge’

Aug. 13 Regulatory Lookback Eliminates Major Paperwork Burden

Aug. 12 Chafee Announces Release of the Regulatory Look Back Report

Aug. 9 New DOL Head Renews Push For Contractor Regs

Aug. 8 Former FDIC Head Offers Prescriptions for Fixing Wall Street

Aug. 7 Agencies May Differ from their Expert Scientific Panels

Aug. 6 Proposal to give Congress more oversight of EPA regulations

Aug. 5 OMB’s evidence memo deserves praise

Aug. 2 GAO Calls for Executive Branch Guidance on Regulatory Coordination to Include Independent Agencies

Aug. 1 Department of Education: Excellence in Data Collection Leadership

July 31 Information Sought on how EU trade restrictions effect exports by US SMEs

July 30 Regulatory lookback gaining traction, says new OIRA head

July 29 RegBlog Announces 2013-14 Editorial Board

July 26 Sequestration, Furloughs Slow Down Review of Federal Regs

July 25 Nanotechnology Regulation – EPA Developing Rule to Regulate All New Uses of Engineered Nanoscale Materials

July 24 IPAA, WEA release federal onshore frac regulation cost estimates

July 23 Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions Released

July 22 FDA Plans To Publish Vender Calorie Label Regulation In September

July 19 Carbon-Cost Change Seen by Republicans as Adding to U.S. Prices

July 18 How Well Do Federal Agencies Use Regulatory Impact Analysis?

July 17 Watch him pull a USDA-mandated rabbit disaster plan out of his hat

July 16 House Republicans ready attack on Obama’s ‘social cost of carbon’

July 15 OSHA’s current regulatory priorities

July 12 Regulations conflict

July 11 Howard Shelanski sworn in as new regulations chief

July 10 A Flexible Approach to Cybersecurity Regulation

July 9 The National Rasin Reserve

July 8 California Overtime and Home Healthcare Workers

July 5 FDA plans to revise drug labeling regulations by September

July 3 On the Importance of Enforcing the PRA

July 2 How will OMB treat EPA’s new power plant carbon pollution rule?

July 1 So Did Nudging Work?

June 28 Improving Regulatory Inpact Analysis Through Process Reform

June 27 Eliminating Unnecessary and Costly Red Tape Through Smarter Regulations

June 26 GAO Recommends Reduced Reporting by Cable Industry

June 25 Advisory group recommends cost/benefit analysis for CPSC regulations

June 24 Stakeholders brace for White House move on power plant emissions

June 21 Obama Readying Emissions Limits on Power Plants

June 20 White House officials at meeting on harmonizing Canada-U.S. trade regulations

June 19 “it is career bureaucrats who know, better than anyone else, what works”

June 18 White House, EPA at odds over savings produced by emissions regulations

June 17 Nixon Got It Right

June 14 Regulatory nominee warned about ‘burdensome’ rules

June 13 A regulations czar to please everyone

June 12 Precautionary Principle Panel Discussion

June 11 Is fracking regulation a federal issue?

June 10 Moving Forward with Regulatory Lookback

June 6 The Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis

June 5 The Truth-O-Meter Says:

June 4 The Anti-Precautionary Principle

June 3 The Biggest Supreme Court Ruling You Haven’t Heard Of

May 31 Economic Impact of Expected Ozone Regulations Cause Concern

May 30 Write your own news story

May 29 Regulation University: The Employment Costs of Regulation

May 28 The rise of the fourth branch of government

May 24 One of OIRA’s most important missions….”

May 23 Rules of Engagement

May 22 Standards for the Growing, Harvesting, Packing, and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption

May 21 Progressives bang drums for ‘course correction’ at White House reg office

May 20 The EPA’s Implausible Return on its Fine Particulate Standard

May 17 Regulation Is Also Cause Of Economy’s Slow Snap Back From Recession

May 16 Businesses fear being blindsided by regs

May 15 Policy Integrity’s Livermore discusses OMB study on costs, benefits of EPA regulations

May 14 Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Spreads to Developing World

May 13 Congress Considers Limits on “Sue and Settle” Lawsuits

May 10 OIRA Directed to Work on Developing White House Open Data Policy

May 9 Cell Phone Services Show Broken Buying System

May 8 Clearing the Air: EPA Benefits Outweigh Costs: Op-Ed

May 7 Regulatory agency employees dodge sequester furloughs

May 6 Printers to Obama: Please regulate our cleaning rags

May 3 Red Tape Rising: Regulation in Obama’s First Term

May 2 EPA Gets Additional 30 Days to Propose Revisions to Animal Feedlot Regulations

May 1 Who Is Running OIRA?

