Potentially Fake Newport Cigarettes

Editor’s Note: CRE will be speaking before an FDA tobacco leaf risk assessment workshop on the risks of illegally-made cigarettes. For information about the elevated public health risks from counterfeit cigarettes, see the NIST study,  “Investigation of lead and cadmium in counterfeit cigarettes seized in the United States.”


379 Responses to Potentially Fake Newport Cigarettes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just bought a pack of the fake cigs. At my local gas station in p.a…. I cant believe this!!! I dont even know what to do, but obviously ill be finding another location.

    • Anonymous says:

      Realize that they’re doing it to the cigarettes that black people smoke.. They ain’t doing to Marlboro or Camel…. Ijs

      • Hairball says:

        I work I a stoic NC. A lot of white and Hispanic people also purchase them. And here’s a shock, I sell Marlboro to blacks as well.

        • Fake Newports found at WaWa in Tampa. Make me cough a lot more. What’s the change, what’s the diff.? These are showing up everywhere now and I think there needs to be a press conference about it. Where is ABC Action News???

          • Willlllllll says:

            The fda is do it away with menthol..they’re not as strong. They smell different. I’m quiting. Aftr I some the 30 packs of originals I’ve been hunting for

        • Anonymous says:

          The reason no on is paying attention to you is that you sound ignorant… omg, it’s because I’m black… get over it. Be proud of who you are. Terrorists are just bi-lingual niggers.

        • Anonymous says:

          My son smokes and he’s white

          • Janell says:

            I smoke Newport reds 100s I’m white I’ve been smoking them for 7 years yall I’m in nc Burlington area and I bought a pack of cigarettes at the store on hwy 87 today and it had no safety tab on the inside but plastic wrap on the outside they taste different is that the fake ones ??? God bless y’all

        • Kenneth Nurse says:

          Please hush. We all know every race smokes everything. But BLACKS smoke PORTS and white MALB & PM ETC. All smokes matter head ahh. Eff your job tbh

          • kei says:

            lmaoooo! love

          • Anonymous says:

            Read into this more cause supposedly they are doing it with Marborolo cigs as well

          • BLAC says:

            Dumb ass racists on here. I’m white and I smoke Newport. Y’all dumb as fuck

          • GRACE says:

            Guess what I’m a woman and white and I’ve smoked Newport 100s for about 20yrs . Ive noticed that the taste was making me nauseous, super phlegmy and legit sick for about 2 weeks now.I honestly can’t stand to even light them up at this point.
            I’d really rather roll my own than this ridiculous burnt perfume taste .
            Absolutely freaking disgusting.Come 5 am when the stores open I’m done with this “brand ” of Newport.

          • Veda Scott says:

            That’s not true about only people of color smoking Newports, there have been the growing number of white middle-class lower-income smoking Newports oh that’s not true Kohl’s used to be secrets of black people but mostly white people when I was growing up and then Marlboro and there’s a lot of people that smoke non-menthol that are black and there’s more people especially younger generation smoking Newports so don’tstart categorizing cigarette in a racist manner they’re freaking cigarettes

          • Anonymous says:

            Not all blacks smoke ports. I smoke ports, and have been forever cause they was the cheapest cigarette when i started at 12.when I was growing up most blacks I knew smoked kools

          • Alya says:

            We ALL know every race smokes everything, but white people smoke meth. Get out of here uncle touchey and try not to blast up a school after hacking at your wrists you swine eater.

        • sherie says:

          I Just bought fake Newport’s at a corner store in Baltimore at Saratoga and Eutaw st. How do you contact? The cigarettes look really like the real deal but close observation the Newport letters on the cigarette are different and the cigarette was real MENTHOL, like a MENTHOL cough drop.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hi I did too that is the corner store next to Lexington market….contact FDA!

          • Casanna Grimes says:

            They aren’t fake Newport is changing them to taste less menthol due to the new flavor bans. You can contact the number on the pack for a refund

      • Sybil says:

        Lol I’m white and I’ve been smoking Newports for 10 years js.

        • Anonymous says:

          He said majority black people smoke new ports its more blacks then whites and hispanics put together that smoke newport

          • C.M.C says:

            This shouldn’t be about color! It’s that we are buying Fake cigarettes that can be deadly to anyone that smokes them..
            Plus they are being sold at the same price..We are all victims in the cigarette scam..

          • Anonymous says:

            It just says what black people smoke not majority

          • Anonymous says:

            Some people needs let go of history an look at new world an let go of these pathetic race wars!!! Children an im 23 myself an people all about that racism bull shot card everybody is racist about something 🙂

        • Already I’m Black/WHITE Gene’s and proud of it I have several Friends black and white smoke New Ports So U tell their stupid tail that think Differently I’m with U .U go girl

        • Anonymous says:

          No its not smh

        • K says:

          Yea, for real, I’m white and all I smoke is newports. It’s not necessarily a race thing, newports are just the best! These fake ones makin me mad. I just heard and it’s funny, I thought they had changed the design but I’ve been coughing a lot and my throat hurting and stuff. Makes me mad

          • Anonymous says:

            It is a race thing…

          • Dylan says:

            I switched to Newports from Marlboros for this coughing/quality/feeling difference.
            All the other brands you speak of have been disgusting for years.
            It’s not a race thing
            It’s Lorrilard Newports losing their quality slowly as they are bought by the manufactures of Camel, RJ Reynolds.
            Therefore, it is the corporations trying to kill everyone / cutting their budget.

          • Yess says:

            Camel bought them they are so gross. I would suggest quit or find a new cigarette Newport will never be the same. It’s not white or black people thing it is a camel thing. I wish they never bought them and changed them.

      • Anonymous says:

        It has nothing to do with color I’m white and smoke them I know other white ppl who smoke them this has definitely nothing to do with color

        • Anonymous says:

          It does

          • Kai says:

            It’s not about race! Dum dum! You just want 2 make it about race. It’s about alot of stores peddling Fake cigs, and the manufacturer changing the taste of the cigarettes

        • C B says:

          What. Noo I’m white and I know Alot of people NOT. BLACK that smoke them. Get real…now it’s racist. With cigs come on. Anyone that smokes them should be concerned. Ignorant there are more serious things to be concerned about…than what color we are…ps..i have black in my family also. It’s sad world..to even see your racist ass type uneducated comments here. Gain some knowledge instead of proving to the world..how stupid uneducated and racist you are.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are just saying we smoke Newport’s that’s all gosh but I feel y’all everything ain’t got to be about your race


        • Ron says:

          Did r j tobacco reply?

          • Sick of being ripped off says:

            As I post this I have been sharing locations that been selling them in my area. I notice that the vendors who sell them that run out early are the ones selling fakes. You can tell when you smoke. Yet they took the menthol out. I notice with the fakes you smoke more. They coughing a mucous WA too much. Be careful out there. Trying to quit.

      • J says:

        Not only black people smoke them u act like they made them just for black people

        • Anonymous says:

          He didn’t say every single black person so shut the fuck up

        • kei says:

          the point he’s trying to make is that this is just another ploy to kill off black people, which it is. Newports are primarily advertised in black magazines. See the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. See the lawsuit that Pepsi, or Coca Cola is going through right now, I forgot which one-their only defense was that they planned on selling the tainted bottles in Nigeria and not America. let’s not act like there hasn’t been a war on blacks since the beginning of time. accept the powers that be.

          • Big K says:

            Why would ciagarette manufacturers try to kill off black people. Then they lose a customer. Use your head. I’m white and I smoke Newports. Statistics show that 49.5 % of black people that smoke – smoke newports. It’s primarily a black persons cigarette, but is becoming more popular with whites too. Good freaking grief.

      • Brittany says:

        I’m white and have smoked Newport from the time I started smoking, it’s not always about race!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry I’m white and smoke Newports so…js

      • TheTRUTH says:

        I’m a white man that lives in Cincinnati OH, and I smoke new ports. Even my black friends smoke Marlboro. I didn’t know cigs where based upon race to who can smoke them. People like you that’s a racist black person, does and tries to make everything about race. Why would there be a secret plot to kill off black people? Bcuz you make up 13% of the population, 80% of prison population, 80% of welfare population, and 65% crime committed. If a terrorist group was trying to bring down America, why would they kill black people? That would be counter productive. Think before you speak, bcuz this racist shit is played out. The counterfeit business is bigger than the drug business. There is fake everything not just shit that black people like.

