Michael Uhlmann

Professor Michael Uhlmann passed this past October in the year of 2019. Michael was a person of deep intelligence and with a unique pedigree which he never flaunted. There have been any number of excellent tributes written about Michael. Consequently the Editor thought he would wait six months until he reproduced the one that he thought most accurately captured his experience with Michael. The tribute was written by Susannah Patton  and George Marlin.

Notable quotes include:

When the House of Representatives passed legislation in 1970 to abolish the Electoral College in favor of direct election of the president, Mike wrote the dissenting minority report for the Senate Judiciary Committee that convinced a majority of U.S. Senators, including Senator Eugene McCarthy, to reject the House bill.

Many will remember Mike as a political sage and constitutional scholar or for his most famous quip, known as Uhlmann’s Razor, “When stupidity seems a sufficient explanation, there is no need for recourse to any more elaborate analysis.”

The complete statement is here.

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