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A Note to Our Readers
The homepage of the CRE website states it is an “Archive.” Its focus is on the development and implementation of centralized regulatory review dating back to the mid-sixties in the United States. The material presented therein is from those individuals who were responsible for implementing the said program. Therefore we have no objection to those who continue to download our site in part or in total. Vintage OIRA


CRE invites the public to comment on the following public policy issues including  Who Started OIRA ? (courtesy of Bing)


                                                  Maintenance of a Public Library

CRE Website


                                       Challenging the Major Questions Doctrine

Common Law Initiative


                                            Income Distribution in Rulemaking

CRE Publication


                                                         Federal Salaries

Senior Executive Service


                                                            School Safety

Parental Accountability


                                                        Public Health Initiatives

Medical Marijuana



                                                      Environmental Initiatives

Climate Change


                                                  Benefit-Cost Analysis Initiative

Public Access to Key Documents


                                                           Veterans Initiatives

Making Non-Banks Accountable to Veterans


          Increasing Federal Agency Participation in the Management of the Administrative State

 CRE Recommendations

  • OIRA Directives                                                 


                                                   Enhancement of  Enforcement

Hearing Aids


                                                         Workplace Safety

Physical Injuries to NFL Players


                                         Congressional Review of Judicial Decisions (1) (2) (3) (4)

The Birth of a Legal Doctrine in the Administrative State

 Congressional Review of Judge-Made Law

The Common Law Initiative


                                                           Good Government Initiatives

The Essential Good Government Library

Defense of OIRA

Equity Considerations in Rulemaking

OMB Issuance of Guidance Encouraging Judicial Review of Requests for Correction Made Pursuant to the Information Quality Act

Information Collection Budget and Regulatory Budget: “Illegitimate” Descendants of the Fiscal Budget

NGO Use of the Data [Information] Quality Act

Section 1983 as Applied to Spending Clause Statutes is Entitled to The Highest Level of Stare decisis Protection 

Is it time for a political/social scientist to lead OIRA?


The Essential Good Government Library

The Hall of Fame Library

OIRA Reference Library

Centralized Regulatory Review Library

CRE Critical Developments Library

A Library of Precedential Journal Articles Reference Library

Google Scholar

A Library of Selected Works Which Provide a Basis for the Retention of an Executive Order Based on a Retrospective Review of Executive Order 12291

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Initiatives: Under Assessment

Establishing the justiciability of the Data Quality (Information) Quality Act

Modifying OMB Circulars to correct their non- compliance with the Data Access Act 


* A public policy project is a CRE undertaking which is not rule specific and one for which there is no sponsor. CRE’s background and recognition by credentialed third parties.

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