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Data Quality and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Editor’s  Note: What a pleasant way to begin the New Year by not allowing the concepts of judicial review and benefit-cost analysis, however significant, to  virtually overwhelm  all discussions of OIRA.

OIRA is the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. At  its founding some members of Congress would stomach the establishment of an office to oversee federal agency regulators which theretofore they believed to be solely under their jurisdiction  only on the condition that the new office would address the broad issue of “information”.  Please note “information” precedes “regulatory” in OIRA’s title.

Revisiting the Cost of Statistical Life

The value of a statistical life, a popular way to quantify the benefits of mortality risk  reduction in   cost-  benefit analysis, has fundamental and often overlooked flaws  that make many of its uses questionable. (James Broughel)

NB   See this 1969 Publication of the Department of Defense


The carbon skyscraper: A new way of picturing rapid, human-caused climate change

Reprint from the Washington Post

The following post is written by Peter Strauss, the son of Peter Strauss, one of the outstanding managers of the administrative state.

Speed kills.

That’s why firing bullets from a gun is more dangerous than tossing them by hand. Why skydivers use parachutes. Why roads have speed limits. And why it’s critical to understand how quickly human activity will drive the climate to change, compared with past rates. Will we cause gradual shifts that civilization and life on Earth can adapt to — or are we igniting a wildfire that can’t be outrun?

Four Managerial Changes That Could Increase OIRA’s Leverage

It is refreshing to see  an article dealing with either OIRA or administrative law that does not address judicial review or the methodologies of benefit-cost analysis, however significant. Attempts to have the political science profession make similar contributions to the management of OIRA have been singularly unsuccessful.