        • Anonymous says:

          Shut the fuck up why don’t you just leave the shit alone you sound hella racist talking about all this percentage of the population we make up and prison percentage and crime you sholl take the time out to know all that about black people why if your not black racist that’s why I bet you know how many blacks stay on your block get the fuck out of here y’all don’t have to keep tag teaming the person fuck talk about the problem at hand the fake newports

          • Ta'Shawnda Price says:

            I agree with you, he took a sharp left turn, and I feel sorry for his so called black friends.
            Newports don’t taste the same, and I scrambled trying to find a replacement after being told they only changed the packaging. I may be a smoker, but I’m smart enough to know there’s a marked difference in what I’d been smoking for too many years.
            I’ve switched to Marlboro, and am happy with the taste.

        • Anonymous says:

          Shut the fuck up why don’t you just leave the shit alone you sound hella racist talking about all this percentage of the population we make up and prison percentage and crime you sholl take the time out to know all that about black people why if your not black racist that’s why I bet you know how many blacks stay on your block get the fuck out of here y’all don’t have to keep tag teaming the person fuck talk about the problem at hand the fake newports damn

        • Not a fan says:

          The only thing you were accurate with is that we are 13% of the population. Lol, the welfare one is potentially for white people.

          • Brandon says:

            Umm no it’s not 76.8% is colored people and spice so get your facts straight HOMIE !!!! Lol super dumb ass ebonics!!!

        • LG says:

          I was reading a comment of yours were u put up numbers and percentages the only number you got right well percentage you got right was that black people make up 13% of the population then you went on to say they make up 80% of the welfare system where are you getting your numbers from and your facts from because that couldn’t be farther from the truth there are way more white people in this country which means there is way more white people on welfare and yes most black people who smoke cigarettes smoke Newports that’s all the people who are saying they’re trying to take black people out with fake cigarettes not that I’m saying that’s the truth but that’s all they’re saying every time a black person tries to speak up about something being geared toward black people in a negative way it’s always a well you guys need to go away with all the racist stuff and stop making everything about race and then go on to allow some racist rhetoric to roll off your tongues Google your facts before you want to try to make someone look stupid because the only thing you do is end up making yourself look stupid to anyone who really knows the truth Trump is in the White House in white men like you feel like you could just say anything you want and people are supposed to just put up with it let’s not talk about your one black friend that smokes Marlboro or I’m white and I smoke Newports of course have you ever heard of collateral damage crack was put into the black communities but we all know white people who smoke crack so let’s not be ignorant to the fact of to take black people down they don’t care if some white trash get thrown out in the process

          • Whocares says:

            Well…here we go with a race thing. Its about cigarettes people!!! For fucks sake who gives a flying fuck who smokes what whos on welfare whos in prison…blah blah blah. We all live in the america…

          • Big K says:

            The actual facts are: there are 70 million people on some type of welfare but does not include Medicare or caid.

            39% are black
            21% are Hispanic
            18% are Asian
            16% are white
            6% other.

            Quit fighting.

        • Anonymous says:

          So not true. You need to do some more research

          • Kai says:

            You’re right! Where did Big K get his facts from the back of a crackerjack box??
            In fact, whites are the biggest beneficiaries when it comes to government safety-net programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, commonly referred to as welfare.

            From U.S. Dept. of Agriculturel
            White people without a college degree ages 18 to 64 are the largest class of adults lifted out of poverty by such programs, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. The 2017 report stated that 6.2 million working-age whites were lifted above the poverty line in 2014 compared to 2.8 million blacks and 2.4 million Hispanics!

            Just over 40 percent of SNAP recipients are white. Another 25.7 percent are black, 10.3 percent are Hispanic, 2.1 percent are Asian and 1.2 percent are Native American, according to a 2015 Department of Agriculture report.

            US Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Commerce
            * Percent of welfare recipients who are white: 38.8 percent

            * Percent of welfare recipients who are Black: 39.8 percent

            No my facts are official, unlike Big k’s fake news!

        • Arby says:

          Amen brother. Preach it!

        • Kai says:

          Dude where did u get your erroneous stats from. Your statistics are not accurate by a long shot.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m white, and I smoke New port….leave that victim mentality somewhere else

      • Anonymous says:

        Did you just say, what i think you said. Smh
        Plz stop it. It has nothing to do with color dumb ass. Im black and i smoke kools. They’re just targeting a bigger brand of cigarettes. Soon they’ll be in every brand. LEAVE RACE OUT OF THIS PLZ.

      • anonymous says:

        I’m white and I smoke new ports stop with all the racial stuff it affects anyone that smokes them

      • mine says:

        Your stupid. This surely isn’t about race. White ppl smoke newport and black ppl smoke menthol. Nice try though

      • Anonymous says:

        Well im white and i smoke newports i just bought a pack of fake and im pissed paying full price for basically a generic brand its bullshit we should be reimburse

      • Charity says:

        I’m a Caucasian girl that smokes Newport shorts so get out of here with that comment bro. Shit like this happens all the time to a variety of products. Just like you and me, were all the same. Remember that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Y’all stupid as fuck I’m white i smoke Newport Menthol my homeboy black he smokes Marlboro red. The fucked up thing is fda is talkin about Cuttin most of nicotine out of smokes or all of it there doin study’s they say. I think they testing it on us. I been smokin allot more the past few weeks. I smoke 2back to back most of the time sometimes even more shits pissing me off now i know why. Maybe there not fake they just made weak ones to see what happens. They say they want people to smoke e cigs they prolly getting paid more by them who knows but they don’t know what long term effects that liquid shit has or if it’s really safer. I don’t like it i tried it few years ago shit fucked my chest and throat up.

      • Britta Cooper says:

        I work at a gas station in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I see a few hundred people buying cigarettes everyday. White people purchase just as many Newports or like you say, “Black people cigarettes” as Hispanics & blacks. The black & Hispanic people also purchase just as many as Marlboros, Camels, and Paul Malls as white people. Race has nothing to do with the statistics of cigarette sells.

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally correct

      • RJ says:

        Wow, can you be anymore racist? I am white as hell and have smoked Newports for years dumbass!

      • Anonymous says:

        Bullshit ass comment!! It’s sad that another grown man is playing the race card even after all the success the African Americans have had here in the United States. Prolly one of the guys who call there friends “NIGGA”, round of applause……..Waste the time and effort Martin Luther king,Rosa parks and countless other activists who put the ground work in for equal rights, keep on setting your people back 150 yrs so white people can snicker and laugh every time y’all say it.
        Oh, and by the way I’m pretty sure there making fake cigs to make a profit! Isn’t that the reason for counterfeit throughout history? It’s the number 1 sold cigarette brand, makes perfect sense to me

      • RJ says:

        Wow, racist much? If that is how you think then you really need to do some serious self evaluation…

      • john says:

        I’m going to bet my car your black.Well something else for the blacks to cry about. Now about ciggs. In answer to your comment.Realize your an asshole. The blacks never had it so good. Enjoy all the attention your getting.cause its going to come to a screeching halt.

      • Anonymous says:

        When will the racist bullshit stop 4 out of 5 white men and women under 40 smoked Newport. You racist pos!

      • bill says:

        Give it a rest baby blackt

      • anonymous says:

        I’m white and smoke newports…

      • C B says:

        What. Noo I’m white and I know Alot of people NOT. BLACK that smoke them. Get real…now it’s racist. With cigs come on. Anyone that smokes them should be concerned. Ignorant comment..seriously.M9re serious things to be concerned about…than what color we are.ps..i have black in my family also. It’s sad world..to even see your type of comment here.

      • Love says:

        I live in Philadelphia and I do believe every Spanish store sell fake They smell like Vicks and they refuse to give you your money back. What should I do?

      • Jay says:

        That’s. Bs don’t pull the black card know your facts they been bootlegging marlboros since the 60s

    • Anonymous says:

      They are not fake. Camel bought out Newport and they have changed the pack design.

    • Anonymous says:

      I bought a pack from Family Dollar in New Orleans. And almost again but I went with the soft pack instead bc they were real….smh

    • Tay says:

      I agree. Been telling everyone I know that smoke then also. These are different. Taste different also. Fayetteville, Nc

      • Kevin Lewis says:

        How do yall turn fake Newport’s into a racist post?how can we stop the sale of fake Newport’s. Damn

    • Mrs. Doris Walker says:

      Why do some insist that people want be observant to a difference. Tired of being told untruth right in my face. If company just changed their boxes well officials from Newport Cigarettes should of made that public. Smoking is bad enough anyway and I don’t want to make it worst by smoking even more toxic substances. This have really made me think deeply to stop smoking! This world is all about money and lies and don’t care who dies in the proccess. This cig thing has pissed me off at $6 a pack! Will someone explain to me real truth.

      • B says:

        They did make it public. I work in a convince store and they sent us info stating that the packaging was changing and pics of what it would look like before we got the cigarettes themselves. I smoke Newport’s and they are the exact same thing. All that’s changed is the packaging.

