With cigars, Zetas built another empire [Mexico]

Editor’s Note: Los Zetas narcotics cartel is best known for narcotics trafficking and human slaughter. Think tobacco trafficking is a non-violent crime? Think again. Translation via Bing Translator. The original Spanish text is here.

From: Publimetro

This criminal gang already dominates the market of contraband tobacco, which gives a juicy profit, according to testimonial was that access the Big Data Mx


Poor, the victims of smuggling

Manuel Mondragón and Kalb, head of the National Commission against Addictions, indicates that the illegal tobacco increased consumption in children and adolescents because of their low cost compared with legal trademarks.

Another sector susceptible to illicit and cheap tobacco is the population of limited resources of all ages.

The X-ray of the tobacco in Mexico, prepared by the Institute for clinical effectiveness and health (IECS), indicates that in the country the poorest individuals not only tend to smoke more.

They are also those who suffer, with greater force, the effects of smoking since they have less access to health services and less chance of acquiring drugs.

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