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12 charged, cocaine and $700,000 seized after multi-million-dollar cigarette-smuggling operation busted in Sydney [Australia]

From: ABC News

Police expect to make more arrests after disrupting a multi-million-dollar cigarette-smuggling operation in Sydney, involving corrupt waterfront officials, officers say.


Police said the group helped smuggle large quantities of illegal cigarettes and tobacco into Australia, including a shipment of 9 million ‘Manchester’ branded cigarettes from the United Arab Emirates, which arrived at Port Botany this month.


AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Ian McCartney said the shipments of illegal cigarettes and tobacco had been collected by a local syndicate and was bound for the black market in Sydney.

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Maryland man convicted of running untaxed cigarette enterprise in NY, NJ; faces 30 years in prison

From: NY Daily News


After a lengthy bench trial, Basel Ramadan was found guilty on 198 counts of enterprise corruption, money laundering and other charges. He faces up to 30 years in prison at sentencing.

The ringleader of a huge untaxed cigarette trafficking enterprise was convicted Tuesday of dodging at least $80 million in state taxes and pocketing millions in illegal profits.


Ramadan, who generated more than $10 million in profits, was the leader of a 16-member criminal outfit which included his brother, Samir, 40. Samir pleaded guilty in 2014 and is serving a six-year sentence.

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BREAKING NEWS: Basel Ramadan Found Guilty Of Enterprise Corruption, Money Laundering

From: Salisbury News

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman’s office confirmed this afternoon the conviction of Basel Ramadan after a 10-week bench trial. Ramadan, 44, who lived and operated businesses in Ocean City with other family members, was found guilty on 198 counts, including Enterprise Corruption, Money Laundering and numerous tax crimes by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Dineen A. Riveiezzo. He now faces anywhere from eight to 25 years on the Enterprise Corruption charge and up to 30 years for the other counts combined. 

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Police Searching for Credit Card Bandits Buying Tons of Cigarettes

From: KULR News | NBC

By Nessa Wright

BUTTE – Police across the state are searching for two suspects they say are buying thousands of dollars’ worth of cigarettes on other people’s dime. Police say two black males are traveling across the state using stolen credit cards in at least a dozen convenient stores.


Butte police said they can think of only one reason for the unusually large amount of cigarettes purchased. “Resale, I mean that’s one of the only explanations, I mean common sense explanation you could give it would be for resale. Either transport out of state to resale in other states or resale here,” said Skuletich.

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Research paper: A closer look at ‘Cheap White’ cigarettes

From: Tobacco Control

Hana Ross, Nicole Vellios, Katherine Clegg Smith, Jacqueline Ferguson, Joanna E Cohen

  • Received 17 June 2015
  • Accepted 4 September 2015
  • Published Online First 28 September 2015


Background Given the prominence of Cheap Whites in illicit tobacco discussions, we examined various definitions, market presence, brand proliferation, manufacturers, production locations, trademark ownership, prices and compliance with tax stamp and warning labels.

Methods Data from peer-reviewed and grey literature, newspapers, trademark registries, governments/international organisation reports, and the tobacco industry were contrasted with two visual legal requirements (tax stamps and warning labels) and prices from the Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS).

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