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The Exchange is a forum for the exchange of ideas regarding the implementation of  the Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law [interactive] and The Common Law Initiative.


Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

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  1. Jim Tozzi

    At the request of our readership we are making this site available for those participating in the following online presentation:
    Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law.

    The Repository

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    This forum is for interested parties to exchange ideas. The following are only a few of the questions that have arisen from CRE’s contact with its readers. We do not pretend to have definitive answers to each and every question asked by our readers; that said, we encourage responses from other readers because they could provide a basis for a refinement of our strategy. To this end, we do not consider this undertaking to be a CRE project; our job was to initiate the discussion and then serve as an enabler.

    1. What is the next step on this project?
    2. Why did CRE choose ACUS in lieu of OIRA?
    3. CRE made it clear that its paramount objective is to initiate a truly multidisciplinary approach to the establishment of public policy; does this objective also include a multinational approach?

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