Continued cigarette smuggling on the roads of La Guajira

Editor’s Note: Via Google Translate, orginal, “Continúa el contrabando de cigarrillo en las carreteras de La Guajira,” here.

From: RCN Radio (Columbia)

Foto:  Suministrada Polfa Photo: Supplied Polfa

By checkpoint conducted by staff of the Fiscal and Customs Police, assigned to the division of  management and operational control Riohacha, the seizure of a shipment of  contraband worth five million 450 thousand pesos, cigarettes of foreign origin was performed.

As reported by the customs authorities of the department, the checkpoint was located on the main road from Maicao to Riohacha, five kilometer ; point at which managed to intercept a vehicle plate FCF-724 brand Dogge, red color, model 1980, which apparently had an irregular cargo.

Witness the seizure, said they stopped the vehicle, asked the driver what was carrying and  said it was the salt in bags; statement was questioned by authorities who immediately  proceeded to check the load.

Just up the sacks realized that  was down there hides another load and down,” said a driver who stopped to observe the operation.

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