OSHA Should Regulate the NFL to Minimize Injuries to Players

Numerous articles spell out in detail the injuries suffered by professional football players. OSHA should regulate the NFL.

“There is no doubt that NFL players, protected by a labor union and parties to a collective bargaining agreement with the NFL, are employees, subject to OSHA’s regulatory jurisdiction.”

CRE’s calendar is filled at this time but hopefully we be able to address this matter as part of our Public Policy agenda.

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The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) was established in 1996, after the passage of the Congressional Review Act, to provide Congress with independent analyses of agency regulations. From this initial organizing concept, CRE has grown into a nationally recognized clearinghouse for methods to improve the federal regulatory process.

The CRE has two paramount goals:

The Sunlight Foundation on the Need for Nonpartisanship

No one has followed the law’s history more closely than Tozzi and his organization, and he says he’s seen a dramatic increase in inquiries from nonprofit advocacy groups in recent years, to whom he gladly offers his advice. Tozzi may have made his business as an advocate for industry but he will cross ideological divides, like when he teamed up with progressive advocates a few years ago to push for medical marijuana nationwide. Asking himself, rhetorically, why NGOs would come to him, he says it’s because “I work with the right, and party with the left,” adding, “I used to be a jazz musician.”

CRE Statements on Income Distribution in Rulemaking

Where Has The Economic Profession Been For The Past Fifty Years On Measuring Income Distribution In Rulemaking?

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A Discussion Held at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (Video)

CRE Response to Media Inquires on School Shootings:

I was instrumental in establishing OIRA, the White House regulatory review office.

I have been asked repeatedly about my views on the issue of school shootings.. My view in a nutshell is that there are more  parents than police officers; they must be brought into the solution. Furthermore the strategy can be implemented at the state and local governmental level without any involvement of the Congress.

My views have been presented to police, school and parent groups with a resounding  thundering silence. Nonetheless legal personnel in Michigan appear to be on the path to hold parents accountable as are officials in a previous Texas shooting.