Providing the Academy with a Portal to Centralized Regulatory Review Issues

CRE appreciates the many comments we have received on our position on the EPA Science Rule.

Our friends on  the “left”, who in large part agree with the CRE position, were dumbfounded and a number of our friends on the “right” were either perplexed  or if not disappointed.

We use this recognition of our work to encourage our readers to visit our Regulatory Pacesetters website at

We are not a commercial website; we have no daily or weekly quotas.  CRE only makes a post when we observe, from the eyes of a practitioner and during the course of our day job as a regulatory watchdog, an issue of emerging importance which we believe should be explored in detail by members of the academy.

Our oversight is not directed to the totality of  administrative law issues but instead primarily to a very limited subset, centralized regulatory review.

N.B.  All of our posts are interactive allowing others to comment on them.

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