Apr. 29 Obama’s Nominee for OIRA Director

Apr. 26 FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft System Test Site Program

Apr. 25 Deadline, delays loom over ObamaCare rule

Apr. 24 Costs of New Regulations issued in 2012 Dwarf those of Previous Years

Apr. 23 Agencies don’t report cross-agency GPRA goals, but OMB doesn’t explicitly require them

Apr. 22 Lessons From France

Apr. 19 President Obama’s Budget Sets Regulatory Priorities Too

Apr. 18 SEC Guidance on Social Media and Business Disclosures Stirs Controversy

Apr. 17 White House finalizes national ocean policy

Apr. 16 The CFPB’s Consumer Complaint Database and the Data Quality Act

Apr. 15 Substance or Politics: What Dictates Obama’s Regulatory Agenda?

Apr. 12 The Federal Reserve’s Expanding Regulatory Umbrella

Apr. 11 SBA Study of the Cost of Federal Regulation

Apr. 10 Cass Sunstein on what law professors don’t get about government

Apr. 9 Rule implementing U.S. sugar purchases under OMB review

Apr. 8 Measuring What Matters: Reducing Risk by Rethinking

Apr. 5 OMB makes cuts to FSMA regulatory package

Apr. 4 Study: BLM Rule Will Drive Up Energy Costs

Apr. 3 Who Will Run the EPA?

Apr. 2 Regulatory Moneyball

Apr. 1 Outdated Laws Drive Stupid Government Spending

Mar. 29 Obama administration moves ahead with sweeping rules requiring cleaner gasoline

Mar. 28 Incentives to Industry for Adopting Improved Cybersecurity Practices

Mar. 27 Active Choosing versus Default Rules

Mar. 26 President Obama Drops by a Meeting with Small Business Leaders

Mar. 25 Smarting Up EU Risk Management: The Needed Step Forward

Mar. 22 OMB Hears From Industry on Silica Rule In First Stakeholder Meeting in 19 Months

Mar. 21 The White House’s Enforcer: The Office of Management & Budget

Mar. 20 The Employment Costs of Regulation

Mar. 19 Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change

Mar. 18 OIRA Does Their Job

Mar. 15 Career official takes over as Obama’s acting regulatory czar

Mar. 14 Making Decisions without All the Answers

Mar. 13 GAO Calls on Agencies to Respond to All Comments

Mar. 12 What’s Next for Cybersecurity After White House Order?

Mar. 11 U.S. unlikely to comply with WTO COOL ruling by deadline

Mar. 8 Groups urge White House to reconsider ‘borderline discriminatory’ healthcare rule

Mar. 7 U.S.-EU High Level Regulatory Cooperation Forum – Stakeholder Session

Mar. 6 Regulation, Jobs, and America’s Global Competitiveness

Mar. 5 An OIRA Administrator — Not A Rubber Stamp

Mar. 4 Johnson, Issa, Goodlatte: Public should have input, answers on regulations

Feb. 25 Meet Cass Sunstein – Obama’s superego

Feb. 22 Groups flock to White House to talk ‘fracking’ rules

Feb. 21 Will OMB Make the Right Decision on Menu Labeling?

