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Recent Supreme Court Decisions Make It Virtually Impossible To Regulate Artificial Intelligence


Traditional Jazz and Administrative Law: Two Diminishing Institutions

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The Common Law Initiative: Challenging the Major Questions Doctrine

New Orleans Traditional Jazz Giants


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–  Supreme Court Delivers VICTORY for the ADMINISTRATIVE STATE With Surprise 7–2 Ruling

 – In the ongoing budget negotiations, what is the Biden Administration doing to obtain a personnel  increase for OIRA?

Public Comments

Re: OIRA Libraries

No, the substance of the CRE website is not limited to the  one line statements in the center column of the homepage. Please visit instead Regulatory Dialogue and Legacy Sites. Even the totality of  the aforementioned information sources is dwarfed by using the Global Search Engine for the CRE website.

Re: New Orleans Jazz Greats

We agree that Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt are great   traditional jazz musicians from New Orleans but their emphasis is on traditional jazz not New Orleans jazz.

Re: The Common Law Initiative: Challenging the Major Questions Doctrine

Yes, the Administrative Law bar has written pathbreaking analyses of the subject; however they are long on diagnosis but short on treatment.


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