CRE Statements on Income Distribution in Rulemaking

Where Has The Economic Profession Been For The Past Fifty Years On Measuring Income Distribution In Rulemaking?

Request to the Council of Economic Advisers Rouse

Social Welfare Functions

A Discussion Held at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (Video)

June 26, 2014  Reuters   Allow the Wonks to Have a Say on OMB Review of Regulations

March 25, 2021  A Response to the Presidential Executive Order on Modernizing Centralized Regulatory Review

March 17, 2021  An In-Process Recommendation to the Biden Administration

A Request to the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis to Restore an Informative Link on the OIRA Review Process

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OIRA Directives

                                  A Proposed Interactive Management Forum


Recommended Action 

  • Establish periodic meetings of ACUS members, Senior Fellows and Agency Representatives focused on providing responses to questions asked by federal members when they solicit advice on an issue which is not addressed in total or in part by existing ACUS publications.


“Technological Advances” and the Fertilization of Incompetence in the Management of the Administrative State

The proliferation of “technological advances” in the management of the administrative state is often hailed in an overly positive manner.  Far be it for a practitioner not to support the widespread use of, for example,  smartphones during the conduct of a regulatory proceeding and to oppose, in a number of instances, the proliferation of Zoom calls in lieu of face-to-face meetings. Consider the unrestricted use of smartphones during administrative hearings, devices that result in a constant interruption of thoughtful endeavors and the limitless use of Zoom calls which allow proponents of a particular position to escape any eye-to-eye contact with the opposition and  prevents an assessment of the sense of the audience.