Narcotics Trafficking and High Tobacco Taxes: Partners in Promoting Crime

Editor’s Note: Guyana recognizes that it has become a transit “hotspot” for drug traffickers. Increases in tobacco taxes that fuel tobacco trafficking create further organized crime and terrorism synergies.

From: Guyana Chronicle

Higher taxes will fuel illicit cigarette trade

By Rabindra Rooplall


The senior manager said the illicit economy has seen unprecedented growth and has etched its way into all aspects of society, which is a cause for serious global concern.
The illicit economy affects businesses, governments, civil society and individuals.
Underscoring that illicit trade involves money, goods or value gained from illegal and unethical activities, Agurcia said over the last few year the illicit cigarette trade has grown tremendously.


Adding that illicit trade is a national security issue, Agurcia said the profits from such trades go towards organised crimes.

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