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Think Selling Untaxed Cigarettes is Petty Crime? Think Again

Editor’s Note: Illicit cigarette/loosie dealers help get kids addicted to nicotine. See here and here.

From: Rather Good Radio [UK]

Illegal Tobacco Means Underaged Smokers Are Getting Hooked

Illegal tobacco has helped over half of underage smokers in the North East get hooked on smoking, according to a survey.

Illegal tobacco has helped over half of underage smokers in the North East get hooked on smoking, a new survey released today suggests.

55% of children aged 14 and 15 who smoke say they buy illegal tobacco from sources like “tab houses” and shops – while 73% say they have been offered illegal tobacco.

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Never Too Old

From: Independent [Malta]

Contraband cigarettes found in old people’s home after anonymous tip from public

More than 4,000 cigarettes were intercepted by the Customs Department this morning in an old people’s home in Sa Maison after an anonymous tip.

In a statement, the department said that the contraband cigarettes were intended to be sold to elderly people. Contraband cigarettes were also found in a bar in Hamrun.

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Untaxed Cigarette Dealers Get Kids Addicted to Tobacco

From: FreshSFNE

Keep It Out: Illicit Tobacco campaign

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Is Australia’s Plague of Illicit Tobacco Being Over-Hyped?


Is Australia’s illicit tobacco trade as bad as it seems? The Cancer Council says it isn’t

A GROWING number of tobacconists are adopting sly tactics to sell cigarettes under the table. But one group claims it is all a big lie.

Natalie Wolfe



The Cancer Council’s director of public policy, Paul Grogan, told that Australia’s illegal tobacco trade was a lot smaller than it seems.

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Tobacco Traffickers and Identity Theft: Partners in Crime

From: Dark Reading

A federal grand jury indicted six Americans for operating an identity theft ring designed to commit credit card and debit card fraud, the Department of Justice announced this week.


The indictment encompassed conspiring to commit bank and wire fraud, conspiring to traffic in contraband cigarettes, and aggravated identity theft. The bank and wire fraud charges carry a potential maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, while the aggravated identity theft charges carry a potential mandatory term of two years in prison.

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