Feb. 20 Sunstein a University Professor

Feb. 19 USDA submits COOL rule to OMB

Feb. 18 Towards a More Balanced European Telecom Policy

Feb. 15 OMB Continues To Do Its Job

Feb. 14 What the Unified Agenda Tells Us about Notice and Comment Rulemaking

Feb. 13 Cybersecurity Regulation through Executive Order (Regulation 1)

Feb. 12 FCC Confirms Recently Modified International Reporting Requirements Will Not Be in Effect for 2013

Feb. 11 Obama Poised to Skirt Congress to Seal Legacy in New Term Agenda

Feb. 8 Review of the History of Federal Financial Reporting

Feb. 7 Obamacare red tape burden: 127,602,371 hours yearly

Feb. 6 OSHA Plans to Publish Proposed Silica Regulation in 2013

Feb. 5 The Lilliputians of Environmental Regulation

Feb. 4 Obama’s climate team appears primed for action

Feb. 1 Six things you should know about the costs of federal regulation

Jan. 31 SBA office worked to block federal regulations on businesses

Jan. 30 Lobbyists air concerns about doctor gift-disclosure rule at White House

Jan. 29 How Much Does Federal Paperwork And Tax Compliance Cost?

Jan. 28 Bill Gates: My Plan to Fix The World’s Biggest Problems

Jan. 25 Exempting Climate Mitigation from OIRA Review

Jan. 24 Vitter: Administration Evading Regulation Transparency Obligation

Jan. 23 Is the Rulemaking Process Really a Quagmire?

Jan. 22 Regulations on individual mandate expected soon

Jan. 21 Clean Air Act Litigation to Stay Hot in 2013

Jan. 18 When the “B” in OMB was BOB: A Preoccupation with Accurate Information

Jan. 17 The Uneven Regulatory Burden

Jan. 16 AARP, AFL-CIO urge OMB to issue Sunshine Act rules

Jan. 15 The Rocky Regulatory Road: Preparing for Obama’s Second Term and Executive Branch Policymaking

Jan. 14 The Costs and Benefits of Regulatory Cost-Benefit Analysis

Jan. 11 Michaels Says Wide Range of Enforcement Tools Are Needed for Different Workplaces

Jan. 10 White House to mandate machine-readable open data

Jan. 9 Watchdog group rebrands after 30 years

Jan, 8 Federal Regulation: The Costs of Benefits

Jan. 7 Department Of Labor Quietly Announces Impending Release Of New “Persuader Rules”

Jan. 4 ‘The Transformation of American Government’

Jan. 3 Timing of Unified Agenda release draws criticism from Issa

Jan. 2 Simpler: The Future of Government [Forthcoming]


Dec. 31 The Regulatory Blame Game

Dec. 28 2013 Healthcare Regulatory Outlook

Dec. 27 OMB report: ‘No regulatory tsunami’ on way

Dec. 26 OMB Does Its Job

Dec. 24 White House Reverses Itself, Lifts Political Block on FDA Approval of GM Salmon

Dec. 21 OMB approves functional affirmative action plan (FAAP) program

Dec. 20 Regulatory Delay in 2012

Dec. 19 GAO: “By not more closely following OMB’s guidance, other financial regulators continue to miss an opportunity to improve their analyses.”

Dec. 18 White House Releases Report On Border And Regulatory Cooperation With Canada

Dec. 17 EPA’s soot rule sign for second term?

Dec. 14 Obama Regulators Enjoying Second Term Flexibility

Dec. 13 Hydraulic fracturing regulation in President Obama’s second term

Dec. 12 There’s a regulatory cliff too

Dec. 11 OIRA Not Worried About Compliants From Right/Left/Middle Wing

Dec. 10 OMB announces sourcing savings

Dec. 7 NHTSA gets White House OK to mandate vehicle ‘black boxes’

Dec. 6 High Court puts spotlight on speed of rulemaking

Dec. 5 White House, EPA Issue Premature Logging Roads Final Rule

Dec. 4 Regressive Effects of Regulation

Dec. 3 The government’s role in spurring innovation

Nov. 30 Will The White House Change The Sunshine Rules?

