Accolades to the ABA for Encouraging the Participation of other Disciplines in Discussions of Administrative Law

There is a tendency for many disciplines to operate as a “silo”, that is to be unaware or insensitive to the contribution other disciplines might make to their discussions.  Some might think the last place that such an interdisciplinary approach might be undertaken is in the arcane legal arena; in particular Administrative Law whose domain includes one of the most significant areas of concern in a democracy — the separation of power among the three branches of government.

Not to worry, on June 8 the Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association held a panel discussion on centralized regulatory review. In doing so 40% of the panel consisted of political scientists.

  • Christopher DeMuth, Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute, former Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
  • David Vladeck, Professor of Law, Georgetown University, formerly Public Citizen Litigation Group
  • Marissa Martino Golden, Associate Professor of Political Science, Bryn Mawr College
  • Reuel Schiller, Professor of Law, UC-Hastings College of Law
  • Jefferson Decker, Assistant Professor of American Studies, Rutgers University
  • Nicholas Parrillo, Professor of Law, Yale University (moderator)

CRE has emphasized the need for political scientists to get involved in administrative law issues because they bring a needed dimension to the discussion of centralized regulatory review.

N. B.   CRE appreciates the continued support from Federal Focus to provide the resources available to publicize and analyze such events.

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