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Leading Journal Articles

The OIRA Hall of Fame Library

The Essential Good Government Library

Promotion of OIRA Teaching Modules

Regulatory Dialogue

CRE Legacy Library

OIRA Watch

CRE Homepage

Welfare Functions

OMB Papers and Analysis

Regulatory Action of the Week

CRE Homepage Chronology:  1999 – Present

50th Anniversary of Centralized Regulatory Review

A Half Century of Centralized  Regulatory Review

OIRA Teaching Module

Regulatory Pacesetters

Seven Game Changers

Syllabus for OIRA


The Origin of Applying Benefit-Cost Analysis to Regulations

Three Academic Disciplines Basic to Centralized Regulatory Review

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Social Entrepreneurs

What is OIRA

Research Questions and References

OIRA Teaching Module: Published Research

Regulatory Transactions

Federal Administrative Process


Data Quality Act

National Archives on Centralized Regulatory Review

Quality of Life Review

A Student Primer on the Federal Regulatory Process

 802 Copies of the CRE Website Between October 2, 1999 and May 12, 2019

A Library of Selected Works Which Provide a Basis for the Retention of an Executive Order Based on a Retrospective Review of Executive Order 12291



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