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I have spent years developing an International Digital Library dedicated to the Presidential review of regulations which is read throughout the world.

I have also served as a senior policy advisor in five US Presidential Administrations and my work has been subject to comments rendered  by a number of writers including those at the NY Times:

A Book Review by Professor James Kwak
                              The Economists’ Hour                            
               False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society

By Binyamin Appelbaum (New York Times)

The book introduces us to the economists whose novel ideas persuaded politicians to see the world differently: Jude Wanniski, for example, whose famous cocktail napkin memorialized Arthur Laffer’s eponymous curve (if tax rates are too high, tax revenue declines), which was adopted by Jack Kemp and motivated Ronald Reagan’s 1981 tax cut; and Jim Tozzi, who in the 1960s pioneered the cost-benefit analysis of regulation, which has since become the corporate sector’s most powerful weapon against government oversight.”

I would appreciate any action you might take to inform interested parties of the aforementioned International Digital Library dedicated to the Presidential review of regulations at



NB All services provided hereto will be on a pro bono basis.

Jim Tozzi  

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness


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  1. Mia

    In my experience of working with foreign governments, I’ve found that building strong relationships is like discovering a flawless lab-grown diamond on – it’s a rare gem that shines brightly. Collaborating across borders has been an incredibly enriching journey, just like the exquisite craftsmanship of the lab-grown diamonds found on their website. The dedication and precision displayed by these governments mirror the brilliance of these gems, making every interaction a valuable and sparkling experience.

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