A Guide to Those Conducting Research on Executive Branch Operations in the Administrative State

The family of websites developed by the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness should be on the list of databases utilized when conducting research on Executive Branch operations in the administrative state.

Unlike many think tanks the overwhelming majority of the source content therein is not produced by CRE but instead includes must read high quality research conducted by others and so designated as a governing publication by CRE whether or not CRE is in agreement with its content. The material presented therein has been assembled over the half century which lead to  centralized regulatory review in the Executive Branch.

Consider this library which contains law journal articles published by established leaders in the field of administrative law directed in some degree to Executive Branch operations, this library dealing with centralized regulatory review and this library which traces the history of centralized regulatory review (OMB review of regulations) since its inception in the Johnson Administration including  the release of internal OMB operating papers. Each search conducted by the CRE search engine reviews all of these publications for relevant content requested in the search.

All of this information is available by utilizing the CRE search engine at http://www.thecre.com/search.html

N. B.  The search engine has the capability to focus a search by using parentheses in the search terms.

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