Contraband Cigarettes, Now with PCP [New Haven, CT]

From: Yale Daily News

Infant ingests PCP-laced cigarette

On Jan. 19, emergency medical technicians hurried an 18-month-old boy to Yale-New Haven Hospital after he consumed a phencyclidine-laced cigarette belonging to his father.

Police arrived at Brookside/West Hills apartments last week after a 27-year-old mother called the New Haven Police Department to report that she believed her baby to be high. In a press release published last week, the parents said the infant was “acting oddly — as if he was high” before he fell unconscious. The mother said she smelled phencyclidine, a hallucinogenic commonly referred to as PCP, on the child’s breath. She added that the contraband cigarettes were available in their home and within the child’s reach. . . .

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