Fake cigarettes and tobacco being sold in county

From: Worcester News (UK)

RETAILERS and residents in Worcestershire are being urged to keep an eye out for fake cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services says it is aware that such items are being sold in the county and that they are not only illegal but can potentially cause serious harm.

Trading standards officer Leanne McLean warned: “Fake tobacco products often contain much higher levels of nicotine and tar and contain toxic chemicals including formaldehyde and arsenic.

“They are also often padded out with leaves and debris. Sellers of these fake products claim they are imported into the UK and are therefore available at a much reduced price as no duty has been paid.”

She urged people to report any suspicions over tobacco sales by calling the new Central England Trading Standards Authorities ‘fakes hotline’ on 0845 894 1008 or filling in an online form at centsa.org.uk/report_fake_goods.php.

Information can be given anonymously.


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