Operation “Mygale” and “Contraband” Tobacco

Editor’s Note: The following is presented in keeping with CRE’s commitment to ensuring that all viewpoints on contraband tobacco are fully ventilated, see herehere and here.

From: Real Peoples Media

The following is an edited transcription of the above interview with Kanenhariyo from Thursday March 31st. Kanenhariyo himself has been criminally targeted for participating in the Onkwehon:we tobacco industry. Here he gives an alternate take on “Operation Mygale” the operation run in collaboration with multiple state agencies and which Quebec Provincial Police consider to be their largest campaign against the Onkwehonwe tobacco industry. 

By Kanenhariyo

It needs to be pointed out that the police, both the RCMP, OPP and the SQ are in cahoots with the provincial governments and are actively working and running smear campaigns on the indigenous tobacco industry (similar to the one they ran on Gustafson lake) suggesting that Native tobacco is drug related, and that there’s terrorism, money laundering and all that stuff going on.

They’re running a smear campaign no different than George Bush and his bullshit weapons of mass destruction and putting people into fear so that they’ll support them. And we need to say that and point it out. There needs to be a counter voice saying “wait a minute, that’s not true we know it for a fact, because we’re here.”

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