Nov. 29 Regulation’s Impact on Jobs

Nov. 28 The Future of Long-Awaited Public Protections in Obama’s Second Term

Nov. 27 The Coming Perfect Storm of Regulation

Nov. 26 Accolades to the Census Bureau, OMB and BLS for Developing a Supplemental Measure of Poverty

Nov. 23 Focus on OIRA, Regulator of Regulatory Agencies, as Obama Prepares for Second Term

Nov. 22 Obama Administration: Food Safety Rules Coming ASAP

Nov. 21 Helping Small Contractors Get Paid Faster to Boost the U.S. Economy

Nov. 20 Congress Delays Requiring Cost-Benefit Analysis of Internet Regulation

Nov. 19 All Eyes on OIRA for Hints About Second Term

Nov. 16 Cass Sunstein to Discuss “Deciding by Default: Lessons From Behavioral Economics”

Nov. 15 Office of Advocacy Has a Strong Showing at Administrative Law Conference

Nov. 14 FISMA Failings: Could EPA’s IT Defense Deficiencies Silence the Agency?

Nov. 13 Americans Favor Regulations More Than Romney Bargained On

Nov. 12 How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business

Nov. 9 Regulating in the Dark: Examining Bush Midnight Regulations

Nov. 8 Obama 2.0 and Regulation: Looking Forward, Mindful of the Past

Nov. 7 Post-election flood of ‘Obamacare’ rules expected

Nov. 6 The Next President Is Sure to Break the Rules

Nov. 5 NASAA Letter Opposing the Independent Agency Regulatory Analysis Act

Nov. 2 Obama’s Regulatory Agenda: Calm Before the Superstorm

Nov. 1 Congressional Letter to OIRA: Unified Agenda, Report on Benefits and Costs of Regulation, Midnight Rules

Oct. 31 Outcome of presidential election will impact judicial review of vital federal regulations

Oct. 30 RAHN: The coming regulatory tsunami

Oct. 29 When is a Federal Agency not a Federal Agency?

Oct. 26 House Republicans blast OIRA over late regulations report

Oct. 25 Economic Analysis by Federal Financial Regulators

Oct. 24 CSIS Calls for Revisions to OMB Circular A-130

Oct. 23 Historical Perspective and Better Regulatory Governance: An Agenda for Institutional Reform

Oct. 22 EPA to Speed up Regulation after U.S. Election

Oct. 19 Enhancing Science and Policy for Chemical Risk Assessments

Oct. 18 Regulatory Review, Capture, and Agency Inaction by Michael A. Livermore & Richard L. Revesz

Oct. 17 Regulation should be more accountable

Oct. 16 BRT Letter to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and Office of Management and Budget

Oct. 15 Penn Conference Dissects the Impact of Regulation on Jobs

Oct. 12 Election Season Means It’s Time for Big Law to Raid Talent From the G

Oct. 11 Risk Assessment, Safety Assessment, and the Estimation of Regulatory Benefits

Oct. 10 Regulatory Stakes

Oct. 9 “Regulating the Regulators: A Conversation with Former OIRA Administrators” Public Talk

Oct. 8 A Regulatory Look Ahead: Slow Moving for OSHA

Oct. 5 Report Calls on OMB to Develop a Big Data Career Track for IT Managers and IT Leadership Academy

Oct. 4 Regulating outside the Rules

Oct. 3 New Report Examines the Regulatory Tsunami That Wasn’t

Oct. 2 Has the U.S. Regulatory System Broken Down?

Oct. 1 Whither the Regulatory Agenda(s)?

Sept. 28 GAO Releases Report on Status of E-Government Act

Sept. 27 ITIF Report Details 50 Policies to Improve U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness

Sept 26 NASA Accused of Violating the Data Quality Act

Sept. 25 Committee Leaders Request Meeting with Acting OMB Director

Sept. 24 Regulatory Auditing at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

Sept. 21 An Interesting Take on OIRA

Sept. 20 Keeping the Independent Agencies Independent

Sept. 19 Obama administration kick-starts regulatory reform, but more action needed

Sept. 17 U.S. SENATE: Collins regulatory bill sparks debate

Sept. 14 The Stunning Triumph of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Sept. 13 Eliminating Red Tape to Boost Trade & Economic Growth

Sept. 12 Food Safety Statute & Delay: Litigating Congressional Deadlines

Sept. 11 Lawmakers Push to Increase White House Oversight of Financial Regulators

Sept. 10 Delaware Office of Management and Budget’s Regulatory Review Activities

Sept. 7 Are Food Safety Rules Being Delayed Until After the Election?

