Garda officers surprised by commissioner’s letter of comfort [Ireland]

From: The Irish Times

Supply of laundered fuel and counterfeit cigarettes as plentiful as ever, say sources


Political crisis

However,the letter took on an unintended life of its own after it was thrust into the centre of the North’s political crisis, when the chief constable’s comments appeared to contradict it. It’s believed most Garda officers would subscribe to Cusack’s view; that the IRA structure, or at least the contacts and relationships forged during the Troubles, continue to exist. And they believe small numbers of men who previously funded the IRA’s war – and at times skimmed off the top for themselves — by engaging in bank robberies, fuel laundering, cigarette smuggling, counterfeiting and a range of other crimes were now continuing in that regard for personal gain.


He said the supply of fuel and counterfeit cigarettes was as plentiful now as at any time in the past. This suggested to him the IRA structure that once ran the laundries and smuggling rackets continued to exist and was engaging in the same criminal activity now, but for personal gain now.

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