A Letter from a Concerned Citizen Re: Kratom

Editor’s Note:  Informed comments from concerned citizens have an impact on regulators.

 From:  James

I am an excellent teacher with a master’s degree in education, two beautiful sons, a loving wife, a great house in suburbia. I never miss a day of work because my students need me and I love my job.

I am not a “hippy” or a “druggy” or some head-shop Deadhead. I pay taxes, I take care of the people I love and even those I don’t particularly like, but I do it all with energy and a smile because my life is good. I thank God for all of this when I go to church with my family on Sunday. I love the arts and theatre. I donate money to several charities fighting cancer. I volunteer when I can. I help coach my sons’ sports teams (their seemingly endless sports teams!)

In addition, every morning after I shower, I mix about a half teaspoon of kratom leaf into some boiling water, stir in some honey, and grab the paper for about 20 minutes before work. This does not “cure” me of anything, but it sure does help my back stop screaming at me. I stand all day teaching children just like yours. I give them everything I have, despite the back spasms that have haunted me for nearly 20 years. I’ve had pills from doctors, MRI’s, more pills from doctors. And I’m done with that. Kratom works for me. Keep your pills.

I have been using this amazing leaf for almost 8 years now. Eight years … Never more than a half teaspoon in the morning, one more at night. Never need more. Never crave it. Never rob convenience stores to get it. Never am found passed out in a car with my child in the back seat while I require emergency resucitation because of a needle stuck in my arm that had some kind of elephant tranqulizer in it.

And guess what? I am healthy. I run three miles three days per week. I work out. I look damn good. Ask my wife. 🙂 In fact, I challenge anyone in the D.C. offices of the DEA to a pushup match, because I will win. You have to stay fit to keep up with kids, any good teacher and father will tell you this.

Kratom has made all of this possible. It has saved my life. Period. End of story.

If we are so obsessed with cherry-picking shady anecdotal evidence to try to demonize a natural herb, we better damn well listen to the thousands upon thousands of kratom success stories being shared all over the world right now. It is real. Banning it is not only ridiculous and rash, it is cruel. So many veterans, moms, dads … grandmas, grandpas … good people all. And we are going to make them all felons.

To what end, I ask you? What exactly will this accomplish? The dangerous drugs you are fighting in your highly,-funded drug war are the very drugs kratom helps people avoid. Doesn’t anyone see this? Will ANYONE in Congress step up? All I hear are crickets and the fear of innocent good people being immorally turned into felons at the whim of a bloated bureaucracy.

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