Sept. 6 SEC Energy Rule: A Matter of National Security

Sept. 5 Regulating at Midnight

Sept. 4 On Cross-State Pollution, Migration

Aug. 31 The Phenomenon of Midnight Regulations

Aug. 30 Should we regulate the president’s regulators?

Aug. 29 Improving Regulatory Performance through Ex Post Evaluation

Aug. 28 Sunstein joins Bloomberg View, BGov board

Aug. 27 Excerpt from White House Press Briefing on August 23rd

Aug. 24 Improving How Agencies Collect Information

Aug. 23 Inside Midnight Regulations

Aug. 22 Oversight Leaders Ask OIRA to Reevaluate Pending Auto Rules Negotiated in Secret

Aug. 21 Replacing Cass Sunstein

Aug. 20 CRE Files Comments with OIRA on Future of CMS DME Program

Aug. 17 Continuity, Change, and Priorities: The Quality and Use of Regulatory Analysis Across U.S. Administrations

Aug. 16 New Publication – Regulation: A Primer

Aug. 15 Can the White House Trim U.S. Paperwork?

Aug. 14 The President’s Super-Regulators: What’s Next for OIRA?

Aug. 13 Regulatory Lookback Process is Ongoing

Aug. 10 OIRA Requires Data Form Testing

Aug. 9 Major changes to performance management in OMB budget guidance

Aug. 8 Resolution Urges US Agencies to Pursue Regulatory Cooperation with Foreign Counterparts

Aug. 7 A Regulatory Reformer Leaves His Mark

Aug. 6 Sunstein To Return to HLS from D.C.

Aug. 3 Energy Regulations: Protecting “Irrational” Consumers From Themselves?

Aug. 2 Remains Rich Source Of Government Data For Citizens

Aug. 1 Is Flexible Regulation an Oxymoron?

July 31 As The Election Nears, New Rules Are Facing Delays

July 30 White House slower to regulate as election approaches

July 27 House Passes Bill to Block Regulations Until Unemployment Drops

July 26 Time To Reform Unfunded Mandates

July 25 New Produce Regulations Won’t Be Final Until OMB Says So

July 24 Beware the Surge of Midnight Regulations

July 23 White House Acts on EPA Soot Proposal

July 20 OMB crowdsources regulatory reform

July 19 White House Asks: Got an Idea to Simplify Regulations?

July 18 Trans-Pacific Trade Delayed to 2013

July 17 Grassley Introduces Senate Legislation Targeting Environmental Consent Decrees

July 16 Unbalanced Retrospective Regulatory Review

July 13 President Obama’s administration slow-walks new rules

July 12 Executive Course: Federal Regulatory Policy, Process, and Analysis

July 11 Searching for a Regulatory “Tsunami” in Calm Seas

July 10 OMB tells CFOs to run SAVE Award ideas by broader audience

July 9 Inflating the regulatory state

July 6 Growth in Regulators’ Budget Slowed by Fiscal Stalemate

July 5 FSMA Rules Remain Under OMB Review

July 3 PPR Hosts Washington Workshop on Economic Impacts of Regulation

July 2 Airline Crash Deaths Too Few to Make New Safety Rules Pay

June 28 The Incredibly-Shrinking Regulatory Reviewer

June 27 OMB wants government to be easier to deal with

June 26 Chamber to OIRA: EPA Fracking Study is “Highly Influential”

June 25 Agencies told to trim paperwork

June 22 Cato Institute on OMB Transparency and the DATA Act

June 21 EPA wears the bull’s-eye

June 20 What is it Like to be a Regulatory Practitioner?

June 19 Working with Regulatory Agencies

June 18 DATA Act slammed for lacking transparency

June 15 OIRA Concludes EO 12866 Regulatory Review for Proposed Medicare Future Medicals Rule

June 14 Comment on OMB’s Draft 2012 Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations

June 13 Can We Employ Evidence in the Battle over Regulations?

June 12 New Tool Promises to Make Federal Regulations Easier to Find

June 11 Letter from CRE to BLM re: Agency Adherence to Transparency Guidelines

June 8 User Fee Bills Would End Unique Device Identifier Stalemate

June 7 SBA/Advocacy Letter to OIRA on Consensus Standards Activities

June 6 Don’t Let Big Government Choose Your News

June 5 “Lookback” Progress

June 4 Slashing red tape?

