The American Political Science Association Call for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Problems: All Hat No Cattle?

Editor’s Note: Subsequent to the following post ASPA advised CRE of measures CRE could take to increase an interdisciplinary approach to problems; CRE appreciates the initiative taken by ASPA.

The American Political Science Association (ASPA) issued an exemplary report on the need for an interdisciplinary approach to problems. Much to its credit, the National Science Foundation sponsored the report. The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness (CRE) has been a stalwart in supporting NSF funding of political science studies in the darkest of times; see page thirty two of this post.

CRE is very supportive of ASPA’s initiative to support an interdisciplinary approach to problems. To this end CRE has been steadfast in promoting the talents of political scientists in a number of fora. CRE is ready and willing to continue to promote the interdisciplinary initiatives of the ASPA If its leadership, and/or members, as requested by CRE on numerous occasions, provides CRE with the relevant information, in particular its possible interest in educating political scientists of a knowledge of the federal administrative process, including centralized regulatory review.



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