Industry should take lead on Track, Trace & Authentication (TT&A) governance

From: EurActiv

By Craig Stobie | Domino

Craig Stobie is global life sciences manager at Domino, a British-based developer of commercial inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, print and apply machines, digital printing presses and laser printing products.

The EU wants to tackle counterfeit pharmaceuticals and tobacco. Tracking, tracing and authentication (TT&A) has a big role to play in this. But who should be tasked with implementing and monitoring it? Craig Stobie explains how the problem should be handled.

Last year, the European Commission reported that more than 40 million products suspected of violating an intellectual property right, with a total value of nearly €650m, were detained at the EU’s external borders.

The same report mentioned above also acknowledged a 15% rise in goods intercepted by Customs compared to the previous year. Accordingly the European Union has brought forward legislation to tackle the issue in two of the sectors most affected, pharmaceuticals and tobacco.

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