June 1 Workplace Safety and Randomized Controlled Trials: Another Weapon of Delay?

May 31 Valuing the Rear-view Camera Rule

May 30 Obama Pro-Business Regulation Push Reaps No Political Dividends

May 29 A New Measure of the Quality of Regulatory Analysis

May 25 Sunlight and Allies to Department of Labor: No Website Scrubbing

May 24 Agency Aims to Curb Rules by Lame-Duck Presidents

May 23 Pilot Rest Rule Exempting UPS, FedEx to Be Reconsidered

May 22 Boiler MACT Regs go to OMB for Review

May 21 Cass Sunstein Honored With 2012 Regulatory Innovation Award

May 18 FDA Aide Joins Industry to Push Stalled Food Regulations

May 17 Regulation in the Pulp and Paper Industry: Costs and Consequences

May 16 Project Update: Letter to OIRA on Interagency Coordination

May 15 Upcoming Event: Regulatory Lookback — An Independent Review of the EU’s Health and Safety Legislation

May 14 Recommendations to Promote Interagency Coordination

May 11 Cheers to the Commodity Future Trading Commission!

May 10 Obama Says Rule Rollbacks Will Save $6 Billion in 5 Years

May 9 Instruct Us Again on the Immigration Rules

May 8 Cass Sunstein, head of OIRA, explains gains achieved through cost-benefit analysis of regulation

May 7 Letter to ACUS: Committee on Regulation—Comments on Proposed Recommendations for Review of Regulatory Analysis Requirements

May 4 Progressive Groups Vent on Executive Order

May 3 OMB’s Prudence in Regulatory Review

May 2 Reducing Red Tape: Regulatory Reform Goes International

May 1 The White House vs. Red Tape

April 30 Final Rule Data Explained

April 27 Comparison of Final Rules with Monetized Benefits and Costs

April 26 Opportunity to Reform Existing PTO Regulations and Ease Patent Application Paperwork Burden

April 25 EPA Avoids Regulatory Duplication

April 24 A Call for Haste in Rulemakings

April 23 OMB Extends Review of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cyber Security/Information Assurance (CS/IA) Activity Rule

April 20 Senate Hearings, GAO and the Length of OSHA Rulemakings

April 19 The threat of substandard drugs

April 18 Professor Steinzor on Abolishing Centralized Regulatory Review

April 17 Readout of Meeting on Interagency Working Group to Support Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Natural Gas

April 16 Cass Sunstein on new directions in regulatory policy

April 13 Rulemaking ‘bottleneck’ is agency that enviros love to hate

April 12 Gas industry presses White House on ‘fracking’ rules

April 11 Chamber Urges OMB to Require EEOC To Open Process on Background Checks

April 10 Celebrating the Release of Open Government Plans 2.0

April 9 The Indispensable Role of Centralized Regulatory Review and Cost-Benefit Analysis

April 6 The Economics of EPA Regs — Do they help or hurt job formation?

April 5 In cutting red tape, White House czar wields a scalpel

April 4 Environmental Rules: Job Killers or Job Creators?

April 3 Regulations Govern Our Lives – Then Send Us The Bill

April 2 Subjecting Cost-Benefit Analyses to the DQA

Mar 30 Healthcare Law Highlights Problems With Regulatory Process

Mar 29 OMB Information Request: Federal Participation in Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities

Mar 28 OCR: HIPAA mega rule in its ‘last clearance lap’

Mar 27 A Discussion of Whether Regulation Actually Creates Jobs

Mar 26 EPA urged to assess regulation impacts on small business

Mar 24 A Number of Congressional Mandates Require OMB Review of CFTC Regulations

Mar 23 Chicago Tribune OpEd by OIRA Administrator Sunstein

Mar 22 Centralized Regulatory Review in the UK and US: Which One Has the Greatest Compliance Rate?

Mar 21 Smarter Regulation: Reducing Cumulative Burdens

Mar 20 When Will Obama Issue Greenhouse-Gas Rules?

