Increased Regulation of Non-Banks

Federal regulators have begun a campaign to increase regulation of non-banks claiming that they control “half the assets of the entire world financial system”. The aforementioned claims are supported by lengthy studies deserving of considerable attention.

CRE has been remiss in not addressing this issue and requests that our readers provide us with detailed analyses of  non-bank events detrimental to the US banking system.

Of particular interest is the level of service accorded to veterans by non-banks.


Jim Tozzi  

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Fourth Symposium on the Common Law Initiative


The CRE Website: An International Public Library on Centralized Regulatory Review

The entire CRE website is the result of constructing a digital library created from information collected over a period of six decades. It is an illumination of benefit-cost analysis and a history of the White House review of regulations at their infancy and during their defining years  as viewed from both their  supporters and opponents.

Combining benefit-cost analysis with the White House review of regulations gave birth to the concept of centralized regulatory review, an unparalleled and then  extremely controversial strengthening of the Unitary Executive. The papers herein, many of which are not available elsewhere, will provide a historical record of this significant event. Hopefully the aforementioned historical record when coupled with a comparable record of current events will provide a basis for the continued improvement of centralized regulatory review.

Third Symposium on the Common Law Initiative

Third Symposium 3

OSHA Should Regulate the NFL to Minimize Injuries to Players

Numerous articles spell out in detail the injuries suffered by professional football players. OSHA should regulate the NFL.

“There is no doubt that NFL players, protected by a labor union and parties to a collective bargaining agreement with the NFL, are employees, subject to OSHA’s regulatory jurisdiction.”

CRE’s calendar is filled at this time but hopefully we be able to address this matter as part of our Public Policy agenda.