Reigning-in the Independent Agencies

 A Call for a Radical New Communications Policy (Schiel & Denver Publishing)

Editor’s Note:  The time has  arrived  for a serious look at exerting Executive Branch control over the independent regulatory agencies. There are a number of  plans  for doing so,  some statutory based and some based upon the existing  authority of the President.  In order to build a constructive record we recommend that interested parties  submit comments in the form below or in the Discussion Forum to the right of this post.


OMB Urged to Seek Presidential Moratorium on New Rules

The following letter was submitted to OIRA by the Credit Union National Association

December 21, 2011

Mr. Cass R. Sunstein
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
The Office of Management and Budget
725 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20503

Dear Administrator Sunstein:

Fred Malek Papers

From the Library of Fred Malek: Deputy Director OMB

Benefit/Cost Analysis of Regulations Did Not Begin With Neither the Reagan Administration nor CWPS

 by  CRE

The use of cost-benefit analysis was initiated in the federal government by the Flood Control Act of 1936, which authorized navigation-improvement projects and flood-control projects on navigable waters within the United States only when the projects’ benefits exceeded their estimated costs. Costbenefit analysis soon became an established feature of water resources policy.


SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY: 3 years in, agency policies remain incomplete

Good article. Seems to imply that the Agencies fear OMB in developing Scientific Integrity plans. Why?

Recommendations for Improving OIRA

 by  CRE

 To date the majority of the pending regulatory reform legislation is directed toward process reform at the agencies with no attention to OIRA.

 Those interested in immediate regulatory relief necessary for job creation should focus on OIRA. The following are recommendation drawn from a recent article in the Administrative Law Review Join the discussion of this  important topic by posting your comment at the bottom of this article or in the section to the right. Anonymous posts are accepted, no registration required.

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