        • There are so many rumors out there the fact that you all were made aware of the change is good I Told my girlfriend that I thought the package has change I feel that the taste is different with the box 100’s or is me

          • Anonymous says:

            The package is different and The Taste is different

          • Jovi says:

            Know your right the taste has changed an so has the smell with some ijs

          • Jovi says:

            Well for me I’ve done some research and I did find out that the FDA stop then for selling 8 of there brand cigarettes do to improper ingredients used in these cigarettes that didn’t pass the guidelines for sells now thats on their website…RJReynolds Tobacco Company….And Yes They do have fake Newport Cigarettes everywhere…here in Chicago they sell the fakes @ $8 pk (real) @ $12.75 – 13.25 depending on where you get them from ijs

        • Anonymous says:

          They do not smell or taste the same… I was smoking one in a friends car and the smell was horrible.. He asked what kind of cig i was smoking i replied newport… He said bs it smells just like crackhead cigs… I looked at the box a realized it was the new brand… Jus awful

        • Joyce Smith says:

          No they’re not. I thought so too. I have one left out of this pack I bought on January 6, 2017. I gave half to my nephew for his birthday and the other half I kept and smoke. Not only did I get the harsher inhale and irritation in my throat but I had a 7 layer salad and was unable to eat it because it was spicy hot or so I thought. I gave it to my sister and she was like “it’s not hot!!” It happened yesterday with non-spicy guacamole. And today with a ginger ale. I can still feel the irritation right now.

          So is there a lab I can get this one cigarette analyze???? People need to know. Just because cigarette smoking is an acceptable form of mass genocide does not mean I’m a damn fool to keep smoking corporates’ new poison additions.

          Choice and free will says to me to stop smoking period. Got the message going to stop.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is it no stats have came back on death toll ,cancer,or health difference on the different packs????They all bad and been bad

      • Anonymus says:


    • I just brought a pack of cigarettes at Walgreen’s in Durham NC

    • Anonymous says:

      Please check with R J Reynolds co at 1-877-760-0778.Before put a Rubbish message.

    • Brian says:



      • Anonymous says:

        Then your senses have been hindered because they ARE different. Less menthol, cig paper has lines and does not stay lit long. Taste is like a generic cig. Ive been smoking only newport 100s for over 30yrs. 2 years ago i bought a case of newport 100s from China. I threw them away. These are the same cigarettes.

      • LG says:

        Brian out of all the post ive urs made the most sense thanks for what i feel was setting the record straight

      • Kai says:

        Dude, listen to all the people saying the taste has changed. The taste has changed. Horrible tasting. If you feel the ones you purchased taste the same, then that’s your experience. There is alot of fake cigarettes on the market today. You probably buy yours from a reputable seller. Not all cig sellers are reputable. Also RJ Reynolds said a while back that they added some chemical to their cigarettes, which causes them to fizzle out after a few minutes of being idle. They said it was a safety measure that would reduce the number of deaths, i.e., people falling asleep with lit cigarettes. The problem is that the chemical they added changed the entire taste of the cig. By the way the chemical they added is one that is also used in carpet cleaners

    • Ronald McGraw says:

      Simple my friend. It is being made at rj reynolds facility … Rj reynolds bought for the name just like BP bought Amoco for the ultimate fuels. With this in mind … The name “Cigarettes” may not be on the package because of copyright laws. The symbol is also different from the original package because of the same reason. Also, if the product is produced in a different facility, the odds of making the same taste because of the shared product lines at the plant. Voice your concerns with the RJ Reynolds company. The consumer number would be listed be on the package. It is the not the store’s fault. The store’s get from a warehouse courtesy of a transport truck.

    • Bambi Viacello says:

      HERE’S the answer. NEWPORT SMOKER’S–do you notice that you don’t get a buzz off of smoking a Newport anymore and that they also don’t ever advertise the nicotine content in a cigarette anymore. There’s a reason why. The tar levels are still high and the nicotine levels have dropped dramatically meaning you are smoking harder to achieve the same effect. ARE FSC CIGARETTES MAKING YOU SICK? Jeffrey Wigand’s agenda, post “The Insider”, is working closely with the FDA who have full control over tobacco. When I asked him personally (recently)about all the FSC cigarette illnesses, he denied knowing anything about it. That’s funny, two years earlier in an e-mail I sent him that HE responded to, he thanked me for bringing the FSC cigarette illnesses to his attention and that he would personally notify Dr. L a w r e n c e D e y t o n (HEAD LIAR @ FDA TOBACCO DIVISION). Wigand is a LIAR and is in bed with the FDA who are deliberately lacing cigarettes with new FSC chemicals to induce unorthodox illnesses to coerce smokers into quitting. Smokers in other countries are NOT experiencing this. WIGAND, the FDA and LAWRENCE DEYTON are EVIL bastards and should be convicted of crimes against American citizens. The needle is too good for these filthy scumbags.
      Here is why FSC cigarettes are making you sick. The signing of the new Tobacco Safety Act of 2009 by the IMF- CEO Barry Soetoro gives most Tobacco Corporations and their affiliated “parent” companys complete immunity from any resulting public sickness or illness as a result of any “modifications” to their product. Also, they are not required by law to notify the public of any related illness nor is any research required by the “government” pertaining to any illness claims by the public ( under Sec. 909 Records and Reports, articles (A) 3-6) and Sec 911 “Modified Risk Tobacco Products”) More than 27,000 smokers worldwide have signed a petition since the implementation of world-wide FSC or “Fire Safety Compliance” laws claiming a strong metallic taste, headaches, sores in their mouth, nausea and diarrhea. It has of course, fallen on deaf ears and has been completely ignored by our World Bank and IMF “government” and of course, corporations within the Tobacco Industry. But this…is just the tip of the iceburg. In 2000, Phillip Morris began using what they called “fire safe technology” in their Merit brand of cigarettes. Once again, this was done without any public notice whatsoever, just like the current FSC laws. They were sued by The Department of Justice in 2004 which forced them to change to the newer “government” standard of FSC cigarettes soon to be implemented for the first time in New York in 2005. Phillip Morris’ version obviously did not contain all of the unnecessary toxic metallic nanoparticulates. It’s interesting to note that the state with the highest amount of population within the US at the time, was the first to implement these newly formed FSC standards. Ironically, FSC cigarettes are called Reduced Ignition Propensity (or RIP) cigarettes by the Tobacco Industry. In US Patent 7,640,936 filed September of 2005, Phillip Morris scientists explain in depth, the introduction of metal oxide nano-particulates to their products. The same type US patent was recently granted to RJ Reynolds in 2010 (#‪20100122708‬). Note that these patents were granted AFTER US-CEO Barry Soetoro signed the Tobacco Safety Act of 2009, supposedly giving the FDA( Dr. Lawrence Deyton) and the US “government” control over tobacco additives. The nanoparticles are incorporated into tobacco filler material cigarette paper and/or filter material, according to Muslim inventors Sharyar Rabiei, Firooz Rasouli and Mohammed Hajaligol. The metal oxide particulates consist of a combination of copper oxide, cerium oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide and Yttrium, a radioactive rare-earth element… less than one micron in diameter, meaning they easily pass through the filter and are inhaled. This combination can then be applied to the cigarette paper or filler using an adhesive such as VINYL ACETATE, forming bands along the length of the cigarette. This toxic metallic mix, supposedly cuts down on carbon monoxide emissions from cigarette smoke, but in my opinion, there’s a far more sinister agenda. Smokers are now inhaling a mixture of toxic metallic nano-particulates which explains the metallic taste and sicknesses expressed by so many smokers to date. Nanoparticulates are more deeply ingested on a cellular level, meaning once they’re in the cell, they cannot be removed by conventional detoxifying methods and the above mentioned are known to break cells DNA strands and cause mutations. The result will be a myriad of new, aggressive forms of cancer which do not respond at all to conventional chemotherapy “treatment”. This, in combination with IMF/Soetoro proposed budget cuts to water treatment facilities and newly relaxed EPA standards on agricultural toxic waste disposal and the numerous “profit poisons” in our food will lead to a rapid decline in human population and health. The “official” FSC website conveniently refuses to mention these toxic metallic nanoparticulates. The question is…why are these now being added under the disguise of FDA tobacco (Dr. Lawrence Deyton)regulation via “The Tobacco Safety Act of 2009? Please research the above patent numbers for yourself. Obama gave the FDA (Dr. Lawrence Deyton) the power to do this. Here are the other EVIL BASTARDS and BITCHES who should be convicted of high crimes against Amercan citizens. Dr. Margret Hamburg, Kathleen Sibelius, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand, Dr. Les Weinstein. Dr. Lawrence Deyton known as “BOPPER” is the modern day Josef Mengele. He is the poster child for Nazi War Criminal. They should all be executed. please copy and paste this info everywhere you can!!!!Peace call the FDA and let them know that you know what they are up to ‪1 877 287 1373‬
      Jeffrey Wigand is a LIAR and is seen a a hero. He is NO hero. He is one of the architects of the new killer FSC cigarettes. Give him a piece of your mind.
(989) 772-4063 Office Telephone
(989) 779-8730 Office Facsimile
(843) 367-4200 Cell
      Or directly via email:

      • Anonymous Smoker says:

        Thank u for taking the time to write all the information ,every race needs to kno…I don’t understand why there was so may comments about race but not 1 after urs about what u have just taught everyone on this page..u gave detailed info on ingredients,companies,names,government,etc??????hopefully they read ur post n learned the truth..Thanx for teaching me n all the Smokers of America,We ALL NEED TO KNO this INFO

    • Anonymous says:

      They are not fake. This is the new packaging as described on the Newport website since the brand was bought out from Lorillard by RJReynolds

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m in western PA… You’ll find the same fakes everywhere. I don’t think it matters what brand anymore. It’s widespread.
      What was once toxic and MAY contribute to cancer is now officially POISON and WILL kill you. Happy quitting

    • Ivy says:

      How do you know if u have fake cigarettes?

      • Sick of being ripped off says:

        The warning label says quit smoking. The real ones dont say that. Check the stamp also in bottom.

    • Anonymous says:

      I will tell you something that I found out and how to know that they are fake.Let it burn out to the end, If it is fake, the filter will turn hard and into a piece of metal and you can use it to open your cell phone.True story.Want to know more amazing stuff.Come and catch me live on youtube @Spellbindah

    • Ashley Taylor says:

      Same boat. I just ripped open the box and looky looky our regular store is now selling them. This is a MAJOR issue. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Newport via email so it’s legally binding they do something? Help!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I got a pack of fakes too in Enterprise alabama

    • Anonymous says:

      They in dothan at the kangaroo

    • Anonymous says:

      Im in milwaukee its a fact these are bogus cigarettes but they dont care if u white or blk they wont money all people in bad the answer to this is to stop smoking keep money out their pack and in yours and clean health no one their ttrying to KiLL us all

    • Mrs. Doris Walker says:

      Slick asses selling in West Point, MS at all stores even mainstream stores.
      Went to buy a pack at Shell on Main St. and cashier handed me a pack and I looked at it funny and she said “Oh you want the real ones”, I looked at her and said “Oh you know”? Their own worker said “Yes”. My suggestion is don’t buy them and I guarantee you the company will make the wrong right.

  3. Teresa says:

    I work at store yall full if it. Did you ever hear if company changing packages stuck on stupid listening to evrrything yall hear or see in facebook is stupid.

    • Mercedes says:

      Thank you for putting this out here. I swear mfs see anything on facebook and its real!!! Research people!

    • Anonymous says:

      stop faking yourself out… keep playing and youll find yourself in a situation with a disgruntled customer

    • Sleez says:

      hows being conserned about your safety being stuck on stupid this was one ignorant response.They advertise everything else why not for one of the most successful brands of tobacco and for future advise i was told they took out certain things to prevent cancer but they don’t taste the same or have the same effect so i feel the price should be reduced or sells will drop seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, if they think their fake, why keep smoking them?

    • Jeremy Jones says:

      I work for the Newport company and the only thing we changed was the word menthol to cigarettes. So for you being a retailer selling newports with the gold trim around the emblem. Those are fake, if they don’t have the word cigarettes on them there fake, if you can feel the word Newport it’s fake. Finally out newports exports are straight white nothing on it but the newport stamp there are no lines. So buddy your selling fakes to people and thinking because you trust the vendor your buying them from their real. Your wrong.

      • Nina says:

        I just got a carton of gold swoosh with no word cigarettes on them. Are they fake? I work at a gas station n need to know before i put them on shelf. You can also feel the words. I am askimg due to my customers. Don’t wanna sell fake cigs ya feel me?

      • Matt says:

        Thank you they taste like shit i had two packs before they got exposed and actually was sick to my stomach.ive turned down multiple stores and idgaf you’re absolutely right they think they vendors are so perfect but these vendors are also gettin them from somewhere to.there fake they taste like shit and if the package changed why isnt every pack in every store the “new”packs i mostly see 100s in the fakes which i smoke and been settling for shorts

      • Anonymous says:

        Youre full of shit. You probably dont even work for the company. I spoke with them this morning and they told me they have several variations of packs now. All the things you say indicate they packs are “fake” are things they described to me on the phone that have changed. I also informed them someone was claiming to work for them was spreading lies about the “fake packs” and they said anyone who works for the company is aware of the changes and variations. Either youre lying for attention or you really suck at your job.

      • k says:

        The *real” ones have lines too. Solo?

      • Anonymous says:

        you dumb too. bought mine from circle k. not fake. taste fine no harsh coughing. gold emblem ridges on pack doesn’t say cigarettes. the boxes that have larger print, darker gold stip, larger fonts, makes the throat harsher, more coughing, taste funny even to other newport smokers. So you a figgin liar. run tell dat.

      • Kai says:

        That’s a lie. For Pete’s sake.Do your research. Rj Reynolds admitted years ago the added some sort of chemical spray to the cigarette paper which is why your cig fizzes out after idle for a few minutes The chemical did indeed change the entire taste of the cigarette. Fact check

    • devon t says:

      Thank u because i too work at the convenience store and hate to say it but ppl will believe a ything they hear foolishness

      • B says:

        Amen!!! They did make it public. I work in a convince store and they sent us info stating that the packaging was changing and pics of what it would look like before we got the cigarettes themselves. I smoke Newport’s and they are the exact same thing. All that’s changed is the packaging.

    • Kat says:

      Interesting since the com0an5 has not cone forward to confirm or deny the chance in packaging…

    • Kat says:

      Interesting since the company 5 has not cone forward to confirm or deny the changes in packaging…

    • Anonymous says:

      Why do they taste like shit then?

      • Kai says:

        Sheesh, years back RJ Reynolds added some kind chemical to the cigarette. Look it up. It was to reduce the number of deaths from people falling asleep with lit cigarettes. They claimed they only added the chemical to the paper part and not the tobacco itself. It was after these altered cigs were marked out to the stores that people started noticing the difference in the taste. The cigarette had a weak taste to it. In the interim, you wind up smoking more to get the same buzz you used to get.Rj Reynolds claimed the chemical they were using on the paper would not alter the taste of the cigarette, obviously they lied to people. Probably the reason why they sold the company. They Long time smokers can easily taste the difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly ctfu y’all sound stupid. Freaking out over so called fake packs as if any cigarette is good for you smh lmao social media crippled fools.

    • B says:

      Amen!!! They did make it public. I work in a convince store and they sent us info stating that the packaging was changing and pics of what it would look like before we got the cigarettes themselves. I smoke Newport’s and they are the exact same thing. All that’s changed is the packaging.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you smoke Newport? clearly you don’t people who don’t smoke them are quick to say that people who smoke newports been smoking Newport or just tripping like we can’t tell that it doesn’t taste the same or smell the same. I worked at and ran a gas station for over five years and I can tell you just because you work at one doesn’t mean a damn thing. They are not the same at all and if u say they are you don’t smoke newports

    • Anonymous says:

      You can’t say it’s not true I haven’t seen any changes in the packaging where I am why would they only change for certain areas?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thats some fake shtt for real I just bought a pack and brought it back immediately….. They even taste different a nasty taste rather…

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s just bad product rotation… or they were stored where moisture could get them…. contrary to the plastic being sealed some is still able to reach the tobacco and paper

      • Undex 854 says:

        Them fake nasty tasting cigarettes have been around since 2013. I KNOW because I’ve smoked them thinking they were REAL be sports. Got sick from smoking them

  5. Mako says:

    These are not fake, the company has changed the packaging. Call the number on the side of the pack and hear foe yourself. By the end of the month all you will see is the new packaging.

    • Anonymous says:

      The ones with the black outline dont have a number… Just a website. So of course they would have a phoneline set up to make u believe.

  6. These cigarettes are not fakeyou ppl should really learn to do some research

  7. Tina says:

    They still taste like shit!! New pack and all!!

  8. roy says:

    i work at local gas station these cigs in video are real i think because Newport did change there design in October so yes these are real go to there website and see.

    • Anonymous says:

      Newport was bought by rj Reynolds and they changed the pacaging

      • Anonymous says:

        I went to the website and there is no indication of any changes however there is a second website with a pic of the new packaging but nothing on either that states changes were made to the package.will call them tomorrow

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because you work for a gas station doesn’t mean that you know where they get their stock you don’t own it you just work there.

