Has Australia’s Plain Packs Experiment Failed?

Editor’s Note: For more information about Australia’s plain packaging policy, please see here, here, here, here, and here.

From: City A.M.

The nanny statists have been proven wrong – plain cigarette packaging does not work

Chris Snowdon


Five years ago, critics of the policy had three major concerns. We said that plain packaging wouldn’t affect people’s decision to smoke, it would be a boost to the illicit trade, and it would lead to a slippery slope of regulation in which every product that displeases nanny statists would become fair game.


A huge tobacco smuggling syndicate was busted in August this year, when 570 police officers raided homes and businesses across Sydney. Multi-million dollar tobacco crops are regularly discovered in the outback, but for every tonne of tobacco that is intercepted, many more tonnes make it to the streets.

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