Two Different Views on the Preferred Background for The Administrator of OIRA

Editor’s Note: The views set forth below undoubtedly reflect the probable positions of the majority of the members who oversee the confirmation of the Administrator of OIRA. Notwithstanding the merits of the arguments presented therein we believe the social entrepreneurial skills of a nominee out rank all other considerations.  Recognizing that if one is to be successful in the regulatory space an individual must have a footing in an established discipline, how many of the game changing events that lead to the establishment of OIRA were dependent primarily on economic or legal skills? We are not convinced that the skills necessary to establish the most significant institutional feature of the regulatory state differ from those necessary to operate it on a sustainable basis.

One Set of Seven Gamechangers in the Regulatory State


Tozzi Resignation from OMB

Stockman Tozzi 2