What Good Is Track & Trace Technology In A World of Massive Illicit Cigarette Production?

From: Euractive

By Juan Yañez

Plans to tackle the problem of illicit tobacco by using track and trace technologies are gathering momentum among European policymakers. But Juan Yañez warns that concerns about the type and timing of the technology need to be raised.

Juan Yañez is chair of the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA).


The report, published by the EC’s own science service, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), is aimed at helping enforcers and brand owners in the fight against product and brand counterfeiting.

Although the JRC’s paper is not an official policy position of the EC, the report does make some suggestions on the development of a single standard to support the authentication, tracking and tracing of goods. Among the report’s conclusions is that Codentify could be one of the starting points for the development of any such standard.

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