  9. Anonymous says:

    RJ Reynolds bought Newport from Lorilland Tobacco. They switched the boxes, they are not fake. Everything on stores is ordered straight from the tobacco company.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bs!! R. J. Reynolds has always owned. Lorilland!!!!

      • L a says:

        No RJR bought out Newport a year ago! You have been smoking them from RJR for a year!!!!! They are changing the package only. They also changed the package of Winston brand also. I work at a cigarette retail store we get our cigarettes from RJR. Please stop believing all you see on the internet. And to the guy on YouTube claiming that terrorist are doing this to faze out a certain race please stop you making a fool of yourself.

        • Joyce Smith says:

          The ingedients are different. You can taste it and feel it in your throat. At first, I thought I had a sore throat. My food is affected by the of taste of hot spices. I am aware now. People smoking need to know.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bs if you’re going to kill yourself at least know the damn product. Smh. R.j. Reynolds took over last year. If you found this retarded blog then you can google actual facts. Idiot

    • Porcha4 says:

      That’s exactly what I been trying to say. I do t by from Iran’s no more. I go to Wal-Mart or Walgreens n say fuck the price

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is a packaging change. All of you switching stores because of this are total morons. In a month when the packaging swap has mostly finished there will be nothing but “fake” Newports left. If you believed this for even a moment you are the problem with society.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s an ingredients change also. The taste is different! That’s a fact that can’t be denied. You can come with as many theories as you like. But the truth remains… The taste and smell are different. Which has lead people to research and to confirm their suspicions. So, here we are, confirming and shills like you hence all the other comments on race, stats are attempt to deflect, confuse and sway conversation from a topic that focuses on extracting an undeniable truth. And it’s time to accept the hard truth that our favour cig is an imposter.
      I came across this today.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Newport changed packaging back in August and put an announcement out about it.
    Its all BS!

  12. Anonymous says:

    not only that rj Reynolds could have switched the packaging and tobacco blend just like they did with camel a few years ago. They just took them over from lorilland this year. they aren’t fake though. the new box is going to be it once all of the old ones are sold off the shelf. I have bought both and see no actual difference beside the box is different. Everyone is trippin.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s just a hoax..

  14. Dallas Barnes says:

    Me and my brother stomachs were messed uo after smoking the fake back. We bought oura from a corner store in brooklyn park Minnesota. We confronted the store owner and he said he will call the company he bought theres from. I showed him the real pack of ports compared to the counterfeit ones. And his face was red. Me and my brother called the ATF office in minnesota and thers investigating.

  15. Jay1013 says:

    I’m a wholesaler in ny and order from HLA ,
    One of the biggest distributors on the east coast,
    They are not fake they just got new packaging and
    Design, anyone complaining of the taste,it’s all in your head
    because of what Other people are saying

  16. Christine says:

    They should have let the customers know of the package changing. You don’t make changes to a product and don’t let the consumers know about it.

    • christopher hintz says:

      Hey man, you do realise that it is illegal to advertise cigarretes at all. Period. Not allowed to inform customers in form of media. They are not fake.

  17. tarsha cage says:

    I want my money back! Chevron in Baker La

  18. Carla Donald says:

    Im in Portland Oregon I bought a pack and I knew they wasn’t right I went some where else and got a real pack….. Pay attention cuz we don’t know what them is…. Clearly not CIGARETTES

    • Anonymous says:

      They are new packaging from the new owned company RJ Reynolds they taste different because they blend the tabaco different From the old owners supposed to be more healthy they can’t make commercials because it’s illegal to advertise cigarettes but if you go to the website you can actually read about it

  19. TallayaRaglan says:

    I purchased a ” pack” at the a local store . Noticed a difference when. I packed them. They were rigid. I went back to the store.They told me it was new packaging.So I smoked one to me it was different. Idk if it’s real or counterfeit..they don’t taste the same. It’s time for me to QUIT

  20. Anonymous says:

    I swear people r so gullible….they changed the box….it’s not fake!!!!!do your dam research before you start believing everything in the web

    • Sandra says:

      Not only the packaging changed. Look at the white part of the cigarette. The ones assumed to be fake has rings around them, the assumed original ones don’t.

    • Kai says:

      Listen Dum Dum, there are counterfits floating all over cities. Even some of the store owners don’t know,l because the delivery comes from their distributer and who knows WTF he’s doing or where he’s getting the cigs from. The other possibility is that the RJR company blends the tobacco a different way or whatever it is, all of these people who are saying the cig tastes different damn skippy should know what their cigs taste llike. My family used to buy from a health product store. The product we purchased all of a sudden was being sent out with a new label. We tried to let the company know the taste of the oil we had purchased for years was not the same, if anything it was much stronger and was making some of us sick. The company head stated the product was the same that they merely changed the label. Bull Sh”t! There was definitely a strong noticeable difference in taste and strength and all else. Companies can say WTF they want, the cig smokers know their brands taste and they notice the difference. So the only one gullible here appears to be you, if you believe everything these big corporations say!!! rather than take the word of people who’ve been smoking their same cigarette for decades. Get a grip dizzy lizzy unless you’re working on behalf of RJR which might quite possibly explain why every few comments we see someone trying to convince all of these Newport smokers that’s it all in their head. It’s freaking insulting to say the least!!!!

      • Kai says:

        Listen pls fact check. RJ renolds said years ago they added some chemical to the cigarette paper and claimed it did not alter the tobacco. The chemical causes the cigarette to fizzle out for a few minutes being idle. Reynolds said the chemical wouldn’t change the taste, but obviously they LIED!! No lawsuit here, they sold the company,. Numerous complaints from smokers

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have smoked newport for 20 years…and yes they taste diffrent I don’t who wants to put out ppl are impressionable but..I didn’t know of any change till I smoke a couple and it was diffrent

    • Moe says:

      I feel like I have to smoke more of them too. I didn’t realize but somebody said they smoke double with the new pack , and I have been smoking a lot more than usual. I need more cigs to get the same nicotine as before.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Y’all crazy the cigarettes have been snuck in the US so of course the main companies is going to have them and then your local stores but they fake and deadly…

  23. Anonymous says:

    ALL CIGARETTES ARE NASTY!!!! I smoke and if I feel like the shit is making me feel bad then I’ll slow down and eventually quit, until then ima keep smokin my NudyPimps a.k.a Newports!!!! Have a Ghood day folks!!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Big companys always find a way to make profit.. yes that have changed ….. For the smokers…. believe….. 2017 they gone kill us off …. Tha master plan

  25. Anonymous says:

    I noticed the change in packaging and also noticed they taste different. The people saying they are fake are not the brightest. Lol. A cancer stick is a cancer stick no matter what brand real or fake.lol

  26. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is so concerned about the packaging on newports and how different it is. Yes I have noticed a difference in the packaging. But the biggest difference is not the packaging itself its the warning label on the packaging. I have both the “old” and “new” packs and the warning labels aren’t the same- among the other differences. Nonetheless a cigarette is still a cigarette. It my be good for the moment but you’ll run into problems later. If all of you are so concerned that they are fake, switch your brand. Menthols are still menthols. At least you won’t have to worry about smoking fake cigarettes if AND when you switch to another brand. Who cares if the blend has changed. If you’re that pressed about it, then you got bigger problems on your hands like having to deal with complications in life later…
    P. S for all of you who say that they’re fakes and they’re not, list CREDIBLE SOURCES that you can put on the forum so other people can check it out. CREDIBLE SOURCES MEANS NO GOSSIP SITES OR ANYTHING OF THAT MATTER. Don’t forget your “internet 101” people. Just like these “fake cigarettes ” and “fake purses” that are being sold from time to time, there are alot of information on the web that are FAKE as well. People can lie and misconstrue information on the internet alot easier today….

    • Shelly well says:

      Im looking for a link describing the changes. Please post. Thanks

    • Kai says:

      Good phucking grief, where has the intelligence gone! It’s not about BS on the internet, India and Arab stores have a distinct history of selling cigs that taste like sh’t. From what we hear, there is not enough FBI manpower to combat the massive amount of fake cigarettes that’s flooded them market. The question people on this blog should ask is if you yourself are working for RJR. Did they put you here as a plant help to help defend their cigarette brands. and dispute barrage of folks saying the Newport Cigarettes they’re smoking today are either fakes, or the ingredients were changed. You can say WTF you want. People know the taste of cigarettes they’ve smoked for years! Have to wonder if you’re being paid by RJR, otherwise why are you so staunchly dismissive of all of what most of these people are saying about Newport Cigs. Must be a reason. Would seem like the average reader would say that if this many folks are complaining about the same brand cig, then maybe they might have a valid point! So the question people need to ask is are you working for RJR??????

