Pacesetting Statements on Centralized Regulatory Review

As centralized regulatory review is about to begin its second half century of operation, the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness conducted a review of the existing literature to determine those statements which best describe its contribution to the governance of the administrative state.


Born out of a Reagan-era desire to minimize regulatory costs, and not fundamentally reconsidered since its inception, the centralized review of agency rulemakings has arguably become the most important institutional feature of the regulatory state.

Centralized Oversight of the Regulatory State: Nicholas Bagley, Richard Revesz–Columbia Law Review, Vol. 106, p. 1260, 2006


Centralized oversight of agency policymaking and spending by the President’s Office of Management and Budget is a hallmark of the modern administrative state.

Centralized Review of Tax Regulations: Clint Wallace–70  Alabama L. Review  (forthcoming 2018)


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