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Truckers Charged with Smuggling Enough Tobacco for Thirty Million Cigarettes

Editor’s Note:  The 30,000 kg of tobacco seized, over 66,000 pounds, is enough tobacco for about 30,000,000 cigarettes.

From: Truck News

Truckers charged with tobacco smuggling

SHERBROOKE and GRANBY, Que. — Two drivers and one trucking company are facing charges for smuggling nearly 30,000 kg of tobacco across the US-Canada border in two separate incidents.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) made the first seizure in late September when Eric Landry, a driver based in Sainte-Martine, Que., was crossing at Stanstead Highway 55. According to a CBSA report, while inspecting the trailer, border services officers “discovered that it was full of boxes emitting a strong tobacco smell,” resulting in officers impounding 14,775 kg of loose tobacco in 132 boxes.

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“Cigarettes are only second to heroin as a revenue source for terrorists”

From: Newsweek/Pakistan

The Price of Looking the Other Way

By Changez A. Ali

Pakistan’s lucrative cigarette-smuggling trade has links to terrorism.

Japan Center in Lahore’s Shah Alam or Shahalmi market is a gray, five-story structure just off the main road. It specializes in tobacco-related goods, with entire shops dedicated to retailing lighters, water-pipe tobacco, and smuggled cigarettes. The low-price cigarette brands displayed front and center here include Three Kings, Fisher, Tradition, Capitol, and the ubiquitous Melburn. All of these makes, say law enforcement officials and cigarette manufacturers, are illegal and dubious. But despite periodic crackdowns, their sale in Lahore and other Pakistani cities keeps places like Japan Center in business all year long.

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Private eyes track cigarette smugglers for tobacco firms

From: Straits Times

Working for tobacco firms, they track how contraband is brought in and distributed here

By Joyce Lim

It is not just police and Customs officers who are on the lookout for cigarette smugglers. Tobacco companies here have also been hiring more private investigators to help tackle a problem which eats into their business.

“It is in our interest as a company to understand how cigarettes are being smuggled into and distributed in Singapore,” said Mr Ann Hee Kyet, corporate affairs manager of the biggest tobacco company here, Philip Morris Singapore, which distributes brands such as Marlboro and Next.

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Despite ‘intelligence wing’ cigarettes continue to move in and out

From: The Tribune Express (India) with The New York Times

By Hidayat Khan

PESHAWAR: Despite tall claims that a special intelligence wing has been formed to curtail smuggled and counterfeit brands, non-paid duty (DNP) cigarettes continue to flood the markets in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P).

Wholesalers involved in the business blame authorities, pointing out the presence but lack of implementation of laws.

“If authorities wanted, we would never be able to sell a single stick of the DNP cigarette,” a wholesaler in Firdous market said. He acknowledges the situation but says that this isn’t a “crime against the country”.

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Customs seize 16 million cigarettes bound for UK

From: The Local

Sixteen million cigarettes have been seized in Hamburg harbour, customs said on Thursday. The smuggled goods came from Dubai and had been transported in containers labelled “household items.”

Customs officials say the find prevented €4 million worth of lost taxes. The two 40-foot containers were ferrying eight million cigarettes from the “Classic” and “Red Hills” brands.

Investigators believe the cigarettes, which were packaged entirely in English, may have been destined exclusively for the British black market.

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