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2 on trial for alleged role in cigarette smuggling ring

By LORI PILGER / Lincoln Journal Star

The government said the man and woman at the defense table — listening to a translation over headphones — acted as conduits in a Vietnamese cigarette smuggling ring.

But, one after another in opening statements, attorneys for Tang “Janny” Nguyen and Nhu Van Phan said they had been tricked.

Nguyen by her sister. Van Phan by a man who was like family.

Now they both face a string of charges: smuggling goods into the United States, tax evasion, mail fraud, conspiracy.

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Plain packaging will boost sale of fake fags, warns Halesowen shopkeeper

From:  Halesowen News

PLANS to introduce compulsory plain packaging to all cigarette packs will make it easier for fake fags to be sold, a Halesowenretailer has warned.

Gurdev Singh fears the move will lead to counterfeit cigarettes flooding onto the black market from unscrupulous suppliers who have scant regard for the content.

Illicit tobacco products are often made in unsanitary conditions which affects their content, which has been found to include asbestos, rat droppings, human faeces, dead flies and mould.

Mr Singh, who runs the Windmill supermarket, in Windmill Hill, is also concerned that Government plans to put cigarettes out of view under the counter could put shopkeepers at risk.

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Illicit cigarettes burn holes in SA

From: IOL News

By Henri du Plessis

Cape Town – A large tanker truck with a tanker trailer stops at the Beit Bridge border post. It has just crossed the border from Zimbabwe. The driver presents his credentials to the border officials and declares his tanker truck empty.

But customs agents are ready. They have had a tip-off and leap into action. The truck is full of illicit cigarettes – thousands upon thousands of them. The smugglers had gone to great lengths to keep their cargo hidden.

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Almost half of all Britain’s most wanted tax fugitives are cigarette smugglers

By Sunday Express reporter

ALMOST half of Britain’s most wanted tax fugitives are cigarette smugglers who have dodged duty running into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Figures from HM Revenue and Customs show eight of the top 20 tax avoiders were convicted of illegally importing cigarettes.

The figures have been seized upon by campaigners opposed to plain cigarette packets because it could fuel smuggling.

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Illegal trade costs State €860m in lost revenue


Ireland’s black market in counterfeit goods endangers jobs and supports violent crime, writes Jerome Reilly

UP IN SMOKE: A revenue officer from the Customs Service with some of the 7.6m contraband cigarettes seized last month

STARTLING research has lifted the lid on Ireland’s black market, which has mushroomed since the downturn — and is now costing the economy €860m a year and killing thousands of jobs.

From illicit cigarettes to dangerous counterfeit medicines, more and more ordinary people are actively seeking out black market goods to buy on the cheap because their finances have been squeezed.

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