  27. Helen says:

    I called RJR…they are not fake, I was scared, but they are real…go on the internet, look on the RJR website for the customer service #, call, speak to a representative…viola! Please do it for yourself, soothe your fears!

    • Jalil says:

      LOL. The same folks that said (on the 70s) “our products are safe” all the while they had info about it causing cancer and even added substances to make it even more addictive. So yeah call them I’m sure they’ll tell you the truth

  28. Charmaine says:

    I just purchased a pack of Newports and after reading the information regarding Fake Newports, I went back to the store I bought them from and was told RJ Reynolds changed the packaging…I’m not sure whats the truth, but I am definitely looking into it!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    The Newport’s that has the gold on them are fake they leave a funny taste in your mouth and it’s makes you throw up I have had someone in my family to get rush to the hospital because of this. The Newport’s that you can feel Newport on it and does not say cigarette on the bottom on it is not real. Newport 100’s are the only ones that are like that the soft pack is not like that. By this is happening the company which is Winston-Salem will have alot of complaints and lawsuits coming to them due to the fact one person has already died because of this.

    • christopher hintz says:

      You know. That gold ink has silver it and that is very expensive. No counterfeiter will make it more expensive for themselves

  30. Anonymous says:

    I just found out recently as well and who knows how many other kinds of cigarettes they’re doing it too I smoke Newports and I know even the Newports written on top are like 3D and the lines on the green part of the pack is like ribbed butt we need to find out from Newport company I’ve been trying to Google did Newport change the way cigarettes look like updated their pack

  31. Anonymous says:

    My husband thinks they have lessened the menthol crystals. Whom ever is distributing this product.

  32. Jamel says:

    They do not taste the same

  33. John smith says:

    I’m in Houston and bought a pack that fit all the things they say are fake and gave me a stomach pain a migraine and chest pain so I strongly believe there are fake ones around never experience this and soon as I buy the fake ones I go through all this the same day

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah me too man i live in houston southeast side and i bought a “fake” pack. wasted my money smh. whether they changed the blend or whatever they taste different as hell and pretty unpleasant compared to original ports and im not happy bout it. found a gas station in pasadena that has some og boxes tho thats where im hitting up until i quit.

    • Anonymous says:

      chevron off of space center and spencer has got them if you’re ever in that area

  34. Anonymous says:

    Bought a pack today and they r nasty AF all y’all talking about they ain’t bs they make my head hurt and leaves a terrible taste in my mouth

  35. Cassandra says:

    I bought some fakes 2 packs in Harford county MD at a royal farms ..can someone tell us what’s going on

    • Anonymous new york says:

      Think people their fake something is not right about this why will the pack change after all these year i think thwir trying to get us to take are self out

  36. MrsSosa says:

    IDIOTS, ever heard of updating packaging? Just because our Pepsi & Coca Cola packaging updated over the years many times, doesn’t mean your drinking FAKE KNOCK-off product!
    Really… don’t act like packaging doesn’t update to fit in with society!

  37. Kevin says:

    They’re not fake and anyone who still believes they are fake is living under a rock! I don’t care for the new blend though. Def doesn’t taste as good…. Not sure if the shorts now taste different as well, but the 100’s aren’t as good. Anyone else have opinions on the taste of the newer packs?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Usually you would see on any other product same great taste new look with all the fake everything coming in clothes purses shoes and other things I think everyone has the right to ask questions we have all noticed a change even if it was changed to better the product we should still be notified or it should be easily accessible for the public to inquire about on the website so as not to cause a world wide panic as for people being called stupid they are questioning to be informed regardless of where they heard it so there are no stupid questions only stupid answers.

    • Anonymous says:

      So for everyone saying they just changed the package, They’re floating all over Dallas tx and east tx, I’m not here to debate adding gold on the swoosh,3-d letter or removing the word cigarette, but I would like to ask what the fuck was the purpose of changing the original surgeon general’s message?? I have both boxes and warning me of the effect cause by smoking is a hell of a lot more realistic than (quit smoking not it greatly reduces health risk) so how do updating a box come with rewording the surgeon general???

  39. From a white guy says:

    Alright guys I know there’s been a lot of confusion on the new look and taste of Newport Pleasure cigarettes they are still made by the same company Newport, originally introduced in 1957 by the Lorillard Tobacco Company, is a brand of menthol cigarettes owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Now from what I got from the website at Newport Pleasure is that they are going to be decreasing by 10% in the amount of nicotine that they’re placing in their cigarettes and to the black guy that stated that new ports are against black people because these are the cigarettes black people smoke is absolutely correct they targeted black people and this is what I found In the mid-1980s, Newport began an advertising campaign that courted African Americans in urban areas. In two years, Newports became the fifth most popular cigarette on the market.[ A lawsuit against the Lorillard Tobacco Company alleged that in the late 1960s, company vans were used to make regular trips to housing projects where free Newport cigarettes were given to children and babies.[4] Evidence showed that the deceased plaintiff died of lung cancer, but that she started smoking at 9 years old after receiving free Newport cigarettes near the black playground.[5][6] The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld $35 million of damages against Lorillard Tobacco Company while reversing other issues of damages

    • From a white guy says:

      Sorry correction they’re not changing the amount of nicotine in the cigarettes but changing 10% of the blend so it’s going to make it taste just a little bit different but they’re not fake they are the real deal and also please look at the bottom of your cigarette pack to see if it has the state tax identification if it doesn’t then yes you would be buying fake or counterfeit cigarettes

      • Joyce Smith says:

        Good looking out for information. Very important to research than just take somebody else’s word or POV.

        NEW blend is going to get a lawsuit from me if my taste buds are compromised and my throat remains inflamed. Will get back at you in 2 weeks. Done smoking. Time for healing. It took a 24 hour period to build up adverse side effects. I suggest all who are affected to take a 2 week minimum no smoking period to offset any complications that may exacerbate into something worse.

    • Just.p. says:

      This is true I remember the newport trucks that came around to the projects where I lived at in Philadelphia and as a kid I use to get 2 packs of 4 and give to my mom

  40. Anonymous says:

    Muthafuckas sound dumb I’m smoking a do say fake cigarette now a d they taste normal ….ijs

  41. Zell Taylor says:

    I’m from Chicago & they have been selling fake Newports there way before any fb post was made. They do exist.

  42. Anonymous says:

    They are not fake I went to the website called the number and they told me what the packs look like now. Call for yourself.

    • Kai says:

      Wake the phuck up people. Arabs and India stores sell the worst tasting Newport Cigs. What you people have to do is Ignore dummies like this who live in flake land and make a note of what store you are buying the fake tasting cigarettes from, who is selling it, who there distributor is and send the information to the FBI. Either that or try purchasing from a more reputable store. Alot of deliveries have a 3rd party middleman who is their distributor, so there is no telling if the distributor is honest or making a deal for himself on the side. What you can’t convince all of these people is that they don’t know how their cigarette brand tastes after smoking it for years, some even decades! There are hundreds of thousands of fake cigarettes on the market. Check the latest FBI report for Facts! Some of personally wouldn’t be surprised that RJR did something, whether they’re blending the tobacco different or the ingredients are different, would surprise No One! The fact is that smokers are saying that the Newports on the market today taste like SH”T

  43. Anon says:

    Not only the packaging is different, but the actual cigarette itself is different too. The new ones have rings around the white part and the old ones didn’t. They taste like camels and hurt my throat like camels. The people on here saying its all in our heads need to stfu because you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you smoke newports you expect a certain satisfaction that is simply no longer attainable.

    • Joyce Smith says:

      Good looking out for information. Very important to research than just take somebody else’s word or POV.

      NEW blend is going to get a lawsuit from me if my taste buds are compromised and my throat remains inflamed. Will get back at you in 2 weeks. Done smoking. Time for healing. It took a 24 hour period to build up adverse side effects. I suggest all who are affected to take a 2 week minimum no smoking period to offset any complications that may exacerbate into something worse.

  44. gus says:

    I just talked to my RJ Reynolds Rep, he confirmed a package change. More FUD from the Internet.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Im in milwaukee and these cigarettes are here to and in fact taste bogus and are not real at all so WATCH OUT newport is doing nothing about this its wrong people spend their hard working money and they sell us fake cigarettes all store have them. But i can say it help me i stop smoke cigarettes all the way their trying to kill us keep your money save your self

  46. Anonymous new york says:

    We call them fake newport 100 lol their out people hello think some not right here

  47. Tara Johnson says:

    My husband just called the company and they told him that they are not fake and that they are changing the look of the packs of all Newport cigarettes including Newport Select Smooths and etc.

