802 Editions of the CRE Website Between October 2, 1999 and May 12, 2019

Fortunately the  Internet Archive Wayback Machine chose to store the content of the CRE website since its inception in 1999. Readers interested in the evolution of centralized regulatory review have a first hand seat at its historical event by scanning the pages dedicated to the preservation of the CRE website.

In particular consider the first entry on the October 2, 1999 edition of Internet Archive located on this  page  and routed to here which states:

CRE comments to OMB on its August 11, 1999 reproposal 
CRE submits comments on OMB’s proposed revisions to Circular A-110, in response to the Federal Register notice of August 11, 1999. READ ITEM

Had OMB followed CRE’s advice, then the Data Access law would have provided a basis for securing the data that underlies scientific studies, an issue that is being debated several decades later.

The Internet Archive is doing work of historical importance and is supported in large part by small donations made by the public. Please support this critical organization.


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