Brazil Stops Using Military Drones in Fight Against Illicit Trade

Editor’s Note: Translated from the Portuguese original.

From: BOA Informacao

Federal Police halts million dollar operation with spy planes to fight Mato Grosso do Sul border traffic


However, according to a report published by O Globo newspaper, two of these aircraft have been stopped since February 2016, partially dismantled, in a hangar in the municipality of São Miguel do Iguaçu, in the interior of Paraná. According to the newspaper, the reasons for this stoppage are not only budgetary, although “expensive”, costing R $ 500 million per year.


The service would run for 24 hours and every day of the week, with real-time data and image transmissions. The planned use was never operational, like seizing a truckload of smuggled cigarettes. The objective would be, for example, to identify the route of one of these trucks, as well as the members of the criminal organization.

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