The CRE Website: An International Public Library on Centralized Regulatory Review

The entire CRE website is the result of constructing a digital library created from information collected over a period of six decades. It is an illumination of benefit-cost analysis and a history of the White House review of regulations at their infancy and during their defining years  as viewed from both their  supporters and opponents.

Combining benefit-cost analysis with the White House review of regulations gave birth to the concept of centralized regulatory review, an unparalleled and then  extremely controversial strengthening of the Unitary Executive. The papers herein, many of which are not available elsewhere, will provide a historical record of this significant event. Hopefully the aforementioned historical record when coupled with a comparable record of current events will provide a basis for the continued improvement of centralized regulatory review.

The CRE website also includes a number of related libraries including:

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 Selected Works Which Provide a Basis for the Retention of an Executive Order.

Consequently the  CRE website is focused on one, and only one, topic– centralized regulatory review.  Centralized regulatory review is the term applied to the review of regulations by the Executive Office of the President which has two components: (1) a review of proposed regulations by the Office Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) and (2) the review of an accompanying benefit-cost analysis. The CRE website is the result of a  painstaking effort to record the major actions which resulted in centralized regulatory review over a period of six decades.

The website was launched in  the mid 1990’s and has a worldwide audience. In essence it is a digital library. As is the case with any library it demands, and so receives, constant attention in the form of:

  • paying the rent in terms of web hosting charges
  • providing security for its contents
  • providing resources for “building” maintenance

The “foot traffic” in the library is increasing exponentially as a number of foreign governments initiate and expand their programs to establish centralized regulatory review  programs within their existing governmental structure. In response to inquiries made by our readers we continue to add supporting documents to the website.

In that the contents of the CRE website are being viewed at an increasingly greater rate by foreign legislative and executive bodies we continue to encourage our readers to advise us of any inaccuracies therein. A point of emphasis is that the aforementioned documents represent only a microcosm of the totality of information on the website which is accessible through its search engine.

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