Quantum Law: An interdisciplinary exploration of quantum theory, law and ethics

Editor’s Note: The conference programme is available here.

St Mary’s University, London, UK will hold a conference on Quantum Law on Tuesday 26th June 2018.  Mr. Bruce Levinson, CRE Senior Vice President—Regulatory Intervention will make a presentation. For additional information contact Mr. Levinson at the CRE.

The following has been extracted from the brochures describing the program.

Quantum theory, the study of the nature and behaviour of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level, has come to occupy a dominant position in physics. It is however increasingly important also as both the basis of new or potential technologies and as a broader idea outside of subatomic physics itself, as both an artefact of popular culture but also a means of explaining other complex phenomena.

The need for quantum theory to engage directly with other areas is pressing for various reasons, both in order to prevent the misuse of its ideas in inappropriate ways, but also in order to consider how its models for understanding can be fruitfully applied to other areas of study. Legal and ethical theory is an obvious candidate for various reasons, yet this relationship has been almost entirely neglected.

At the same time, the legal regulation of the application and use of quantum theory and technologies is on the verge of becoming a pressing regulatory concern of public policy given the novel regulatory dilemmas and ethical concerns which such technologies pose. This workshop proposes to create a unique and necessary environment where quantum theorists and scholars of law and legal and ethical theory can discuss these matters in order to articulate ideas, problems and solutions in a manner which reflects the needs, ideas, limits and potential of all concerned parties.

Birth of Quantum Law

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