This Month’s Political Science Paper and Management of the Administrative State


November 2020       Critical Reflections on Hamiltonian Perspectives on Rule‐Making and
Legislative Proposal Initiatives by the Chief Executive

October 2020            Should We Defend the Administrative State?

September 2020       Policy Durability, Agency Capacity, and Executive Unilateralism

August 2020             Policy Making in the Shadow of Executive Action

The Repository

             The Multidisciplinary Management of the Administrative State



Dr.Venkateshwarlu N           Jim Tozzi

Tatiana Neroni, J.D.

Upstanding Person

Richard Brooks

William Resh

James Broughel

                                             Topic Under Review

 Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law

The Benefits and Costs of Using Social Distancing to Flatten the Curve for COVID-19

Here is an economic study of the benefits and costs associated with social distancing published in the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. If the attached analysis were submitted to OIRA for review here is an instance where neither an in-depth knowledge of Chevron or government is a prerequisite for a substantive review.