  48. Anonymous new york says:

    Lie she dont no qjat the she talking about that not what they told me bitch get a life

  49. Anonymous says:

    What company are u ppl calling because the number that’s on the cigs box, is not the real company number.. So of course they are gonna say they real n change there boxes.. Call the real company n ask ppl

    • Tracy says:

      Why, when all you have to do is use your educated common sense. Crazy, im black and a terrist attack is far from my mind. I’m happy they did this for myself and my mom and auntie. I lost a grandmother to cancer. I’m just saying people.

  50. Tracy says:

    They took the nicotine out of them, be thankful. I been smoking for over 20years and wanted to stop so badly. But my depression never let that happen. Now we hsve a chance at life. And more control over when we smoke. Be greatful. My first time smoking the new ones i had a really really bad headache for 3 days that was just withdrawals. Now I’m so much better. I woke up today and didn’t smoke for the first 5 hours i was woke. Beautiful! !!! Notice the change. Sometimes when we don’t smoke for so long you get dizzy or a head rush soon as you do. That don’t happen anymore. I believe i will be a none smoker of newports by next year. And i appreciate the lifesaver.

  51. RIPnewports says:

    Talked to a tobacco store owner in AZ and he said the new packages should be nationwide by the months end. He told me to not waste time looking for them. I still tried but came up empty.

    Newport smokers don’t have to call the company to know the taste has definitely changed. For those of you freaking out like myself, Marbolro Menthols are a decent alternative. Though they will never taste like that one of a kind Newport pleasure, it’s much better than whatever’s in the newly packaged newports. Plus, fuck them for doing such loyal customers so bogus. They’re about to lose all their business.

    Tracy might be right. Maybe we can use this as motivation to stop. If not for your health, for your wallet.

  52. Suzanne thomson says:

    Just bought 2 cartons of fakes at wawa on gulf to bay clearwater florida

  53. carla thorpe says:

    What about marlboro blacks..

  54. Anonymous says:

    If they don’t say cigarettes at the bottom they fake

  55. Jerry Lewis says:

    Don’t understand how non-smokers are commenting on this. If you smoke them you can tell the difference. If the gold pack isn’t “fake,” it’s difinently different from those marked “cigarette.”

  56. Chrisalena says:

    The cigarettes are killing people and have to have a tax stamp on the bottom of the box

  57. Anonymous says:

    The fake cigarettes are all over in Iowa

  58. R R G says:

    St.Louis mo has been affected also and for every body that is a smoker make sure u get hold too all the old package and a new package keep all of your empty one. and compare. Then let your doctors,know about this change keep everything write your congressman and for us that don’t smoke we need to be worried too second hand smoke has all ways been a concern.this is Nov 2016 and we STILL live in a world that only cares about that all mighty $$$$. so Everybody keep your evidence it will set you and your family free days,months,years. later Just think about what JONHSON AND JONHSON did to woman for so many years so to all smoker you know what you know and for the company you know what you know so keep your job and sleep peacefully.

  59. Clerk says:

    They are not fake. This just proves how dumb the world really is. Ever seen that movie idiocracy? Haha anyway they do actually taste like shit now but thats camels problem all my customers and myself have moved to marlboro black menthol . We cant keep enough on the shelves since the 600 plus packs of newports we used to sell have moved to different cigs our newport rep is getting frustrated haha.

  60. anonymous says:


  61. Anonymous says:

    I’m going to keep all my boxes I can find,there Is a difference in theses so called newports. They even don’t stay lit. Let in sit in the ashtray for a few seconds it’s out then you have to relight. A real newport doesn’t go out just like that!

  62. Melissa N chance says:

    On July 15, 2014 Reynolds American offered to buy the Lorillard tobacco company for $27.4 billion.[8] As a result of the completion of this merger on June 12, 2015, the Newport brand is now property of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.[9] However, a legal notice filed July 29, 2015 said that Reynolds must get a county permit to make Newports at its Tobaccoville plant, so for 18 months ITG Brands will make Newports and Reynolds will make three brands it sold……please people do a little research!! This took all of five minutes to find

  63. Anonymous says:

    You people are idiots. It’s a different package nothing wrong with the cigarette

    • Bria says:

      theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy taste different
      been smoking thm sinse i was 15
      i came looking for answers its not in my mind

  64. christian d george says:

    It’s not fake new ports. The company just changed distributors. That’s why the packaging and taste of the cigarette is different. Look it up js

  65. PC says:

    The taste is different , the menthol breeze wasn’t there .What do that got to do with changing the packaging – I buy soft pack and if they don’t say cigarettes on the pack I’m not buying them. I get Newport coupons in the mail every other month They said nothing about changing the packaging . I will go back to smoking Kools

  66. Anon says:

    1st – at least one of my local gas stations, the Walmart, the price copper and the local smoke shop franchise “smokers choice” (there are 3 in my town and all three do) sell the packs with gold and no “cigarette” printed on the package. A coworker brought this to my attention, and I did notice a difference between these and a pack of ones with black on it. I’m having difficulty finding the real ones around here, and when I’ve spoken to the shops they all say the same thing, “oh, that’s crazy. No, these are definitely real. We wouldn’t have them if they were fake.”

    Second, are you guys serious? First thing you do is make this a race thing? fucking hell… They are selling fake Marlboros, and this is a monetary thing, not a color issue. *everything* thing isn’t a race war, or a gender war.. Everyone needs to chill the hell out

  67. Anonymous says:

    i came here for information on fake Cigs, instead this post is about race?! Unbelievable! beneath your skin there is no color!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Listen i have been smoking newports for a long time and here lately i have trouble with my cheat feel like something is stuck in my throat and nothings there i think these new newports are dangerous and we need to do something about it

  69. Jacqueline Cole says:

    They need to come in national TV and swear that the cigarettes are the same. The cigarettes taste different. When you buy cigarettes you buy them because of the taste. Fake Newports let’s boycott!!!!!

  70. barbara says:

    Is this true are there fake Newports out there or did Newport change the packaging I really need to do this because for some reason I’ve been smoking a lot more lately and I’m worried I’ve had three heart attacks I’m trying stop smoking so much but for some reason it’s looking more and you please let me know is this true or did Newport just change their packaging

  71. ANON says:

    Fellows, this is the lowdown. Reynolds bought the Newport brand from Lorillard 2 years ago. Lorillard continued making them for Reynolds until about a year ago. They stockpiled a lot of Newports until tney received permission and the equipments to make their owns Newport. The stockpile has run out and Reynolds are now making the cigarettes. They changed the package and the way they are made. Therefor, resulting in a different taste. Different process, different taste. My guess, what everyone is saying are fake cigarettes are the one being made now by Reynolds. RJR, the maker of Camels.

  72. ANON says:

    If you still like the old Newport, try ITG’s brand dark green Maverick. It was made originally by Lorillard which is now ITG. They are located in the same building and use the same tobacco process. What I hear, it is almost identical to the taste of the old Newports.

  73. DUH says:

    OMG he is saying its a conspiracy because the majority of black people that smoke, smoke Newports. Meaning that the industries is trying to rip them off or target them for some reason. It’s not racist or prejudice or trying to start anything. He’s saying someone is out to get black people. But I think its because the company was sold and you have been smoking old cigarettes until they ran out and now you are smoking the freshly made ones.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Smoke is real lighter if you let both burn together so my fellow blacc folks and good white ones i would quit fa 2017 cuz they prolly is tryin to kill us cuz if you white and smoke em den you prolly cool wit us den

  75. Anonymous says:

    And also dey prolly is da same people helping actin like they smoke sayin its da same wen neva smoked any cigs a day in there life let alone a newport

  76. Justin says:

    The real newports are made in Greensboro NC. Now all of a sudden the check mark is outlined in gold, now they are made in Winston Salem NC. I can’t smoke these anymore. They are a lot harsher now and making me weaze a lot more. I think I am about done.

  77. brody says:

    they arnt fake R.J. Reynolds just now decided to redesign the Newport packaging there still the same cigarettes they just slightly changed the pack design.

  78. The she will says:

    You are all MORONS!!!! YOU DO REALIZE OUTS A NEW DESIGN RIGHT????? I mean please tell me you aren’t all this fucking stupid. Trump and the Russians hacked the election, Terrorists brought down the twin towers????? Aliens took my dog, none of this is real…. worry about them fake purses andJordans you buy, and realize that a multi billion dollar industry simply going to allow mass counterfeit and distribution of their product. Please educate yourselves before you speak. It’s embarrassing.

