Eastern Norway tobacco smuggler’s plans go up in smoke

From: the Foreigner

The some 50,000 cigarettes were found concealed in a secret compartment in the back of a car at the Sweden-Norway border’ Svinesund, Saturday morning.

The vehicle was searched after the sniffer dog became suspicious of the car the foreign motorist was driving.

“It was impossible to see from the outside”, Chief on duty Customs and Excise officer Raymond Høiden told VG, “but we found a cavity under the vehicle’s wheel well when we removed the bumper.”

24 litres of beer, nine litres of fortified wine, and five litres of wine were also discovered in the car along with the 43,580 cigarettes.

An average of 16,000 vehicles cross the border at Svinesund daily. Smuggling goods into expensive Norway is common.

News agency NTB reported last month that police found 90,000 contraband cigarettes hidden within a car another foreigner was driving.

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