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 Centralized  Regulatory Review was in existence 22 years before the signing of  Executive Order 12866

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 Subsequent to the aforementioned Procedures post, the President issued Executive Order: Modernizing Regulatory Review  which states that OMB working with the agencies should:

consider ways that OIRA can play a more proactive role in partnering with agencies to explore, promote, and undertake regulatory initiatives that are likely to yield significant benefits

propose procedures that take into account the distributional consequences of regulations

identify ways to modernize and improve the regulatory review process, including through revisions to OMB’s Circular A-4, Regulatory Analysis

 NB  This website  focuses solely on procedural changes initiated by the Biden Administration not the merits of its individual regulations; if you will, a living archive of an extremely limited number of publications with the exception of those periodically posted on  Team Biden: OIRA Critiques.


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