CRE Public Policy Projects*

CRE invites the public to comment on the following public policy issues:

The Young Authors Forum

        Congressional Review of Judicial Decisions

A Log on CRE’s First Forum on Congressional Oversight of the Judiciary

A Log on CRE’s Second Forum on Congressional Oversight of the Judiciary

The Birth of a Legal Doctrine in the Administrative State

 Congressional Review of Judge-Made Law

Good Government Initiatives

OMB Issuance of Guidance Encouraging Judicial Review of Requests for Correction Made Pursuant to the Information Quality Act

Information Collection Budget and Regulatory Budget: “Illegitimate” Descendants of the Fiscal Budget

A Magna Carta for the Administrative State

NGO Use of the Data [Information] Quality Act

Section 1983 as Applied to Spending Clause Statutes is Entitled to The Highest Level of Stare decisis Protection 

School Shootings

Is it time for a political/social scientist to lead OIRA?


CRE  Critical Developments Reference Library

Google Scholar

OIRA Reference Library

The Common Law Initiative


A public policy project is a CRE undertaking which is not rule specific and one for which there is no sponsor.

Under assessment:

  • Implementation of a regulatory budget
  • Putting teeth into the Data Access Act

CRE’s  background and recognition by credentialed third parties.


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