FDA has always been the elephant in the kratom room

Some time ago DEA asked HHS, including FDA, for its views on kratom.

DEA never responded to CRE’s request for a copy of  the letter it sent to the FDA nor did CRE obtain a copy of the HHS response to the DEA.

CRE was and still is of the opinion that FDA was a major player in the potential listing of Kratom on Schedule I. It was for this reason that the CRE recommended that Kratom users submit to regulation by the FDA with an emphasis on dosage and purity.  CRE wanted the FDA to spend its time on  developing a sensible regulation not a legal strategy to ban kratom.

DEA provided a window, some sixteen months, for the kratom community to act before FDA acted on its own; unfortunately the kratom community did not capitalize on that opportunity.

N. B. To our committed and informed followers, we value your emails but since we are no longer actively engaged on this matter we prefer you provide your comments in the space provided below so as the entire kratom community can benefit from them.

We are most grateful for the many emails we have received asking us again to get involved in the kratom issue but that is not  possible.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m so very sorry! Angry and frustrated, that this opportunity was not followed through on!

  2. A. C.

    I think the FDA made it difficult for vendors too, there was never any intention to allow kratom to be a dietary supplement. NPA lobby head Daniel Fabricant, who was also a Former FDA head has had it in for kratom. NPA represents pharma by way of herbal supplements, in which many of the organizations NPA represents are pharma companies that also sell herbal supplements. Kratom is probably seen as a threat, and it is no secret that Fabricant hates kratom.

    The FDA has also been requested to allow a public meeting so people can speak to the FDA so there could be a discourse on the subject of kratom, but this request has been ignored. The FDA is acting like they are kings, wielding their power to determine what Americans are allowed to put in their body. They should stick with food and stay out of the pharma business. Allow Americans to decide what herbal supplements they choose to take .The FDA’s capacity should be limited to making sure products are free of contaminants and that’s all.

    • Dennis Patterson

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  3. A. C.

    I also wanted to add that this mysterious PHASE model, which they are basing their assessment of kratom on has never been peer reviewed by scientists.There is more actual peer reviewed and published research that supports the safety of kratom than ever before. Yet the FDA is relying on tech, that has never been evaluated by the scientific community to determine if findings from PHASE are even valid to begin with, and going by it’s assessment of kratom so far, PHASE is far from reliable or valid.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate that the “leaders” of the kratom community won’t listen when a qualified organization gives them advice. I sat her for a year, frustrated by the way they shouted victory…throwing out our opportunities to show the DEA that scheduling would be counterproductive.
    I am sad

  5. Anonymous

    Just received the toxicology report from the M.E. on my son’s overdose that happened in December 2017. The only thing found in his system was mitragynine ( kratom). It needs to be banned or regulated end of story.

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