A Request for Assistance from the Academy

I spent five decades developing and implementing a process which allows the President to police the activities of the regulators; I have just released a strategy which is an easy and effective process for policing the activities of the Supreme Court.

Please see the Common Law Initiative at https://www.thecre.com/forum8/?p=7806 Presently the Common Law Initiative  is being reviewed by policy officials in the Congress and  Executive Branch agencies. I applaud the work of the Academy to explore the many dimensions of the Major Questions Doctrine with  a focus on pedagogical concerns but I am writing you to ask the academy consider an expanded role in the resolution of this very significant policy issue.

 In that my primary interest is having the future of MQD determined not by appointed officials but instead by elected officials; the accomplishment of this objective requires direct confrontation with a number of very influential individuals and organizations. Therefore consideration should be given to having those members of the Academy who share the aforementioned objective  expand their horizon from not only optimizing  law school curricula but also  to include arming practitioners with informed arguments to promote the Common  Law Initiative.

 Jim Tozzi  

 Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

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