    • Ray says:

      I don’t know about the video in question above being real “fake” cigs or not but what i do know is this problem isn’t just in america this happens in the uk and the eu. They source the tobacco and go to work making the packaging you can find damn near any major american brand faked from marlboro to newports as well as whatever brand is popular in the region they are selling to. With cigarette prices what they are in SF i can understand why ppl would want cheaper cigs. We mostly have chinese cigs around here and not so much with the fakes but it’s not something that the mega corporations are gonna be able to stop. If you’re lucky enough to get fake cigarettes from eastern europe then i don’t think it would be something to worry about health wise but if they are from china i would be worried about arsenic levels and heavy metal in the tobacco since they have no environment laws.

    • Kai says:

      You are the only one who is looking stupid! Get a Grip! Your comment and the rage embedded in it makes you look suspicious. Why so enraged, do you work for RJR or something!!!!

  79. LG says:

    To all the white ppl who sa im white nd smoke Newports STFU YOU ALL ARE MAKING YOURSELVES LOOK DUMB AS HELL blacks most blacks that smoke not all blacks that smoke but most smoke Newports dont tell me about your fake non exist Nat black friend that smokes Marlboro

  80. Anonymous says:

    Real newports have cigarettes printed under the emblem on the bottom of the front of the box. Counterfeit newports Dont have “cigarettes” printed on the bottom of the front of the box.

  81. Weatherspoon says:

    OK ladies n gents how bout we all egnore newports and smoke a diff brand I bet who ever owns newports brand will lose alot of money and sure will answer every dam comment we give lol make them kiss our ass I care less it kills our lungs anyway shout out to vapers way to go!!!

  82. sweetsavage says:

    For all those thinking the packaging makes no difference, they did a study of long time loyal coke/diet coke & pepsi/diet pepsi. If diet pepsi is in a coke bottle, people believe they’re drinking real coke. Even people that claim they can’t stand pepsi and would know the taste of coke anywhere were tricked by switched packaging! So whether you want to believe it or not, if your eyes and mind are telling you its different (through packaging only) your mouth and throat will BELIEVE it’s different (fake or changed recipe)

    • Bria says:

      I had never even seen of heard anything about change i just noticed the difference in taste and smell so i came looking for answers to see if me and my father were the only one obviously not..later the warning on the package now say may contain carbon monoxide

  83. Moses Evans says:

    These Newport’s have different side effects like like one person said different maker different process but why change the process Newport’s are loosing sales. And they are probably having China make them so that’s why it’s different tastes and everything else. A lawsuit is in order.

  84. Mike Barlow says:

    Why would the pack change after all these years, you ask. Why not? It’s done so before. If you recall, in ~2010, the pack actually said “Menthol Box” and the soft pack said “Menthol Kings” and 100s “Menthol Box 100s”. And then one day, it said “Cigarettes”. So it’s perfectly reasonable to assume they’d alter the pack again slightly at some point. I think it looks better without text and haven’t noticed a difference at all.

    This is like the Mandela effect, except it’s not memory.

  85. Money says:

    Who gives a fuck wat color u is just know they r not the same damn grow up

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. Color has nothing so do with this change whether legal or illegal. But we are failing as a nation I wonder if it matters that a Black,Latino,asian,islamic,white decent matters when there in uniform fighting for are Country a lot of childish behavior for adults maybe they should have to pass a literacy test before buying cigarettes..lol

  86. Rose says:

    The New Newport Is without the word cigarette on it and the company announced on November 2016 so anything after that they will tried to sell it to you. You have to request the new ones because they change does not mean they fake . You need company orientation go to their page and stop lying to people. Facts are Facts !! Company change their label and that is it!.

    • Bria says:

      The old pack reads as follows: SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: Smoking By women May Result in Fetal Injury,Premature Birth, And Low Birth Weight.

      New ones reads as follows: SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: May Contain Carbon Monoxide

      (smells different taste different been smoking for 11years i know theres a different..

  87. Bria says:

    You guys are so busy arguing about race that no one has figured anything out about the fake cigarettes. The world has to many problems (cancers, diseases,unlawful deaths/imprisonments, sex-trafficking, terrorist, rapist, the list just goes on and on. We all smoke them right? We all spend the same green more, smoking the same green packs and taking someones word for what in them. Let’s figure it out sheesh. The post wasn’t for it to become racial it was to inform and get answers/action. You all let one comment distract you from what you came looking for questions and answers. i got zero answers just read a bunch of bs about whose color smokes which pack.

    The difference

  88. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine was on multiple hits of acid when he tackled my door and barged in my house just to tell me this. I looked at this mother fucker like he was crazy. And here there are hundreds of you guys thinking someone was selling fake newports. At least he was on LSD at the time…

  89. Ra says:

    We all tripping about cigs,why not look into the things that is really hurting us.The vaccine shots,the gmo foods,talopia fish.Every thing that man puts his hands on is dangerous they are trying to get rid of the middle class people caust they said that it’s too many people on earth and it’s messing up global warming. smh

  90. Rob says:

    I just bought these fake newports and yeah mostly African Americans smoke them although I am white. Around here they are often called nigcigs nigports or nigarettes, but it really doesn’t matter because these are potentially deadly to everyone. I bought these cigarettes at rite aid because they were almost two dollars cheaper than the gas station. My friend and I both got a pack and when we sparked one I looked at her and said does yours taste odd? She did yeah but thought it was just her. It kinda tasted like a marb light that someone sprayed with listerine pocket spray. It’s not at all okay.

  91. Rob says:

    Also the pack is slightly off

  92. 123 says:

    why do so many people look for the conspiracy theory find the facts or quit smoking

  93. Anonymous says:

    I am just going to say it! Yes, It is a plot to kill off more African Americans, minorities. If you are white and you smoke newports.You probably like back people. They want to kill your ass too! It’s population control. Population control has been going on for centuries. They probably just saved our lives. I am quitting. They just are not the same product.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I am just going to say it! Yes, It is a plot to kill off more African Americans, minorities. If you are white and you smoke newports.You probably like back people. They want to kill your ass too! It’s population control. Population control has been going on for centuries. They probably just saved our lives. I am quitting. They just are not the same product. It’s not a duplicate.

  95. Riley says:

    Fake Newports spotted in Brookfield IL at the Citgo Gas Station by the Circle. Taste like abostolute garbage and paid $11.40 for them. #crookcounty #highwayrobbery

  96. Evan Goldberg says:

    Is shipping to Belize possible?

    Please confirm and also if you accept VISA or MASTER CARD for payment for an international order.

    Evan Goldberg

  97. Anonymous says:

    Story about a failed effort to import counterfeit Newports into Florida from India here: http://www.thecre.com/cc/?p=9538

  98. Anonymous says:

    Millions of green-boxed counterfeit cigarettes seized in Miami.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Fake cigs and diffent taste

    What happened to the word cigarettes on the packages ?

  100. Mary Kremer says:

    I live in Philadelphia, PA and since the cigarette tax went up, Newport’s have averaged around $10.00-$10.50. Now I have purchased fake Newport’s on the street before and that is my fault for buying off a street person. This morning, however, I went to a local neighborhood store and paid $16.00 for 2 packs of Newport 100’s. I said to the cashier, “$16.00 what are they fake?” He says, “No they are from New York.” Now I do know it is illegal for stores to sell cigarettes from other states. It was early none of the other stores are open, the Walgreen’s was out of Newport and at $8.00 a pack who is going to pass that up. I wasn’t thinking that a store would sell fake cigarettes. I get home and my husband points out that there is no tax stamp on the package. The package looks identical, the only difference is the SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide, while the real pack says all that about smoking is dangerous to pregnant women and the fetus. They even taste normal. Does anyone know if cigarettes without a tax stamp are definitely fake? I have only purchased cigarettes here 2 other times and everything was normal.

  101. Kai says:

    Check the official FBI website or google the FBI and fake cigs. You will find out what you are looking. Word to the wise, stay away from Arab and India stores selling those tasteless cigs. Better that you deal with a more reputable store or reputable chain store and buy your cigs from there. Either that, hold onto your cigs, report it to the FBI as some stores carry a number where you can directly report it. Make your feelings know to the RJR company or the last resort is you may have to try and switch brands.

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  103. Regular smokers always recognize the fakeness of cigs very easily. Fake cigs are so common now in the market, someone should find some proper solutions.

  104. rs says:

    Glad to see that this conversation has got back on track. Black people smoke menthol nigerettes.

  105. T-Bone says:

    im white and been smoking Newport for 28 yrs. Love them to.

  106. Leo Patrick says:

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  116. fufu says:

    Just got a pack of Newport red 100’s and I noticed a little green writing next to the filter xan anyone tell me what this is about?

  117. Thanks for sharing this information on this forum but I don’t like why people take color very seriously.

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