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5 arrested for possession of unlicenced firearm, ammunition and counterfeit cigarettes in Klipgat (South Africa)



Three foreign nationals were arrested on Wednesday, 29 August 2012 at about 04:00, for being in possession of an unlawful firearm.  Klipgat Police received information about someone who is in possession of an unlawful firearm in Bheki Section, Klipgat.  On the arrival of the Police they found three Somalia citizens in the house, and an unlicensed 9mm norinco pistol with 70 live rounds hidden between the base and the mattress in one of the rooms. 100 boxes of counterfeit cigarettes, containing 10 packets each, with a street value of approximately R3000-00 were also found in the house.  The three were arrested and are expected to appear today, 31 Augustus 2012 in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate’s Court.

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Making smugglers happy

From: Manila Standard Today

By JoJo Robles

The BIR’s [Bureau of Internal Revenue’s] questionable tax-increasing programs have come under fire in the Senate, which is hearing petitions of tobacco-producing farmers and cigarette manufacturers to stop the passage of a new law on “sin taxes” being pushed by BIR and the Aquino administration. The government’s failure to collect the income it projects from gold production is often seen as a precursor of the creation of a potentially huge black market in cigarettes – and no additional income for state coffers.

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MPs say no to cigarette packaging bid

From: Thurrock Gazette

THURROCK’S two MPs have written to the Secretary of State for Health urging him to cancel plans to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes.

Conservatives Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe are among 50 MPs who believe the proposals will have “extremely negative consequences” for the country and won’t discourage people from smoking  either.

The letter to Andrew Lansley they have signed states: “There is no reliable evidence that plain packaging will have any public health benefit, no country in the world has yet to introduce it.

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Will higher taxes on cigarettes encourage smuggling?

From: Malaya Busines Insight

‘(T)alking about stopping smuggling and preventing this in a country of more than 7,000 islands are two different things.’

IT is clear to me that extremely high taxes on tobacco products will lead to unabated cigarette smuggling. Commissioner Kim Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue claims that such concerns are exaggerated. According to her, smuggling is not related to high taxes and high prices, but is a function of governance. With the administration treading the “tuwid na daan”, smugglers won’t have a chance. After all, tobacco is taxed heavily in other countries – i.e., Australia, Canada, and the USA – yet, there is no rampant smuggling or even any smuggling.

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100-hour community service for Mansfield Woodhouse counterfeit tobacco seller (UK)


A Mansfield Woodhouse resident was been sentenced to a 100-hour community punishment order for selling counterfeit tobacco and cigarettes, at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday.

The property of James Thomas (52), of St James Gardens, was raided by Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards, Nottinghamshire Police and HM Customs last October after information was received that he was selling counterfeit tobacco around local pubs in the area.

Of the goods seized, 7.3kg of rolling tobacco and 384 packets of cigarettes were found to be counterfeit. Some of the products seized were counterfeit copies of genuine brands, including Golden Virginia tobacco and Regal cigarettes.

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