Mar 19 House Judiciary Committee Hearing on OIRA

Mar 16 EPA rule will cost jobs

Mar 15 Obama’s Second Term To-Do List Positioned to Out-Regulate Bush

Mar 14 Red Tape Rising: Obama-Era Regulation at the Three-Year Mark

Mar 13 Let the Sunshine In

Mar 12 Professor Steinzor and the Abolition of Centralized Regulatory Review

Mar 9 Environmental Regulation Should Not Distort Competition

Mar 8 CCMR Warns That Inadequate Cost-Benefit Analysis Opens Dodd-Frank Rulemaking to Challenge and Delay

Mar 7 Activists Urge EPA To Reject Data Challenge Over Drilling GHG Estimates

Mar 6 Portman Commends EPA Decision to Scrutinize Controversial Report on Fracking

Mar 5 Obama Punt on Cameras Robs GOP of Issue

Mar 2 NGOs Write OIRA, Support Review of TSCA CBI Protections

Mar 1 Who Regulates the Regulators?

Feb 29 Cyber Legislation Will Cost Businesses and Hurt Economy

Feb 28 Consumer Privacy Bill of Responsibilities

Feb 27 CFTC member requests review of Dodd-Frank derivatives rule

Feb 25 ACUS Considers Changes to the PRA

Feb 24 House Members Predict ‘Devastating Impact’ On Jobs, Economy From Power Plant Rule

Feb 23 Remaking Public Participation

Feb 22 Regulatory Alternatives: Best and Worst Practices

Feb 21 OMB’s International Cooperation on Regulatory Analysis

Feb 20 Of Sunstein and sunsets

Feb 17 White House reviewing federal frac proposals

Feb 16 Panelists see informed regs as key to unconventional production

Feb 15 Cyberwar Is the New Yellowcake, Fueling a Cybersecurity-Industrial Complex

Feb 14 President’s Budget Declares War on Medicaid Recipients

Feb 13 Obama Rulemaker: $25B Outweighed by Benefits

Feb 10 EPA Chemical List Under OMB Review

Feb 9 Regulatory Agencies Continue to Slow the Economy

Feb 8 FDA Medical Device Tracking Plan Under OMB Review

Feb 7 Senators Call on OIRA to Ensure DQA Compliance for EPA Facking Report

Feb 6 Bakers Write OIRA in Opposition to Added Sugars Declaration

Feb 3 Call for OIRA Review of SEC Rule

Feb 2 OIRA Review of Silica Rule

Feb 1 White House: Tech standards are (mostly) industry’s job

Jan 31 Playing Politics Leads to Regulatory Failure

Jan 30 The Stakes in the Fracking Debate

Jan 27 Electronic Health Records on HHS’ New Regulatory Agenda

Jan 26 OIRA Review of Silica Regulations

Jan 25 OIRA Participation in Reviewing Requests for Reconsideration

Jan 24 OIRA Reaffirms Federal Engagement in Voluntary Standards Activities

Jan 23 Turning Reports into Results: Leveraging the Jobs Council Roadmap to Improve Federal Regulations

Jan 20 OIRA’s Hand-On Approach to Food Safety Regulation

Jan 19 House investigates ‘F’ grades of Obamacare rules

Jan 18 FCC Regulation of the National Football League

Jan 17 Chemical Safety Board Requests OIRA Intervention

Jan 16 In Memoriam: Roy L. Ash

Jan 13 The Need for OIRA Review of Independent Agency Regulations

Jan 12 The New Republic on OIRA

Jan 11 FCC Proposal Would Increase Scrutiny of Third Parties

Jan 10 Cass Sunstein Interview: Untangling Regulatory Language

Jan 9 Regulatory Analysis and the Affordable Care Act’s Interim Final Rules

Jan 8 Liberal reg reform group snags new director

Jan 5 As EPA Rules Take Center Stage, OIRA Faces Competing Calls For Reform

Jan 5 Why Does CPR Want to Restrict NRDC’s Access to OIRA?

Jan 4 The Role of Regulation in Preventing Obesity

Jan 3 Presidential Accountability in Rulemaking

Jan 2 White House regulatory czar fails to publish rulemaking


Dec 30 Randolph May on independent agencies

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