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                                             Topic Under Review

 Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law

                                 A Library of  Relevant Research

Scalia            Common Law and the Courts

Mashaw        Rethinking Judicial Review of Administrative Action

Thayer          The Origin and Scope of the American Doctrine of Constitutional Law 

Strauss         Collective Works on  the Courts and the Congress

Shane           Federal Policy Making by Consent Decree


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The Common Law Initiative

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness 


The Invitation for Public Involvement
A Note to Our Congressional Readership

Unlike some discipline specific symposia sponsored by particular professions, this discussion forum is not focused on the views of a homogenous population; instead its population base consists of a cohort of multidisciplinary individuals residing in different countries throughout the world which reflects a wide range of cultural priorities. The aforementioned observation is highlighted because we are fully aware of  both the fact  that more than one third of the House and more than half the Senate have law degrees (CRS) and of the unique consideration that members  might accord to a multidisciplinary record if they participate in the  Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness


Public Comments on Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law

The comments contained herein will be augmented continuously and they are drawn from this website. We welcome comments from our readership  on the issues presented herein as well as their views on the additional content that can be added to this page. Alternatively comments may be submitted from this page and viewed on this page as noted below.

In that the topics under discussion have been festering for a number of decades and since we expect there to be a continued increase in the interest accorded to these topics by individuals in the legal, economic and related  public policy sectors, we are devoting this website to the multi-year memorialization of the resulting comments rendered by established scholars in their respective fields. To this end, in the not too distant past the Journal  for Benefit-Cost Analysis sponsored a multidisciplinary review of a pending policy issue which might serve as a guide to those preparing comments for this proceeding.

Initially the comments  herein  are to be directed toward the Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law.

Those wishing to comment on this proceeding should use the mechanism contained on this page or in the alternative on this page so presented below.

Quotation of the Day

 ACUS should be leading the effort to make many functions of government informed by multiple disciplines.(Resh)

Question of the Day

Please provide an example of a judge-made law that affects us.

Answer: Chevron Deference, whereby  the court gives deference  to the views of federal agencies in rulemaking.

An Open Invitation to Published Scholars

Re: The Multidisciplinary Management of the Administrative State

The purpose of this communique is to invite you to share your thoughts on how we might expand the modus operandi for the management of the administrative state from one that is based primarily on legal analyses to one that is based on multidisciplinary analyses.

All comments we receive are being made available for continuous viewing by the public by posting them on a new website

I have devoted the majority of my 50+ year career to improving the regulatory process, including my work in establishing the regulatory review office, OIRA, in the White House Office of Management and Budget which focuses on the Presidential review of regulations.

It is time to establish a complementary process for the Congressional review of judge-made laws using a multidisciplinary review team as set forth in “The Congressional Review of Judge-Made Common Law” at

We are contacting you because of our review of one or more of your publications. To this end we would appreciate your posting your views on the aforementioned process for reviewing judge-made laws by posting your views on this page

Additional background information is available at


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