Management of the Administrative State: The Fifty Year Record

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                              Management of the Administrative State



                                   Seven Game Changers in the Establishment of  OIRA

Establishment of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), Washington Post 1981;  E & E News 2017; First Reg Czar 2018  Government Executive 2020

Presidential Grant of Authority to OIRA, Environmental Forum 1982

Institutionalization of Centralized Regulatory Review, National Journal 1983 Washington Post

Passage of the Data Quality Act, DRI 2003

National Recognition of OIRA, National Archives 2009

The History of Centralized Regulatory Review, Administrative Law Review 2011 Management of the Administrative State  2020  OIRA: Past, Present Future 2020  

Implementation of the Regulatory Budget, The Hill 2017


                                      Contributions: Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Over the past half century CRE personnel have been instrumental in the construction of, or  participation in, the following landmarks within the Administrative state as described by credentialed third parties:


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Three Pillars of a Regulated Society

The Amazing Stability of the Administrative State

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Management of the Administrative State

Website: Center for Regulatory Effectiveness





















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